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WIWT - Thanksgiving Edition

I’m originally from a small town in Northern California.  It’s the type of town that’s surrounded by orchards and where wild chickens roam freely along the sides of roads.  As a result, it always feel more comfortable to dress more country here than in the city where the closest thing you have to a walnut tree is at Whole Foods.

I’ve blogged about my Barbour Liddesdale before, but I still believe that it’s a great investment piece.  You can layer a chunky sweater underneath it for when it gets really cold and wear it by itself otherwise.  Plus, at $179 (and even cheaper if you can find it on sale), it’s one of Barbour’s more affordable jackets.

Also, I slide on slides at the playground because fuck da police.

Jacket - Barbour | Shirt - Sid Mashburn | Trousers - Epaulet New York | Shoes - Tricker’s

Photo taken by Chelsea Larsson.