Lissie - Boyfriend

Inspirational Weight Loss Speech to Myself

Face it, you’re freaking ugly. Compared to any other girl you’re a lot less than everything they are. Skinny, petite, sweet, kind, and cute. You’re none of those things.
If you want to lose weight you can’t let people get in your way. You have perfect self control until your boyfriend begs you too eat something. You need to not let him make you do that. It may feel bad to tell him no, but in the end he’ll see why you didn’t eat and he’ll be proud of you. He’ll feel how light you are in his arms and he’ll see the way you look so cute in any outfit, and he’ll be glad you did it.
He’s going into modeling and that’s what’s caused your relapse. For good reason. You don’t think he’ll be looking at all those perfect girls at the modeling angency? You don’t think he’ll start to judge you like they judge those girls? Well You’re wrong. He will. In order to keep him you have to be just as perfect as a model. And that can’t happen unless you starve.
So. Stop. Eating.