The signs as Saint Motel’s “Destroyer”

I hear her mocking me as she sings,

“I don’t break hearts, no that’s not me” Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Libra and Taurus

“I don’t break hearts, I destroy them” Capricorn, Leo, Cancer, Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio

Shiva is a complex god with many roles and powers. In his destroyer role, he often haunts cemeteries, wearing a garland of snakes and a necklace of skulls. A band of terrifying demons, hungering for blood, accompanies him. 

Shiva’s destructive powers are awesome, but they also have a positive side in that destruction usually leads to new forms of existence. In art, Shiva is often portrayed with four arms, four faces, and three eyes. A glance from the third eye in the center of his forehead has the power to destroy anything in creation, including humans and gods. #TheShivaTribe Yet despite his destructiveness, Shiva can be helpful to humans and other gods. 

He acts as a divine judge who shows no mercy to the wicked. He gains spiritual strength from periods of meditation in the Himalayas. When he dances, he represents truth, and by dancing he banishes ignorance and helps relieve the suffering of his followers. Shiva saved the Devas and the world from destruction by swallowing the poison of Vasuki. One of Shiva’s greatest services to the world was to hold the sacred Ganges River, in his matted hair, which flows from the Himalayas. 

At one time, the Ganges passed only through the heavens, leaving the earth dry. After a wise man changed the course of the river, it became a raging torrent and threatened to flood the earth. 

Shiva stood beneath the river and let its waters wind through his hair to calm its flow. Shiva is “sunderashewara” the all beautiful, he is “Ekwartya” the hermit. He is “Pashupati” The Lord of creatures. He is is “Sadashiv” the all eternal, he is “yajat” the guardian in Ganesha, he is “Bhudeva” the lord of earth in Kartikeya, he adorns “Adi Shakti” on his sahastra chakra, where he is “sat” “Chitta” “ananda” the eternal bliss.

DBS Episode 79

so um??

did not ever expect this but its so cute?? like ?? little Supreme Kai and Beerus hugging??


KISS “Destroyer” 1976. Today, April 27th, is KISS guitarist and “Spaceman” (or “Space Ace” if you like) Ace Frehley’s birthday (b. Paul Daniel Frehley, 1951). Frehley was a founding member and guitarist for the legendary rock band from 1973-1982 and then again from 1996-2002 and has been ranked among the best metal guitarists of all-time. I’m not a big KISS fan, but Destroyer is OK, especially the lead track, “Detroit Rock City,” and “Shout It Out Loud.” Their fourth studio album, it initially hit #11 on the US album charts but quickly fell off. With the unintentional success of the “Detroit Rock City” single’s B-side ballad “Beth” at the end of the summer, sales roared back to life and by the end of 1976 Destroyer had gone platinum. 

I included a photo of the record sleeve for Destroyer because it makes me laugh. “Join the KISS army! As a member of the KISS Army you will receive: 1. The official KISS ARMY NEWS (published quarterly) 2. Your own official KISS ARMY I.D. Card 3. A KISS discography information about all KISS albums and singles 4. Biographies on Gene, Peter, Paul & Ace. 5. An official Membership Charter 6. A KISS ARMY Iron-on patch 7. A Full Color Poster, 22″x35″ 8. An 8″x10″ Color Group Photo and 2 black and white concert photos. All for only $5.00 per year!” That’s a lot for 5 bucks. I wonder if it’s still honored?