Spaceship Earth by Matt Stemerman
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horrormovieproblems  asked:

Could we do like...America maelstrom where it rushes you by super cool landmarks? And fireworks and jazz and ragtime? I have never been on the maelstrom but I'm kind of guessing that it was like...a tour of Norway.

Maelstrom was…a mess. Endearing, but a mess. It–and its accompanying film, the Spirit of Norway–had difficulty focusing on one subject, so it just sorta flopped between history and folklore and oil rigs and ballerinas and scenery and falling asleep while holding a paintbrush and sports and computers and so on.

Your response, on the other hand, works well. Having us rush through prioritizes our experience; we’d better observe as much of these landmarks and the cultures therein as possible, because in a second, we’ll be gone. Well designed!

Anyone else wanna give this prompt a try?  Design an attraction for the American Adventure that’s about the United States’ culture, as opposed to its history!

lotgreenbeast  asked:

That stuffed pig you have is PAINFULLY adorable. Where is it from?

I got him from Epcot in the Japan pavilion!

They apparently only got them in like two days ago and I grabbed the last one for that day so I was really excited!!

His name is Piggu and I’m going to make him a Roadhog cosplay for AWA!!