While one may assume that multi-film franchises offer diminishing returns in quality, the actual quality patterns vary wildly between films. To help illustrate this point, consider sixteen film franchises that have at least five films in the series. From the slowly ascendant “Fast and the Furious” to the late-stage plummet of “Die Hard” to the actual “V” dip of Rocky V, we see quite the variety.

Some notes:

-I decided to save multi-multi-multi film franchises (notably Godzilla, James Bond, and Zatoichi) for a future chart.

-There are many potential franchises that were left on the cutting room floor. Perhaps these will make it to a future version of the chart. Why exactly? Mainly due the very slow scraping of the IMDB python library I was using.  Please let me know if you are really sad that I left out your favorite franchise.

-I did not consider series made up of sub-series such as Star Wars. 

-I did not consider series based on a fixed number of books (e.g. Harry Potter).