ephram was the best

anonymous asked:

Who are some people you look up to?

“I honestly don’t know if there are any people that I ‘look up to’ or want to emulate. I mean, there are scads of people I admire, people I respect and esteem, and think the world of - Ephram, Iann, Ruby, Nua - but that’s not entirely the same thing. 

Take my Ephram, for example. He’s absolutely the best man I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t admire him more for everything that he is, and everything he aspires to be. To have been through the things he’s been through, and not to be broken by it, not to let all that pain twist him into something harsh and cruel, but to rise above it as a man capable of love and kindness and forgiveness, dedicated to helping others in whatever way he can, is staggering. It’s beautiful. And it’s incredibly fucking rare. 

His strength of character - his strength as a man - is something I won’t ever be able to describe in a way that truly does him justice…

But at the same time, I don’t want to be like Ephram. I don’t believe that forgiveness is always the answer, and I don’t want to put myself last on the list. I see what that thinking has done, and continues to do, to him - and I don’t want it. Not for him, and not for me.

And honestly, if I don’t want to model myself on the best man I’ve ever known, then who else can there possibly be?”