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On the topic of Zarkon's paladin armor: It's pretty clear our current Voltron team is wearing Altean armor, so I wonder if the armor Zarkon wore when he was Black Paladin is Galra rather than Altean? Also, Alteans specialize in shape-shifting, and we've seen Hunk's armor morph to fit him. Maybe a paladin can customize their armor even further?

…Hmm, I mean, that is an interesting point.

We see Alfor wearing something that really resembles paladin armor but is also distinctly different in shape: look at the epaulets, look at the cuirass. Look at the shape and positioning of the yellow.

I really doubt Pidge’s predecessor was her size and Hunk clearly notices the armor is too small for him but it fits perfectly when he actually gets it on.

And then the bayard, the other piece of paladin equipment…

We never see the yellow bayard in Alfor’s hands, but we do see Zarkon with the black bayard, and:

It not only looks completely different, but it implies to have done that all on its own- because as soon as it goes to Shiro’s hands, it changes to match the others that we saw. How do we know that’s unique to Zarkon?

Zarkon suggests that the paladins really haven’t unlocked Voltron’s full potential and in practice that seems like one, he’s right, it’s not just villainous trash talk, and two, that’s a growing process. Gradual development.

So what if the paladin armor and bayard are things that don’t just tailor themselves a little at first- but gradually change in form to accommodate the paladin? What if the armor Alfor was wearing in Allura’s flashback was the yellow paladin armor- but the form that it took specifically for him? And what the current paladins have right now is… more of a default, because it hasn’t had time to make more than the basic adjustments to accommodate them?


One part personal reference, one part, just in case someone wants a Trahearne clone character of their own. This is as close as I’ve gotten, not perfect but I’m pretty happy with him. Ta-da!

Skin: Forest Green
Glow: Honey
Eyes: Sun
Hair: Matte

Furrocious Cat Ears [Hidden] - Evening Grass, Stone
Snapdragon Epaulets - Earthen, Walnut, Beige
Dryad Coat - Khaki, Beige, Earthen
Snapdragon Gloves - Beige, Beige, Beige
Orchid Leggings - Umber, Walnut, Stone
Orchid Boots - Beige, Beige, Beige

I obtained permission to visit my father at Brookhaven, on my way to New York, and I shall not soon forget his surprise at seeing me dressed in military uniform, with epaulets on my shoulders, and a sword by my side.

Memoir of Col. Benjamin Tallmadge

This quote reminded me of this scene from Turn…

#HistoricalTallmadge Month | August 2017


Reign III (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Word Count: 2280

Summary: Royal AU: the reader is a princess next in line to take the throne. Bucky is a knight that has been put in charge of taking care of and protecting the reader. 

Warnings: **minor** Character death

A/N: I am having so so so much fun writing this series. Ugh. I hope you all are enjoying reading it just as much. I’m going to try to keep posting fairly regular, so every saturday at 8pm central time should do. <3


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Radiants ranked from most to least fashionable:

Jasnah - sexy, and you cant be a princess if you don’t know how to dress

Renarin - Has likely had years of fashion tips from his brother

Shallan - naturally creative so would plan outfits well but low on cash for clothes

Lift - street urchin, probably dresses for practicality

Dalinar - never out of his uniform.. which has gold epaulets but silver buttons

Kaladin - thought trousers and a skirt at the same time was a good idea

About Daisies and Sunflowers - Ch. 4

A/N: Lmao so I know I said it would be awhile but my whole family went out today and I decided to work on this while I can and I ended up finishing it! Anyone who isn’t on the taglist, but wants to be can send me an ask or a message and I’ll tag you in the next part!

Pairing: prince!Evan Hansen x fem!reader

Warning(s): possibly a lil smooch smooch???, hints at Evan’s dirty dreams, a few inappropriate thoughts (naughty boy c;)

Word count: 2,403 (longest chapter yet :p)

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The morning after you received Evan’s most recent letter, you asked your parents over breakfast if it would be possible to visit Queen Heidi and her son while you were all travelling Irvingdale. They seemed a bit hesitant at first, but when you flashed them a smile and not-so-subtly used your puppy eyes on them, they caved. You could only stay for a maximum of four hours, and you guys would have to your own palace earlier in order to still make it to Irvingdale on time. You thanked them profusely and excused yourself from breakfast and rushed up to your room to write to Evan and inform him of your visit. You were beyond ecstatic to be seeing him again, you hoped that he felt the same when he read your letter.

The next two days flew past quicker than you thought they would, and on the morning you would be making your journey, you felt oddly nervous. Sure, you were still excited, but the thought of seeing him face-to-face once more made your stomach fill with butterflies. You made sure to pack your new favorite dress- a simple, daisy covered piece that reminded you of Evan. It was one of your more casual dresses that had originally been made for lounging around the house, seeing as it wasn’t seen as “fit” for a princess to wear such a casual dress outside of the castle. You ignored this fact, you knew Evan would adore it as much as you did.

