Thinking about WBB again and like with Pandas food allergy like he didn’t have his own epi-pen and his brothers didn’t know what to do even though they all seemed to be well aware of the situation and I know that was probably just setting up for the plot point for Lucy to come in and save him but like I wonder if at some point after that they all went to the doctors to get Panda one for himself and how freaked out the poor thing’s gonna be when they walk him through the process of using one because god knows I was fucking terrified of the thought of needing to stab myself in the leg if I started suddenly dying at a moments notice 

How to use an epinephrine auto-injector! These are becoming more and more common. They are way better than the classic epi-pen because it will actually tell you what to do and you don’t have to jab it! Still. Please share because it is not widely known that these are actually “epi-pens”. Also in an emergency people panic and won’t listen to the voice. Call 9-1-1 immediately after administering it. If the person isn’t better in 5 minutes give another dose of epi. Usually people with severe allergies will carry two because one dose isn’t enough.

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Hello! fairly new gardener here. I started a small garden with tomatoes plants and recently Ive been having a HUGE caterpillar problem. Ive picking them off, using the hose and home made pesticide but nothing seems to be working (I do believe their called tomatoes fruit-worms) Ive seen the wasps eating them, but since Im allergic Im tentative to have them around. Is there any thing organic that I can use? Because I really really dont want to have to buy pesticides, but they are out of control.

Sounds like hornworm, which is the larva of a hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata).

The wasps – which are likely Braconid wasps – aren’t eating the larvae, so much as parasitising them; they lay their eggs on the caterpillars, and also compromise their immune defenses. The wasps you are looking for are small, and do not sting, so don’t be afraid of them.

Cotesia congregata

If you see a caterpillar that looks like this…

…leave it be: those are cocoons that will spawn a generation of wasps that will help you keep the hornworms under control.

Along with picking off and killing the larvae, encouraging wasps is really the best method. You can use pesticides, but you will kill the wasps as well. 

Other wasps that may eat or harm the caterpillars should be encouraged. If you are generically allergic to wasps and working in the garden, be calm, don’t panic when you encounter them, and depending on the severity of your potential reaction to a bite, carry an epipen. Being calm and prepared should help you be less anxious about them, which in turn makes them far less likely to bite.

Images and information on braconid wasps

Meet Epi Pen

Audio instructions begin once you press the red button, here.


Thank you for choosing Novapharm Epi Pen with 3 milligram epinephrine, now available at your local pharmacy.

Hello! Epi Pen #482739 at your service.

Good job on finding me in your friend’s bag.
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Hold for ten seconds.
Count with me…

The injection is now complete.

Good job.

  • Transphobic jerk:XY is male and XX is female. Nothing can ever change genetics, so you can never change genders!!
  • Me:Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize we were operating in a society that believes in never altering our appearances or functionality from "the way genetics intended it."
  • Me:So I take it you're also against hair dye/bleach, make up, push up bras, antibiotics, circumcision, epi pens, and so forth?
  • Transphobic jerk:Uhhhh....
  • Me:Please stop trying to disguise transphobia as "Well, I just believe in NATURE." You have a problem with people not following the way YOU want the world to work. Not a problem with people not obeying their genetic code.
Don’t Depend on Antihistamines: Epinephrine Stops Anaphylaxis
The only medication that halts the progression of anaphylaxis is epinephrine. Yet, according to data collected from emergency departments in Canada, many people do not realize the importance of administering epinephrine for food allergy symptoms.

So important for parents who have children with severe allergies.