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Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: Minami, Phichit, Guang Hong, Leo

Looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: Yuri Pliletsky, Georgi

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Mila

Looks like they could kill you, and could actually kill you: Christophe 

Looks like a cinnamon roll but is actually a sinnamon roll: Yuuri Katsuki 

The sinnamon roll: Viktor Nikiforov 

Watching Yuri on Ice Epi 6

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BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST what are those!?!?!?




• Viktuuri on their date i wish

• Then a wild Guan-Hong and Leo appear out of nowhere (MY NEW OTP GOSH THEY ARE SO CUTE)


this is me right here. if i had friends ;-; 

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Ask me shit. Lol I've got some shit to ask. What is your opinion on Katie cassidy being black siren for another season? Cassidy was only in 4-6 epis this season and two of them barely amount ed a minute of screentime. She was in Tue finale for LoT in Sara vision so to speak where laurel just told Sara she would do the right thing, which was a waste of screentime as at this point in Sara's journey we know she would do the right thing. It was frankly unnecessary. Whats ur take on KC being BS?

Honestly, I have no idea. I haven’t watched any of season 5 at all. I’ll cop to downloading them and leaving them in a folder on my hard drive on the off chance someone gives me the all clear but I haven’t gotten it yet. All my trusted and best bitches can say is stay afraid of your shadow, little groundhog, because it’s gonna be a long fucking winter.

I will say that the people I know say that Black Siren suits KC a lot better than Laurel ever did probably because she lets KC be dramatic which is what she likes to do.

Listen, I despise Laurel’s character, not because she was a bad person, but because she was badly written. I’m a writer, first and foremost. I’m the real deal and bad writing makes my asshole itch. Bad professional writing, writing that people get paid good money for, makes me go apoplectic with rage.

I’m old school, okay? I view story telling as a noble pursuit. I believe in making the human connection and that writers have an obligation to present stories that need to be told and that uplift mankind. I’ve often said this but writers are guardians of the truth. Their job is to hold a mirror up to the world and say, ‘See? This is what you need to think about.’

I also like to use the example of To Kill a Mockingbird when I talk about this stuff because that book and that movie came out at a time when segregation was the norm, interracial marriage was illegal, and blatant racism was acceptable. People who had never even questioned it suddenly got to see what racism looks like through the eyes of a little girl who didn’t see black or white as much as she saw right and wrong. We were allowed to be Scout for that one brief shining moment. We got to hear why she thought her father was a coward because he didn’t hunt like other fathers did or own a gun and we got to see how all that changed when she watched her father defend an innocent man whose only crime was that he was black. That story changed the lives of millions of people because it made them think and see things from a different perspective.

The reason I so vehemently dislike Laurel’s character is because they shoved her down our throats saying she was a strong, heroic, smart, feminist icon when she was the complete opposite of that. I grew up in the 70′s and 80′s when every time a strong female hero would come on the TV, even if she did have on red high heeled boots and a bathing suit, was something to celebrate. We were desperate for female heroes–I know I was. 

I grew up at a time when girls were just starting to be told that they were worth something. We fought hard for feminism because we’d never had it before. For me, as a feminist who grew up in one era and has seen the changes since, to be shown a ‘hero’ like Laurel was…well, it frustrated me.

I always ask someone, ‘If you had a daughter, would you want her to watch this show and want to be just like this person when they grow up?’ Do you want your daughter to wear a Laurel Lance costume for Halloween?


You know why? Because as much as we’re told she’s a hero we never get to see it. What we see is a woman who had no self-respect. Laurel is a woman, an educated women who is a lawyer, staying with a man who she’s caught cheating on her over a dozen times with women she considered her ‘friends’ (canon), who got another girl pregnant while they were together and never told her (canon), and who screwed her own sister (canon), and not only continually takes him back but tells him that he’s the love of her life on her deathbed.

What kind of role model is that?

Laurel is also a woman who, when she makes mistakes, instead of owning her mistakes and learning from them lashes out and blames others (canon). She turns to drugs and alcohol to escape her problems which doesn’t make her a bad person, but we’re never allowed to see her deal with those issues. Instead we’re told that she was an alcoholic with a pill problem and now she isn’t. We’re also shown that she drinks and drives, loses her job, but then suddenly is the DA so there were no long-lasting consequences. Would it have killed them to show her going to AA a few times? Couldn’t they have interrupted one of her grunt and sweat scenes to show her visiting Tommy’s grave and showing her making amends or talking to others about her struggle? 


I realize it’s ‘The Arrow’ show, I get that, but in season 3 during her ‘hero’s journey’, we spent 19 out of 23 episodes focused almost entirely on Laurel instead of focusing on Ra’s al Ghul and Oliver. We sacrificed so much storytelling there. I would’ve gladly not seen any Olicity, sacrificed the whole stupid Raylicity bullshit (which is another story altogether), just to have a glimpse of Ra’s talking to Oliver about his past like he did with Batman in the comics. We could’ve seen him tell the story of his wife Sora, about how she was raped and murdered by the noblemen’s son and how he was buried alive because he dared accuse the prince. We could’ve seen Ra’s escape death and lead his uncle’s clan into the city and raze it to the ground before killing the prince and his father. 