You had just finished packing when your handmaid entered your room. “Are you about ready, my lady?” She asked you, giving you a polite smile.

You nodded and gave you a smile of your own. “Yes, I just finished. Thank you,” you said.

Despite your protests, she helped you carry your suitcase downstairs and outside, where your parents were waiting by the carriage. The coachman loaded your suitcases into the storage compartment of the carriage, and you and your parents climbed into the coach. “We should be arriving to Rose Palace sometime tomorrow evening, my lord,” the driver said to your stepfather before shutting the door and climbing onto the driver’s perch. You could barely contain the excitement that was bubbling up.

The trip there was less than pleasurable; the carriage was hot and stuffy, the road was bumpy, and the excessive sitting was beginning to make your legs fall asleep. Not to mention the fact that your dress smelled terribly from sweat and you weren’t able to change until you got to your location. Nonetheless, you managed to have positive thoughts and the same excitement you had left Magnolia with. You were going to see Evan again, and that’s all that mattered to you.

When you finally came to a stop in front of the deep red colored palace- the quality that deemed it ‘Rose Palace- you all but leapt out of the carriage. By the time the coachman made it to the door to help you out, you were already by the steps to the entrance, beaming excitedly.

“You must be Princess Y/N of Magnolia!” A pretty middle-aged woman said, exiting the big doors at the top of the stairs. Evan was right behind her with a nervous smile, looking so adorable you almost forgot to curtsy in front of the queen. “Yes, it’s wonderful to be meeting you, Queen Hansen,” you said. She gave you a bright smile and greeted your parents. Once her attention was off of you, you finally allowed yourself to look back at Evan once more. He was wearing his usual outfit, consisting of a warm beige colored shirt with black sleeve cuffs and a black collar, black pants, and black epaulets that made his shoulders look considerably broader. It was brought thrown together by a bright red sash that contrasted with the rest of his color scheme.

You weren’t sure whether it would be appropriate to hug him or not, so you curtsied politely, giving him a friendly grin. He bowed in the same manner and, after seemingly debating his next actions, gently took your hand and placed a light kiss upon your knuckles. You were sure that your face turned brighter than his sash. He offered you a cute, shy smile and released your hand. “It’s good to see you again, Y/N,” he said. You blinked in slight confusion. The Evan you knew was usually a little bit of a mess when it came to talking to other people, so the smoothness in which he greeted you threw you off guard.

Your lack of response seemed to worry him because he quickly backtracked, his smile being wiped off his face. “I’m sorry if I m-made you uncomfortable! I should h-have asked first before just grabbing your hand and-and kissing it!” You let out a soft giggle. There was the Eavan you knew. “It’s okay, Evan. I was just a little surprised is all. I have no issue with what happened at all,” you reassured him. He seemed to relax and the smile that was on his face reappeared. You two just stood there and smiled at each other in a comfortable silence.

“Well,” Queen Heidi spoke, causing you and Evan to both look at her, “I’m sure you three would like to change out of those clothes. I’ll have a maid show you where you can do that.” You and your parents nodded gratefully.

A pretty redheaded maid showed you to one of the many spare rooms. Once you got there, she set your suitcase down, which she had insisted on carrying for you and gave you a smile. “Do you need any help getting dressed, Miss?” She asked politely. You shook your head. “No, I should be good. Thank you, though,” you said. She nodded, but didn’t leave; she stood there studying you.

You looked at her with questioning eyes, to which she blushed and apologized profusely. “It’s just… it’s weird to see the Prince seem so comfortable with someone other than the Queen, especially a beautiful young woman such as yourself,” she told you, her head bowed. Now, you were the one blushing. “Oh, I, um… I’m glad? That he can feel, uh, comfortable around me?” You stuttered out. She let out a soft giggle and excused herself from the room to let you get ready.

Despite still being a little flustered from your encounter with the maid, you managed to slip on the daisy dress and put your hair into a pretty, but simple braid. You smoothed out your dress in front of the mirror and made your way to the door excitedly. You swung it open to reveal Evan with a raised fist. “Oh, hi, uh… I was just about to knock on the door,” Evan said. You gave him a smile, and he returned it nervously. “Would you-,” he cleared his throat, “-would you like to take a walk in the garden?” You nodded excitedly. “I would love to, Evan,” you said, hesitantly and gently grabbing his hand. He blushed and stared at your hands for a moment before looking back up at you, his face filled with happiness.

He led you to the gardens, making small talk along the way. When you arrived, you spotted the poppies right away. “Oh, Evan… They’re so beautiful!” You gushed, letting go of his hand to rush over to the newly planted flowers.

He watched you with lovestruck eyes, admiring all of you. He noticed your dress when you opened the door, but now he had a chance to actually look at it. He knew that you most likely just picked the dress because you liked it, but the thought of you picking out that dress specifically for him made his breath fall short. He imagined a conversation where he told you that he liked the dress and you would giggle and brush a piece of hair behind your ear. Then, he would ever so confidently lean in and give you a soft kiss, with his hands placed on your waist-

“Evan, did you hear what I said?” You asked him softly.

