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A little something for @winchesterprincessbride celebrating reaching 2000 followers! So for her reverse gif challenge I got given a gif and had to do a story based on said gif! Sorry it took me so long but I had to go back and watch the episode a few times!

Word count: 551

Characters: Dean, Sam, female Reader (have tried to leave it as neutral as possible so it can be read however you wish IE friend, girlfriend, sister)

Obviously a big chunk of this comes from the episode and so credit for all of that goes to the writers etc of Supernatural

Gif and story below!

Walking into the warehouse you quickly stick your badge back into your pocket. You might have gotten past the rather bored looking security guard but you still didn’t want to risk anyone taking a closer look at these badges, unsure just how good of a copy Sam has managed to do. After all, being homeland security was a new one for you guys.

Leaving Dean and Sam to check out the other side of the warehouse you try to find anything out of the ordinary. You soon get distracted however by the Winchesters.
“What is that?” You hear Sam ask.
Glancing over to where they’re stood you see Dean with earbuds in. You smile slightly as you realise what he’s doing.
“It’s an EMF meter. Reads electromagnetic frequencies.” comes Dean’s reply.
“Yeah, I know what an EMF meter is, but why does that one look like a busted-up walkman?”
“Cause that’s what I made it out of. It’s homemade.” Dean can barely keep the grin off his face.

You chuckle quietly as you walk over to join the guys. You remember the weekend Dean spent building that thing. It had taken 5 walkmans before he’d gotten one to work and he’d practically turnt the air blue with all the swearing he’d done. But you had to hand it to him it definitely came in handy.

“Yeah, I can see that.” The sarcasm drips of Sam’s voice as he looks towards you. You’re looking at Dean, and as the smIle on his face drops, you roll your eyes and turn towards Sam.
“Well when we need a replacement we’ll let you be in charge of design. So long as it does the job it’s good for me. Now, stop posturing and start looking. I’ll keep my eye out for any unwanted visitors.”
As you turn to walk towards the door, you catch Dean mouthing the words ‘thank you’ out of the corner of your eye. ‘Any time’ you mouth back with a quick wink.

Minutes pass, and as the guys linger over a door handle, you spot two men in much smarter suits then your own headed towards the warehouse’s office.
“Guys? We’re about to have company, so whatever you’re doing, do it quicker.” You rush over to them, arriving just in time to see Sam put a bag of yellow powder in his pocket.
“All done.” Sam says as he puts his knife back in his other pocket.
“Emergency exit over there” You knew Dean would have a way out planned for you all.

The three of you casually walk across the tarmac outside of the hanger, not that anyone else is around. Next thing you know, an alarm starts blaring and Sam and Dean take off at a run towards the gate. You’re about 10 paces behind, keeping up rather well despite the stupid heels you’re having to wear. As you reach the fence you can see that Dean’s chucked his suit jacket over the wire at the top of the fence and is at the top, leaning down to grab your hand and pull you up. Climbing down, Sam rushes to the impala to start it up while Dean grabs his jacket.
“Well, these monkey suits do come in handy.”
“Guess they do. Hey, Dean? Thank you.”
“Any time.”

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My heart breaks a little every time Dean calls the flight attendant a ‘stewardess’ in 1x04

I mean, OK I know this was 2005 but that term stopped being PC and started being sexist after like the 1960′s. 

My mom started flying in 1972, and let me tell you god forbid anyone utters that word in her presence. She is a strong woman :-)



Supernatural Rewatch Commentary: Season 1, Episode 4 - Phantom Traveler

- wave of swirly black pixels = demons season 1
- introduction of the “demon” in Supernatural mythology. Historic moment right there
- This guy was apparently right to be afraid of flying
- “monkey suits” Ha. There are 11 more seasons of that my friends
- you can detect demons by EMF?? I totally forgot about this. Why don’t they ever do this anymore?
- *talking about demons* “Idk man this isn’t our normal gig… this is big.” HAHA if you knew the shit you guys wouls get into
- The first and last time we see them in an airport (I think)
- Dean’s major fear: flying
- this is a guy who kills monsters for a living
- “why do you think I drive everywhere, Sam??” Lol idk why this line cracks me up
- “you humming mettalica?” “It calms me down” I love this show
- I think later on the show overlooled the whole “people with weakness get possessed” thing because everyone has some weakness??
- “everybody’s scared of something. I’m just not gonna let it hold me back” wise words, amanda
- “christo?” HAHAHA DED
- “dude, stow the touchy feely self-help yoga crap. It’s not helping!” The lines in this show sometimes
- This is a much longer exorcism than the one they use now
- how did they bring such a big bottle of water on the plane??
- are all the demons in touch with each other in hell about the lives of the winchesters this early on in the game?
- I think I would die of terror if the plane I was on plummeted like that. Or if it crashed too I guess
- oh my god dean’s face HAHAHA
- when she mouths “Thank you” to the guys I think about how aso many of the people that they help over the years will never really know what they did. But if one person like Amanda is alive to show even the smallest amount of gratitude it makes it all worth it
- 785-555-0179 is Dean’s number. Someone in the US pls call it and tell me if it works hahaha

SPN Rewatch- The One Where Dean has aviophobia (and ass for DAYS)

1x04 Phantom Traveler

Well this one. I have thoughts about this one!

First of all I feel the need to be outraged and grossed in the first 10 seconds cause can we talk about the opening scene where Mr-super-helpful-with-the-flight-casualty-stats walks out of a stall, WIPES HIS HANDS ON A DRY FUCKING PAPER TOWEL AND THEN WALKS OUT OF THE BATHROOM. Bro.

And then we are treated to gratuitous Dean Butt!

Lots of firsts in this ep too! First FBI suits! First sulfur! First Demon! Fun!

Favorite moment:

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SPN Rewatch