juoksiainen  asked:

Hello! I royally screwed up changing my URL, and managed to delete ALL of my blogs! RIP Skatakit, 3 years worth of whale posts oTL... Anyways, I was wondering if you could help me find some of the cetacean blogs I used to follow? Do you have any recommendations on who to follow? Thanks in advance! :^)

This is awful news, I’m so sorry to hear that, I loved your blogs and I will miss them! But hey, let’s see this as a new beginning, there’s plenty of amazing content to share out there and I’m sure you’ll do an amazing job with this new blog.

Here’s a (probably incomplete) list of the cetacean-related blogs I am following: 

@@from-the-sands @king-lobo @argentinian-orcas @teamcetaceans @missmariemariana @kohola-kai @wild-orca @orca-friend @orcalovingbeing @russianorcas @dutchorca @natsilane @derangedhyena-delphinidae @i-am-seawolf @dreamt-of-dolphins @cetaceamother @w0lvesofthesea @thelovelyseas @theblackdorsalfin @b3n3aththesurfac3 @volk-morya @fachaich @habeas–porpoise @cetacean-nation @taslishaw @cetacea @cetagifs @cetaceanawareness @cetacean-lover @cetacean-waves @porpoiseprincess @stumpyx163 @whales-and-all-their-tails @orcas-till-the-end @orcas-of-the-strait @the-sea-is-their-home @echoesunderthewaves @endcetaceanexploitation @cetuselena @epaulard @mystic-marsh @vagnhvalr @beakedwhales @californiatransients @marion-island-orcas @mysticete @whalesgonnabewhales @keikosfreckles @missmarinebio @l-41 @weneedoceans @bitch-dont-krill-my-vibe @orcabeauty @blackfishsound @tired-seas @japaneseorca @marine-bio-stuff @scottish-orca @antarctic-orca

Ok that’s a scary long list. But I hope it’s helpful and I would encourage anyone to check out these blogs, they share varied content and are either strictly cetacean-related or post cool marine biology stuff in general.