It would’ve been the origin story of the League of Assassins and, like it did with Batman, it would make Oliver question whether Ra’s is a hero or a villain because, truth is, he’s both. Ra’s is a vigilante, always has been, only he sees the big picture and believes the only way to destroy evil is to destroy it entirely.

Instead we got Laurel sweating and grunting.

We also never got to see any real growth from Laurel or acceptance of her mistakes. Laurel does things without thinking about the consequences. She continually puts her life and the lives of others in jeopardy because all she sees is what she wants to see, she never listens to what other people tell her, and when it backfires on her she always dredges up the past like some kind of shield then makes it the other person’s fault.

She raised her sister from the dead without a soul even after multiple people tell her not to? She takes Thea to Merlyn in Nanda Parbat to resurrect her sister, basically trading Thea’s already rocky mental stability for her sister’s resurrection, not because she loves and misses her sister, but because she doesn’t want her dad to be mad at her anymore and what happens when Oliver confronts her?

Well, you cheated on me with my sister and never respected me so there.

She is constantly ‘forgiving’ Oliver but whenever he calls her on her shit she throws it back in his face. That’s not what a hero does, sorry. 

I dislike Laurel because she shows the little girls watching the show that a hero is a woman who trades in her self-respect for a guy, who is supposed to be smart and powerful but who does pratfalls and hair flips instead. 

The reason I liked Sara in the role of Canary is because Sara started out in a bad place. She cheated with her sister’s boyfriend, she betrayed Oliver and the others to Ivo, she was an assassin who killed people, but she somehow also managed to confront her demons and become a hero. She redeemed herself because she showed genuine remorse and growth. 

Laurel…the impression I get from KC’s earliest performances tells me that she didn’t care for Laurel, probably because she couldn’t wrap her head around the idea of taking back a serial cheater like Ollie. Not only that but Laurel was boring. She was the designated damsel in distress and, while she had a few kick ass moments, she wasn’t the Black Canary; Sara was. Whenever KC would do interviews she’d talk about Dinah and the Black Canary but she rarely discussed Laurel as a character. I honestly think a lot of her lackluster and dead-eyed portrayal of Laurel was due to the fact that she wanted to just play Canary and skip Laurel altogether.

Black Siren gives her the opportunity to do just that so it might actually work out for her.

Laurel’s best performances in season 4 came when she was in the costume. Out of the costume she glowered at the screen with her arms crossed defensively over her chest. There was nothing there, no light in her eyes, no enthusiasm; that only came out in the costume because she was finally playing the character she signed up for. 

I think that if my friends are right (and, again, I haven’t watched any of the shows including Arrow this season) that she might actually do better with Black Siren because she connects to her more. Laurel would’ve taken an actress with a lot of range, someone who could play vulnerable and sympathetic like Caity did with Sara, but Black Siren is the kind of mean girl character KC loves to play.

Hope that answered your shit. ;p

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um... i dont mean to be rude or anything but why do you like makoto so much?? i mean yeah people say he's the "perfect husband" or whatever but thats boring. so... why??????


Where does that thing comes from that being nice = boring.

I like– love Makoto because of who he is. 

He is nothing but sweetness.

He is friendly, he is composed, he is loving, yet dorky and absolutely good-hearted.

He cares for family as well as friends and he is not afraid of letting you know. If you need a shoulder to lean on or strong support, he is the one to go to. He will never ever leave your side, he will never ever force you into things you may not be prepared for. He will value you with all of his heart and love you endlessly. 

He is good to everyone around you, there is no negativity when it comes to him, but at the same time he will not stand by and watch if someone is being unfair or cruel. 

I love him because I truly am so done with those “bad boy” types, there is too much drama with them and they are nothing less than cliché these days. 

He is such a good good guy and there is nothing freakin’ wrong with actually being a good human being! If being good makes someone boring, man I don’t wanna meet the people you hang with.

Also, best smile;

Most importantly, despite how much he is called “perfect”, he really isn’t. 

He has flaws too to give him a more complex appeal; he is easily scared, he is way too selfless which causes troubles for him at times, like when he held back his own emotions after Haru’s incident in High Speed or rushed to save Rei in epi. 6.

Jesus man, people want a Makoto in their lives, because being loved so much by someone is so priceless and I cannot stand when people hate on his character due to the goodness he possesses.

It is too pathetic, honestly.


It is no fucking wonder that Nanase Haruka sings about wanting to have him in his life always!

I love it when Kageyama asks a ‘What if’ question using Iwaizumi as the one in the position of Hinata. I mean, it’s beautiful metaphorically.

•Kageyama acknowledging Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s relationship and

•Associating the same to his and Hinata’s

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