Wanda/Vision fic recs

These are mostly MCU and the ones that passed my personal test, so there may be more.  Feel free to add in the reblogs!

Touch by QueenPersephoneofHades (G, 792 words)
His body is new and not used to the feeling of nerves running through it.

hold me tight and i’ll sink in by epeolotry (G, 812 words)
His constant presence is comforting. To know that someone is with you, without having to acknowledge it – it distracts from the phantom space left beside her.

A Study in Humanity by panpipe (G, 4804 words)
Wanda learns to open her heart again, while the Vision learns what it means to experience human emotion.

Butterflies in the Moonlight by fivethingsunmixed (NR, 1149 words)
After the events of Age of Ultron, Wanda has trouble sleeping. Someone notices and decides to help.

and the woman was young again by Mira_Jade (G, 3669)
For Wanda, it was a healing that came with time.

Shifts and Turns by knoxoursavior (G, 850)
Wanda finds it quite disconcerting to have to keep calling someone the Vision, but then everyone does.

Daredevil (netflix) ficrec

So I went on ao3 and actually found a couple of really good daredevil (netflix) fics which I’m going to list here. Few works have been written (grand total of 3 pages guys…) but I figured I’m just gonna update the list. 

Fics include Clint x Matt as dumpsterbros, Foggy x Matt bromance, Matt x Claire and fics featuring secondary characters cameo from marvel universe. (Last edited: 17 apr, newly added fics are at the bottom of each category)

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