Hamilton ensemble appreciation post

because this guys do not get mentioned enough here

and because I haven’t seen any post mentioning all of them at the same time


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a Tony turn up in 3 parts


Hamilton ensemble appreciation post™

((honestly bless Broadway.com for doing a photo shoot of these people they are all so beautiful and talented))

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ephraim Sykes, Jonathan Groff, Sasha Hutchings & Renée Elise Goldsberry talk about their first time voting – & Oak looks forward to his!

thoughts on Hairspray Live!

1. ummmmm… Maddie is adorable, however, a bit underwhelming for me. every other tracy i’ve seen has had so much more energy than her..

2. I missed Mama I’m a Big Girl Now in the movie. I missed New girl in Town in the musical. 

3. AMERICA HAS BEEN SLEEPING ON DOVE CAMERON. She is the true MVP of this production

4. wow! what an honor to see Harvey Feirstein play Edna once again.

5. why is Ariana playing Penny like Kat??? it’s so annoying… penny is not dumb, she’s sheltered. big difference. also.. she walked on her tip toes the whole time. lol. at least she sounded fantastic.

6. Jennifer, Kristin, and Derek were absolute pros as usual. i never had any doubt in them. 

7. the second half was 5x better than the first act, and y’all know it’s because of Ephraim and Jennifer. 

8. the rest of the cast was wonderful. garrett, ephraim, the little girl who played Inez (i forgot!), and martin short. good job guys!

9. the choreography was a bit underwhelming most of the time. but i like that they stuck with the og choreography for You Can’t Stop the Beat. 


Voltaire Wade-Greene

Voltaire Wade-Greene
Daniel Watts
Morgan Marcell
Hope Easterbrook
Ephraim Sykes
David Guzman

for your clipping./Hamilton crew crossover needs

Fifteen facts about the duels in Hamilton:

1) Charles Lee’s second was a man called Evan Edwards.

2) After Laurens shot Lee, he didn’t get medical treatment until Hamilton had negotiated his surrender with Edwards. Knowing Ham, it’s a miracle he didn’t bleed to death.

3) The Lee-Laurens duel took place on Christmas Eve.

4) Ham wrote an account of the duel along with Edwards.

5) Lee wasn’t the coward the musical made him out to be; on the contrary, he proposed a second shot after Laurens injured him. Hamilton refused to let them shoot again - probably because of the possibility of Lee seriously injuring or killing Laurens.

6) George Eacker had a duel with Philip’s friend Richard Price the day before the Hamilton-Eacker duel, neither party was injured.

7) Eacker was a massive Burr supporter and dissed Ham - leading Philip to want revenge - in a pro Burr speech.

8) Philip lived for 14 hours after being shot and died at Angelica’s house.

9) He eventually died from an infection, which is referenced in Stay Alive (Reprise).

10) Philip’s sister Angelica never recovered from his death and spent most of her life in a mental institution.

11) In 1799, Burr duelled with Angelica’s husband and got his coat buttons shot off.

12) Hamilton shot a tree behind Burr, which Burr claimed had been aimed at him.

13) Hamilton used the same pistol Philip had four years earlier, they belonged to Angelica’s husband.

14) Burr was charged with murder in both New York and New Jersey, but was never convicted. The duel did, however, end his political career.

15) Nobody actually knows what Ham’s last words were, as he kept talking for so long after being shot.


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Little hamilton details (in no particular order)

-During the Reynolds pamphlet, Jefferson and Madison take Phillip and show him the pamphlet, and his face just falls and he walks offstage
-king George stays onstage after I know him and reacts to the following songs. During Reynolds pamphlet, he stats on the balcony for most of it then comes down at the end and does a really funny hip hop dance
-in the scene before nonstop and after dear theodosia when alex finds out that Laurens has been killed, Laurens stands in the corner with a sort of blue light on him and sings The story of tonight. Eliza reads the letter to alex and when she’s finished she asks him if he’s okay and he says “I have so much work to do,” then exits
-Jefferson drops the mic and Madison catches it in the first cabinet battle
-burr comes on at the beginning of Washington on your side and Jefferson looks confused as to where he came from
-Ariana debose is the bullet, and in the world was wide enough she travels slowly while alex is talking, and other ensemble members hold her up and eventually, she travels to him
-in blow us all away, when Phillip goes to see eacker at the theatre, Betsy struxness and another ensemble member (I couldn’t tell who it was) are acting out a show but stop to look at Phillip angrily when he’s talking loudly
-in the Reynolds pamphlet, Maria lurks on stage right the whole time, watching
-in hurricane, the stage is lit up like a hurricane swirl, and alex stands right in the middle
-in the Adams administration when alex “publishes his response” to John Adams, he stands on the balcony and drops papers all the way down, and the lights around him turn red
-in you’ll be back, when king George says “everybody” he’s super mad like “EVERYBODY SING NOW.”
-in Washington on your side, the only people on stage are burr, Madison, and Jefferson until the end and there’s not really a lot of choreography but they killed it
-in what comes next, when king George says “I’m so blue” he stomps angrily and the stage lights up blue
-In the story of tonight, Laurens and alex stare at each other and they slowly walk closer and then hug
-seriously there’s way more hamilton/Laurens fluff than I ever expected
-during the “heys” at the end of a winter’s ball, the boys just sort of walk in a line doing this step move and look at each other saying “hey” over and over
-at the end of the world was wide enough after alex is shot, he sort of hangs over and the stage moves him. Two ensemble members sit on either side of him and mime rowing
-in nonstop, when Washington is asking hamilton to be his right hand man again, Washington stands on the balcony and Alex looks at him from below, repeating “treasury or state?” When Washington says treasury, Hamilton gets this really funny smile when he says “lez go”
-There’s no overture so it’s kind of crazy, the lights dim and then you hear BUM BU DA DA DA BUM BUM and it just /starts/
-the cabinet battles are really fun because they really interact with you and tell you to cheer at the beginning when Washington announces the cabinet meeting
-during it’s quiet uptown Eliza doesn’t talk to or look at alexander at all, until “she takes his hand” and it’s so sad and heartbreaking
-when groff is doing his dancing on the side of the stage after I know him, Leslie turns to look at him and he just cracked a laugh it was so funny
-room where it happens is so cool in the end because they’re doing all this intense choreography and Leslie sounded so good
-in right hand man I can’t stress how sick it was when the cannons went off it was so loud and so powerful omg
-I can’t even explain how awesome Yorktown was I mean it’s one of my favorite songs but it was so amazing seeing it on stage and the dancing was i n s a n e.
-Anthony is adorable as Phillip and then it’s so sad
-I missed a little bit of what did I miss bc the bathroom line, but Jefferson was just doing this awesome bouncing dance it was so funny
-in nonstop when they all sing “like history has its eyes on you” it was so good and sounded amazing and I just ugh
-for who lives who dies who tells your story, most of the characters are in regular ensemble costumes, like jasmine is in this yellow gown and j groff isn’t in his king George costume and they all just stand in different spots on the stage or the balcony
-The whole thing was so surreal and so incredible, and part of the reason I’m writing this is so I don’t ever forget these little amazing moments that make the show.