1. Fist: Make a fist around the epi-pen, don’t place your thumb/fingers over either end

2. Flick the blue cap off

3. Fire. Press down into the outer thigh (the big muscle in there), hold for 10 seconds before removing (the orange cap will cover the needle). Bare skin is best but the epi-pen will go through clothing. Avoid pockets and seams. 

- Ring an ambulance even if everything seems to be fine!

More info for those who have asked - 

  • Bare skin is best, but epi-pens go through clothes so don’t stress too much over that
  • Always, always ring the paramedics after using an epi-pen or even have someone else do it straight away. Another dose may be needed which paramedics can administer. 
  • Location, location. Apologies if outer thigh was a bit vague! If you stand up and allow your arms to hang by your side where your fingers fall against your leg is a great place. 
  • Legal issues, in Australia first aiders are protected by a Good Samaritan Act whereby the provision of reasonable assistance to those injured or ill is protected by law. I’m unsure how this translates to around the world but I’ll do some research 
  • Thank you all for reblogging and getting this message out there, and also for sharing your stories! A lot happened while I was asleep but you definitely made my day and could very well have saved someone else’s just by sharing some information and getting educated! Thank you!
For those who need Epi-Pens but cannot afford them.

I’ve been reading a great deal about the beyond unreasonable cost for the current main brand of Epi-Pens. I’d like to offer an alternative to those who simply cannot or perhaps will not pay such an exorbitant amount. Have your doctor write out your prescription (Rx) for Adrenaclick but sign “Substitution Allowed”, have the pharmacy order the generic of it from Lineage Therapeutics. The cost for these Epi-pens is $10 from Costco currently. Same pen, same medical chemical, but more reasonable price. Stay safe out there.

Today, I fucked by stabbing myself with an epi-pen.

My daughter recently went to the the ER when she ate Valentines Day candy that was processed in a factory with nuts. Since she is very allergic, her mouth, tongue, and throat started to swell up. It was by far her worst reaction ever. She is fine now but I started making double sure we had an epi-pen with her at all times. We have three at home so I figured all is good.

Cut to today, I was looking for something in the “junk drawer” and score! I found two more! I opened one, it was the test/training pen that doesn’t have a needle. I opened the 2nd to find the expiration date - 2011! Dang it! About this time my daughter walked up and asked what I was doing. We talked for a minute about the expired pen, I could see in her face she was getting worried again after going to the ER last week. To reassure her I said - “Look how easy it is!” Flipped the top and stabbed myself in the leg.

Why I thought I had the tester in my hand, I don’t know. But I very quickly realized that it was not the training pen but the real thing. I pulled my pants down and yep, I definitely stabbed myself. Luckily I didn’t hold it in for the required 10 seconds so perhaps I got a small expired dose. It’s been about an hour and my heart is still racing a bit. I just did laundry and started the dishwasher. I can’t sit still. I am guessing I won’t sleep much tonight.

On the plus side, my daughter was thoroughly entertained and I can now honestly say it doesn’t hurt at all. Like a pin prick and that’s it.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here. | credit

Epipen®(epinephrine injection, USP) Auto-Injector Savings Program
You may be eligible to receive the My EpiPen Savings Card™. Click the link to see if you're eligible to recieve this offer. Restrictions apply. Click for complete Terms & Conditions. https://www.epipen.com/en/copay-offer#terms

Put this on another post, but to make it easier to get around, here’s a link to a epi-pen, $0 co-pay card that you are basically eligible for if you have non-Medicaid/care insurance. It covers up to six pens at a time. This card is good through the end of 2016 and will no doubt be available in 2017. I have this card and got my pens at no co-pay. 

As a note I want to point out that while yall are screaming about epipens can we raise awareness about albuterol inhalers?

Albuterol use to be crazy cheap because the patent had expired. BUT they banned the propellant in inhalers for ozone layer protection.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Wrong. CFC-based inhalers caused a miniscule effect on the ozone layer. They were originally going to exclude inhalers from the ban. But guess who lobbied to have it banned? BIG PHARMA (http://m.motherjones.com/environment/2011/07/cost-increase-asthma-inhalers-expensive)

So big pharma patented the new propellant and has made it INSANELY EXPENSIVE. It’s not available over the counter. “Because its dangerous.” You assume. But you know what is?

Racemic epinephrine. The problem with racemic epinephrine? IT CAN KILL YOU. It does not treat the inflammation of asthma. So you can die while believeing you’re getting better. (http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/2014/05/09/over-the-counter-medicine-not-the-best-option-for-asthma/)

So now you have to pay 30-60$ JUST TO BREATH.

About 24 million Americans have asthma. This is 7.4 percent of adults and 8.6 percent of children. Also? It affects women more often then men. FUNNY THING HUH?????? (http://www.aafa.org/page/asthma-facts.aspx)

I’ve been struggling with these facts for my entire life. So while yall raise awareness for epipens can we care for people with other allergies too.

  • Ronan Lynch:I'm a badass. A dangerous badass who street races and swears and stuff
  • Ronan:but let me dream up a bunch of epi-pens for gansey just in case
  • Ronan:and lotion for adam so he doesn't get all chapped in the winter
  • Ronan:and also a mix tape for adam in a 1000% straight way
  • Ronan:can't miss church either because all badasses go to church and then do a secret handshake with their little brother
Please know how to use epinephrine auto injectors!

