ephemera friday

Ephemera Phriday

“Now you can let your imagination run the gamut, and pay off with the extra punch of clean, bright DAY-GLO fluorescent colors…So g’wan and dream a DAY-GLO dream in creative photography  art, or both.”

This fluorescent color guide by Day-Glo color corp. can be seen in the Newberry’s exhibit “Ephemeral by Design: Organizing the Everyday” that runs through July. Ephemera are the everyday printed objects we all encounter, but often dismiss, discard, or view with distaste. If you take a closer look, you can see them for the beautiful scraps that they are.

Join us for #ephemeraphriday to share the overlooked items that are catching your eye.


These items come from our Historic Postcard and Greeting Card collections. They were given by various donors and range in date from 1884 through the 1930’s. While some of them tend to have a more religious theme, they all seem to herald the coming of Spring, a season that sometimes seems a long time in coming after the cold of Winter.

EPHEMERA FRIDAY: Each Friday we post a selection or small collection from our Archives. Some items may be on exhibit, some may be too fragile to display and some may be too unusual to fit into our typical Lowcountry exhibit themes. We will occasionally ask for help identifying people or places in photographs that have come to us with little or no information. We hope you enjoy our selection each week – do let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see on EPHEMERA FRIDAY.