May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month....Educate Yourself and Be Aware!!

Facts on Ependymoma (Brain Tumor)

  • An ependymoma is a rare type of glial tumor; glial cells are the supportive cells of the brain
  • An ependymoma is a rare type of primary brain or spinal cord tumor
  • Primary brain and spinal cord tumors are those that start in the central nervous system (CNS)
  • Can be found in children and adults
  • More common in children than adults
  • The third most common pediatric brain tumor
  • Over 90 percent occur in the brain
  • Ependymoma tumors account for three to six percent of CNS tumors
Excerpt: Memory, Selvin

“I…I have um…brain tumors…. listen, you don’t have to stay with me okay?” Selvin felt awful that his girlfriend of one month had to find out but he couldn’t do anything; he had surgery all of a sudden and had no excuses to hide that harsh reality from me. Before I said anything, I looked back to when we first met. Selvin was a tall, handsome, and athletic young man of 17, who had an overbite of a smile that enhanced the precisely matched outfits he wore. With the addition of his charisma and jokes, the scar that spanned half the top of his shaved head meant something of little importance to me. The memory of that Selvin who accepted me unconditionally gave me no doubts to say “I’m staying with you. Don’t you dare think I’m staying with you out of pity. I just…think you’re pretty cool because you’re the only guy who has a good sense of fashion.” And we giggled over the phone that evening in October, the day he was discharged.