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the alphabet game

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tagged by: @camsthisky!  Thanks for that!  :D

a - age: 26

b - birthplace: Ephrata, PA

c - current time: 6:40 pm

d - drink you last had: sparkling lime water

e - easiest person to talk to: my mom, or my nineteen year old brother

f - favorite song: HAHAHAHAHA TOO MANY.  I love music because songs always makes me think of stories, either my own or other people’s.  I almost always find a character to relate the song to…Anyway, a few of my favorite songs right now are “Mori Shej” by Kalyi Jag, “Saturn” by Sleeping at Last, and “Who We Are” and “Go to War” by Nothing More (all of these make me think of the Batfam, especially Dick Grayson and Jason Todd–holy heck “Go to War” is soooooooo perfect for Jason, my poor beloved son)

g - grossest memory: probably changing my little brothers’ diapers growing up lol

h - horror yes or horror no: not really my thing

i - in love?: with Dick Grayson (and like 50 other fictional characters)

j - jealous of people?: occasionally

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Well I def get crushes at first sight, but love is a bit more complicated and simple and beautiful…(also I too am oblivious so don’t rely on my looking at you as anything, you have to spell it out if you’re interested)

m - middle name: named after one of my mom’s best friends

n - number of siblings: seven!

o - one wish: to be able to finish my thesis by the end of October…

p - person you called last: one of my little bros, asking where the heck he was (his bus was late)

q - question you are always asked: “what do you want to do with a Master’s in Creative Writing?”  short answer–write.  long answer–be broke while staring at a laptop screen for five hours a day

r - reason to smile: Gonna see @tabbyofwisdom in a week and a half!  Riverdale comes back tonight!  Gotham is FREAKING AWESOME!  Tomorrow is the birthday of @itspileofgoodthings!!!

s - song you last sang: “Change It All” by No Resolve

t - time you woke up: 5:45 am.  UGH

u - underwear colour: purple

v - vacation destination: the beach is a fave.  I really really want to go the Wizarding World, or Disney World in general

w - worst habit: Procrastination, good gravy.  What do you think I am doing now?

x - x-rays: For dental purposes  

y - your favorite food: Ice cream, spaghetti, my mom’s meatloaf, steak, smoothies

z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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