Meet Epi Pen

Audio instructions begin once you press the red button, here.


Thank you for choosing Novapharm Epi Pen with 3 milligram epinephrine, now available at your local pharmacy.

Hello! Epi Pen #482739 at your service.

Good job on finding me in your friend’s bag.
Take a deep breath.
Your friend will be okay.
Listen closely.

First, remove the blue safety cap.
Now, on the outer thigh, swing and plant the tip into the leg.
Hold for ten seconds.
Count with me…

The injection is now complete.

Good job.

In emergency again this morning. He had terrible swelling all over his face and mouth and starting to affect breathing and swallowing and hives all over.
Had a shot of epinephrine and then a couple hours of observation.
So now we have an epi pen and will be seeing the pediatrician to figure out what is causing his reactions

Epi pens

I have to carry epi pens as I’m allergic to some food colourings so badly that they could potentially kill me. It’s the same as a peanut allergy but with food colourings.

So I need new ones for traveling over summer and I’ve been on a wild goose chase this afternoon because all the pharmacies are out of stock because they suppliers aren’t supplying them right now. I was like ‘these are the things stopping me from dying this is ridiculous.’

Anyway. Apparently there is something else I can get to take with me so the doctors are sorting it this afternoon. So stressful.

And I have my travel injections in 45 mins.

And I miss my puppy because I’m so lame and attached after 3 days.

The House on Tuesday passed legislation aimed at helping schools better prepare for severe, sometimes life-threatening, allergic reactions caused by eating peanuts or other food products. The measure would …

This is so important. People don’t take food allergies seriously enough. Having two very serious and life threatening food allergies myself, epi-pens are crucial. It only takes seconds for your air way to close and to go into cardiac arrest. 

a set back

Just when running was beginning to feel easier, and my shins only bothered me on 1% of my runs, this happened:

food induced exercise related anaphylaxis

I have an appointment with my allergist Monday morning to discuss this further, but I think it is time for me to have a wheat allergy test done. I think that wheat is the culprit because in the past when this has happened (5 times before this one), I had different sorts of food before exercise, but the 1 related item has always been bread and pasta. So I think it is  Wheat-dependent, exercise-induced anaphylaxis. There is not a ton of info online available, most of are studies. From what I can find, this isn’t really common. Either because it really isn’t common, or people don’t know what is happening and they get better after going to the hospital and that’s that.

I am on day 3 of being gluten free. It is very confusing. Especially since wheat and gluten are not the same thing. According to this website:

The term “gluten” is popping up everywhere, and the topic can be downright confusing at times. The terms “wheat” and “gluten” are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. While all wheat contains gluten, not all gluten comes from wheat.

So I guess instead of being gluten free I need to be wheat free. At least for the time being until I can get some answers. 

Either way, this is a crazy situation. I ate a pb&j sandwich after work on Tuesday, while waiting on my “extra” Epi-Pen prescription at Target. I kid you not. I got tired of waiting around because it was going to be dark soon and I wanted to run with Mac before it was too late. So about 2 hours after eating the sandwich, I went for a 2 mile run. The run was great. I felt good, I didn’t stop once, my shins were feeling fine. Then I stopped at my building. That’s when shit hit the fan.

My left eye was starting to feel irritated. I knew not to touch it. I got inside as quickly as I could. Mac still had his leash on and I was running to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and my left eye was swelling up. I took 2 benadryl, and did antihistamine eye drops. I knew these would not immediately take effect but I was desperate. I started trying to smell my essential oils for allergies. I felt like I had to sneeze so bad, yet my nose was running like crazy. I was also trying not to over react. But this time was different, usually once I’m inside, I feel better and the symptoms subside. They were getting worse and it was happening really fast. Shaun was at practice, so I called my mom. She was immediately on her way. I grabbed my epi-pen pack. I did not want to use one. That means things are bad and that I would have to go to the ER. I called my mom back and told her I needed her to stay on the line with me, that I had my Epi-Pens out because my breathing was getting worse and weezy. About a minute later I stabbed my thigh with one of them. Mac was right by my side and wouldn’t leave me alone. He knew something was up.

I hung up and called 911 to ask them if I needed to come in. The lady gave me the ER number for the closest hospital, and I called them and they said to come in. I was starting to feel a little better, but of course was freaked out. What is this craziness!?!?!!

About 10 minutes later my mom and both of my brothers were at the door. We got to the ER, and I was feeling better than I had before we left. I checked in and finally Shaun was out of practice and on his way. 

ER selfie….looking good

From then on, they took all my vitals and wanted to monitor me until 4 hours after I had used the Epi-Pen. That worked out to be 12:30am. So Shaun and I sat in a room while they were monitoring me until 1am. They gave me steroids to help keep my throat open. We just watched TV and talked about how crazy this was (and how hungry we were!). 

I got home, had a banana, and passed out. I was so incredibly tired. All Wednesday I was exhausted. I started to finally feel better after the 24 hour mark.

I made these to help me feel better:

Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins

Hopefully once I find out more about what happened, I can post more about it. Until then, I’m taking it easy letting my lungs recover, avoiding wheat and gluten, and being sad that I’m definitely off schedule for the triathlon I was going to do May 30.

I wish people would respect other people’s allergies.

Today I was out shopping and someone had opened a bag of peanuts in shells on the rack and broken them, resulting in many, many peanuts across the floor. 

I started to get wheezy and I’ve had to use my inhaler twice. I still feel a little wheezy even though I’m at home now. It could have been a lot worse (I’m still very anxious about the whole situation and think I’m going to go into anaphylaxis). I do carry my epi pen but people should be more aware of who they may be putting in a life threatening situation.