Descent Chapter 1: Sinking

Warning for a bit of body horror.

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He could still hear them screaming.

He could still see them, what used to be his coworkers, barely humanoid in shape, splattered all around the floor. Moaning, wheezing, begging. He couldn’t get their voices out of his mind as he ran.

He ran, but the studio didn’t seem the same it was an hour ago. The ink covering walls and floor, and the collapsed sections disoriented him. Where was the exit? What floor was he at? The ink was crawling around him and he knew he was looking for him. He was the only one left.

A pipe burst in front of him, making him freeze. No, no, no! He turned around and attempted to run, but he felt something pulling at his leg and he fell. It was only one, but the sight of the abomination (who had it been?) clutching at him, reaching out for him, made Sammy kick with all his might to free himself. His foot connected with the jaw of the thing, and as its head twisted backwards, the sickening sound of its neck snapping flooded the hallway. Sammy scrambled backwards, never taking his eyes off the forming puddle that had been the monster.

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when other peoples’ words are too much


so TNG was on last night and i watched 30 minutes of essentially my first TNG episode ever and i thought it was GOOD SHIT

1. data watched porn to feel human. four times. there’s porn on the enterprise.
2. gEORDI his voice is so nice
3. the enterprise is FUCKING UGLY what did they do to our beautiful lady
3. data the non-human wanting to be human versus spock the half-human wanting not to be. fas-cin-a-ting
4. THE TURBULENCE OH MY GOD someone stabilised it here and that’s such a weird coincidence because i’d only essentially seen one TNG ep and it happened to be the one to which this gif refers
5. i’ve known data for four minutes by now but don’t hurt him he’s trying his best
6. i got to see beverly command the enterprise?? oh my good LOOK AT HER???
8. bev’s coat.
10. i know i’m in the middle of a huge plot arc but??? i’m here for it
11. listen geordi is so great like he cares about data so much in his emotive human way and it makes me so happy
12. expendable goldshirts the new expendable redshirts
13. the shuttlecraft is NOT called the galileo WHY

i saw was deanna talking to data about emotions and how even anger is necessary, and it reminded me SO HARD of something I wrote

she said, “feeling angry about an injustice could lead someone to take a positive action to correct it.” 

and i had written

 “anger evolved as a response to injustice (…) One gets angry because they have been mistreated; that anger leads to action, which often leads to a better situation for that person in the future.” 

she also said “Feelings aren’t positive or negative, Data; they simply exist,” which is the message my therapist told me, and something i needed to hear, so that was. really nice


Alternative Movie Posters for Neil Marshall’s “The Descent”

Artwork by Dan Mumford, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, and Chris Weston

NaNoWriMo Day 1

Word Count for Today: 1,693

Total Word Count for this Draft: 6,860

I started work on chapter 3, as I already had draft 2 done for 1 and 2, and it went pretty well! Getting back into the swing of original writing is hard, but I like it. I’ll definitely need to do some heavy editing later, though. But I just keep telling myself that done is better than nothing.

Today’s snippet of the day:

The lights overhead, the electronics in the sky boxes, the power cables that ran beneath their feet, and so much more.