Dinner & Hunting || Andie & Derek

Andie glared at her closet as she was thinking about what to wear, it shouldn’t have made her frustrated about it as she was only going to the local diner. It was so unfortunate that she would be getting a lackluster egg hunt as it was only a dinner with someone she didn’t even know, but then she didn’t take the time to get to know the citizens of Ephesus.  After her glaring contest, she ended up with choosing a light blue lace top with a white cardigan to go with as well as picking up her black skinny jeans. A casual look for a casual day. Andie grabbed one of her favorite Doc Martens as she walked out of her apartment and started to head toward Dionysus Chamber.

It didn’t take long before she was standing in front of the diner, with small Goosebumps on her slender arms from the small breeze in the air. As she went inside of the building, she was met with heat and several smells that smelled deliciously. Looking around, she saw that the place was mostly empty except for a servant and two other employees that worked behind the desk. Most of the people were already out with their partners and seeking for their own egg, probably doing something more exciting than being in the local diner.

Her mood was pretty much down and she wasn't up to being all smiley today, but she was going to try and tone it down as they needed to be civil with each other since they were stuck here for the day until they found their egg. Andie walked over to one of the tables and sat down while waiting for the Derek Allens to finally step into the building. She started with tapping her foot to a dead beat while her long fingers were drumming softly against the table.