ep:her negotiation


–Rafael Barba in “Her Negotiation”–

“Where’s the fire, Rollins?”

“I suppose he thinks that’s spiritual.”

“Really? You called me in here for a Class B Misdemeanor because you wanted to use up all your favors in one fell swoop?”

“And we know he wasn’t just…chafed?”

“This case was a dog from the start. It just got fleas.”

“Whoever he is–whatever he’s done before–he’s going away for life now.”

“As you can see from his record…he is not crazy, he is crazy like a fox!”

I just don't understand people.

You’re so unhappy with the way a show is going and you aren’t a fan anymore, then don’t watch. Save yourself and all of us who do like it the headache of hearing all the people who are displeased whine and moan about something they aren’t being forced to watch.

I personally believe that the SaveBenson saga has been pretty great. It started out in Her Negotiation as a generic case that later unravels other cases and exposes a psychopath to the squad. It actually surprises me that it took this long for a perp to go after one of the detectives like Lewis has.

Then we had Surrender Benson where we see part of what Lewis does and part of the squad trying to find her, which I thought was a good idea because we know what really went on, which, us knowing the truth, leads us to Psycho/Therapist. This is where the wonderful Pablo Schreiber tries to play the victim, as a lot of perps have in the past, and he claims it was consensual and yadda yadda. This has happened plenty of times in the past, it’s nothing new. The only thing is that this court room scene went on longer than other courtroom scenes.

I have openly admitted to liking SVU now as well, if not more than before. I am talking about before as in those last few, um, not so great seasons. I love SVU and I miss the regular cases, but these have been pretty good. Yes, there have been down right terrible episodes and there have been plot holes and cheesy aspects, but that doesn’t make me stop loving the show.

I can easily watch reruns of every season of the show and fall in love with it a little more each time! Because the ones I like or that are at least decent bring me back in. I continue to watch through the bad or not very good seasons and episodes because I love the characters. I’ve learned so much throughout the years from these characters that I can’t just quit being a fan because it’s in a bit of a slump.

If you could stick through the disasters that were seasons 11-12 and the okay seasons that were a few preceding that (some say 7-10, some say 8-10 and some say 9-10) then you should have no problem sticking around through the “soap opera seasons”, as some people call it.

I’m going to continue on and say that yes, there have been over dramatic episodes in the WL era, but I wouldn’t classify seasons 13, 14, and 15 as entirely soap opera-y. In my opinion, 13 was great and 14 was pretty good too, with a few soapy episodes. 15 there have been a little more so far, but I wouldn’t classify the entire season as a soap opera, especially because you didn’t like the Save Benson Saga and/or felt the season has been too focused in it, which the beginning was but, up until tonight, it’s just kind of been in the background while still there.

Lastly, I’m going to explain my reasoning for liking this saga so I hopefully won’t have to later. Whether the writing or storyline was good or not (side note: it was ok, not the best but far from the worst), Pablo and Mariska just played their characters so well. They brought out a challenge in each other acting wise and they met each other in their scenes. They seemed to be spot on with their portrayal of their respective characters, which in turn seemed to make the other a little better.

Unless SVU just goes to complete and utter crap where it has no chance of revival for a second, even if they decided to replace the entire cast and crew, then I will stop watching. Until then I’ll just keep watching reruns of my favorite episodes and looking forward to the diamond in the rough episodes that give me hope for the show and make me stick with it.

I will go down with this ship!
(And by ship I do mean this show.)

Finally watches the SVU season 14 finale with my dad
  • Dad: He better not hurt Liv...or I'll kill him.
  • Dad: This guy is CRAZY.
  • Dad: I hate this guy.
  • Dad: That's how it ended????
  • Dad: Are they kidding!?
  • Dad: What if he holds her hostage until September?
  • Dad: That's not cool.
  • Dad: You know she has gun on her ankle and is going to kill him.