His eyes snapped away from the flowers on your dress to your eyes, and the look on his face made him look like a little kid who had just got caught doing something wrong. Laughing softly, you grabbed his hand once more and pulled him further into the garden. “I asked if we could go look at the tulips,” you repeated. He nodded and for a second, he glee on your face made him stop worrying about whether or not his hands were sweaty. You guys walked until you came across the tulips, a particularly blue bud catching your eye. You turned to Evan and pointed it out to him.

“That one matches your eyes,” you said to him. He swallowed, forcing his eyes to stay on yours, rather than letting them stray to your lips, which were closer to his own that he was used to them being. If he moved merely an inch or two, your lips would be touching- he forced himself to stop thinking and look away from you. Noticing the tension, you moved on.

The two of you walked throughout the pathways of the garden in a mostly comfortable silence. You really wanted Evan to kiss you, and while you knew that it wasn’t considered “ladylike” to express these types of thoughts out loud, you also knew that the prince wasn’t the type of boy to initiate those types of situations, lest he make you feel uncomfortable or violated. So you settled with getting to hold his hand, and watching his lips as he answered your questions.

As fate would have it, just as you were reaching the end of your restraint, the two of you passed a large clump of daisies. You grinned to yourself as you got an idea. “Evan, can I do something?” You asked him, one he took a pause in explaining the time that he and his family friend Prince Jared got in trouble for sneaking food out of the kitchens and gorging themselves before dinner.

“Uh, sure, I-I don’t mind. What are you going to be doing?” He said.

You just winked at him. “Face this way, okay? And don’t turn around until I say so!” You turned him away from the daisies and began your work. It had been awhile since you had made a daisy chain, but your fingers remembered the correct way to weave the stems together to get them to form a crown. 15 minutes later, and you were just placing the last flower into place. You glanced over at Evan and giggled at his obvious impatience. He was rocking back and forth on his heels and humming under his breath. You stood back up and brushed the excess leaves off your dress. “Alright Ev, you can turn-,” he spun around before you finished with your sentence, anxiety written all over his face. All of it disappeared when he noticed the smile on your face and the daisy crown in your hands. “Oh, uh… is that- is that for… me?” He asked, unsure. You nodded, giggling once more.

You gestured for him to step closer, and once he did, you gingerly placed the crown on top of him head, careful not to bump into his actual crown. As you looked down from his hair where his flower crown resided, you caught him looking at your lips. A blush spread across both your faces when you realized just how close your faces actually were, and you simply couldn’t help but look at his own lips. This was all Evan needed to gently lean forward and brush your lips together. You let out a soft breath of relief and moved the tiniest bit closer, turning the brush of lips into a full, soft kiss.

Your hands lowered from his hair to his shoulders, where you fumbled for some kind of grip. His own shaking hands moved up to grab your waist gently. There was no groping, no moans, no panting. None of the things you had expected based off the romance books your mother read. It was gentle and warm, as if you were both afraid of breaking the other. The two of you pulled away briefly and simply stared at each other for a moment. A grin slowly spread across Evan’s face, and in that moment you swore there wasn’t a sight in the whole world that was more beautiful.

Your lips surged together once more, this time with more purpose. Your hands moved from gripping onto his shoulders to clasp behind his neck in an attempt to bring his face closer to yours. Evan followed your lead and pulled your body so it was flush against his.

The feeling of your lips against his was a foreign but wonderful feeling to Evan. He had only dreamt of holding you in his arms like this, your body pressed against his, your fingers running through his hair. Although, in those dreams, the two of you usually were wearing less clothing. He felt guilty every time he woke from those dreams, and he felt guilty at that moment even thinking about them. He quickly went to pull away, accidentally biting your bottom lip in the process, which provoked a little whine from you. He almost imploded on the spot. He wanted to hear you make that sound for the rest of his life.

You pressed harder against the kiss, his little nip spurring you further. You only broke away once you could no longer hold your breath. There was the panting you had read about, you thought, letting out an airy laugh amongst your heavy breaths. Evan was in the same shape as you; his entire face and ears were tinted a pink color, and his lips were more swollen than usual. You had no doubt that your face was just as red as his.

“Would you,” he panted softly, licking his lips (something that made you want to kiss him again), “would you like to head to dinner now?” He mentally cursed himself for sounding so weird, but to his surprise (and relief), you nodded cheerfully. He pulled away from your embrace and grabbed your hand once more. You intertwined your fingers and the two of you made your way back to the palace.

New epaulet Napoli model jacket, straight out of the shipping box. Great fit, great shoulder (as natural as I’ve found anywhere), and the subtle herringbone is a great touch on a more casual jacket. I think I’m going to take the flaps off the patch pockets.