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Name: Rebekka

Average Hours Of Sleep A Night: 11 hours or so?

Last Thing I Googled: Lugia

Nickname: Reka / Shrimp

Birthday: September 17th

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: pan

Height: 180 cm

Favourite Colour: Black, Red

One Place That Makes Me Happy: Amusement parks

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep Under: 1

Favourite movie: Too many to mention x_x

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Baggy comfy clothes

Last Book You Read: “I Could Pee On This: and other poems by cats”

Most Used Phrase(s): Meow

What I Last Said To a family member: I asked my brother about a game we used to play as kids

What Is Family?:  Family means nobody gets left behind

Favourite Beverage: Urge? 

Favourite Food: Idk, maybe Pho?

Last Movie I Watched In Theaters: Kingsman; the secret service

Dream Wedding: Something with a yummie cake :3

Dream Pet: Cats!

Dream Job: Tattoo artist maybe

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