Epinephrine auto injectors, also known by the brand name “epipen”, are frequently carried by people at risk of anaphylaxis.  Epinephrine injections show up frequently on TV and in pop culture, but rarely are the used properly.  Here are the basics of what pop culture osmosis has not taught you about epipens.

DO NOT inject epinephrine into someone’s heart!

DO NOT inject it into any part of a person’s body instead of the outer thigh!

DO read the device instructions if you don’t know how to use it!  If you or a loved one is at risk, most injector kits come with a tester that you can practice with.

DO NOT use epinephrine on yourself or someone else if they are not going into anaphylactic shock!

DO ask about other medications–some people have been instructed to take benadryl or similar medications if they have a reaction.

DO call 911 if someone goes into anaphylactic shock!

BE CAREFUL if you need to use an epipen on yourself or someone else!  If you accidentally inject it into your hand, you may loose blood flow to the area and need to go to the emergency room.

DO take people’s allergies very seriously to avoid issues!

Hii darlings, first of all, congrants on your engagement!! i’m soo happy for you two. Now, can i have a fic where Q keeps rejecting James giving him a lot of excuses because he has a lot of alergies and does not want Bond to know or getting an alergic attack in the date or so, and when James find out think that’s really cute. Pretty pleasee!! Thank you, you are really great! Lots of love!! – queen-of-pudding

Hope you like it! Jen, with Lex-related assistance.

“Epi pen?” Bond asked, watching as Q picked up his bag; the damn thing had fallen, scattering papers everywhere.

Q blushed, grabbing the medication from Bond’s hands and shoving it into his satchel.  “I have, well. I have a few allergies,” he told Bond primly, refusing to look up properly.

“Anything exciting?” Bond asked, smirking at his young Quartermaster. Fear of planes, heights, asthma and now allergies – it was a miracle the man had survived so much of life.

Q glanced up at him briefly, shrugged. “Several things. Food things, mostly, and cross contamination’s a bitch and the peanut thing is airborne so I have to carry this around in case anybody has a bloody peanut butter sandwich and I cannot tell you how irritating that is…”


“Amongst other things,” Q repeated, ever more evasive. “Look, I’m sure you have at least a dozen jokes ready and raring to go, but I’m not in the mood, I’m late, and I’m sorry to let you down again with regards to dinner…”

Bond abruptly thought. “Hang on,” he realised, everything making a good deal more sense all of a sudden. “Is this why you won’t have dinner?”

Q froze.

Bond had asked him out, to date, six times. On each one, Q had found increasingly bizarre excuses as to why they couldn’t go to dinner. It had nothing to do with Bond – that much had been confirmed through a very intensive make-out session on Q’s desk – but for some reason, dating had been off the cards.

Mostly because going out to dinner was Q’s idea of hell. Almost everywhere Q went, there was something that would trigger an allergic response or at the very least indigestion and honestly, Bond mocked him enough as it was so a histrionic response to lettuce (one infamous occasion – Q had never found out what they’d done to said lettuce to trigger anaphylaxis) was not ideal.

“Q,” Bond asked slowly, “would you like me to cook you dinner?”

Q looked at Bond sharply. “Run that by me again?”

“Tell me what you’re allergic to, and I’ll cook you dinner,” Bond repeated. “I’m an excellent cook.”

There was a long and uncomfortable moment of silence. Bond didn’t seem to blanch. Q found it somewhat weird. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Truly, Bond didn’t look even slightly fazed. “I can finally have dinner with you,” he shrugged. “I’d consider it an honour.”

Q blinked.

Bond waited.

“… okay,” Q replied slowly. “Okay. That would be… lovely, actually. Nobody’s ever… I mean, thank you.”

Bond leaned in, and kissed him.

Q honest-to-god melted where he stood.

Unnoticed, Q’s bag slid sideways, malevolently disgorging all its contents once again.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the first clue how an EpiPen works or what went into developing it, but he’s sure he knows what one should cost, and he’s sure who should decide — him. You know what Bernie Sanders is? He’s a bum. He was damn near 40 years old before he ever found his way into a full-time job, and that was in elected office; before that, he collected benefits, sold his creepy rape fantasies for left-wing newspapers at $50 a pop, and never lifted a finger toward any genuinely productive enterprise. He’s been suckling greedily at the public teat since way back when he could remember where his car keys are. Funny thing, though: Now he’s a bum with a third home on the waterfront of a Vermont island worth the better part of a million dollars. Every good apparatchik eventually gets his dacha.

Mrs. Clinton is a bum and a crook who used the State Department as a funnel to guide the money of favor-seeking business interests at home and abroad into the Clinton Foundation, a sham charity that exists to pay six-figure salaries to Clintons (Chelsea is full-time executive there) and their courtiers.

These people are parasites. They make: nothing. They create: nothing. They produce: nothing. But they feel perfectly justified — they positively glow with moral frisson — standing between the people who create and build and the people who benefit from those creations. And they don’t just stand there: They stand there with their hands out. I don’t know how much Heather Bresch has in the bank, but without checking, I’ll bet you five dollars it is a good deal less than the Clintons have piled up in “public service.”

Thought experiment: Your child is dying. Who do you go to for help? Sanders? Clinton? Or one of the research scientists who made the EpiPen possible?

Yes, Mylan raised the price of an EpiPen. You know who else raised the price on EpiPens? Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, that’s who, and Joe Manchin, too. You thought Obamacare meant free goodies for you paid for by wicked rich people and evil corporations, right, Sunshine? Remember that medical-device tax? An EpiPen is a medical device. You think the politicians don’t have any self-interest there?