In The Dark Of The Night (Anastasia/Korra Parody)
  • In The Dark Of The Night (Anastasia/Korra Parody)
  • Adriana Figueroa

This is for the anon who asked about a Tarrlok song earlier today – YOU BETTER BELIEVE THIS MORNING’S EPISODE DESERVED A SONG. I literally still can’t get over it. I’d better not start thinking about it or I might start hyperventilating all over again.

In any case, as far as villain songs, I thought this one would translate fairly well to the ending… It’s not exactly Disney, but have a Rasputin/Tarrlok mash-up! I hope it doesn’t disappoint – enjoy it, and try not to die in agony while waiting for next week’s episode!

I can’t make any promises that I won’t.

In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning
And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be –
Of a man who could take all control
Like a puppeteer with a goal –
Then I opened my eyes and my nightmare was me!

I will be the most powerful man in the city
When the Equalists showed up they made a mistake
And if you try to get in my way
Say goodbye to your free will today
Little Korra, beware I will make sure you pay

In the dark of the night, Tarrlok will find her
In the dark of the night, just before dawn
Revenge will be sweet
When the task is complete

In the dark of the night
She’ll be gone!

Yes I know that my powers are strictly forbidden
It’s an art that is sinister, just like a spell
But I just love taking control
I can feel the fear in her soul
To the half-baked Avatar Korra, farewell!

In the dark of the night terror will strike her
In the dark of the night she will be through
This is the end
For the girl and her friends

In the dark of the night
In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night, Tarrlok will find her
In the dark of the night, she will be stopped
My dear, it is time
It’s the end of the line

In the dark of the night
In the dark of the night

We must rule,
Oppress the non-benders;
Why do you decline?
Now you’ll have to
Pay with surrender

In the dark of the night
In the dark of the night
In the dark of the night
Be confined!

(Download link is here for anyone who is wondering! Hope you liked it! ♥)

Korra - Team Avatar (Analysis)

In the first picture, you can see Korra looking at Aang’s Memorial Statue and crying. The pressure is too heavy for her, staying in Republic City is one of Aang’s greatest legacy and she has to protect it and somehow she is failing. When Tarrlok said “You are merely an half-baked Avatar in training. Which reminds me, how is your airbending training going? made any significant progress?" That made her heart drop, she’s memorized almost all the forms and yet she can’t produce even some puff of air. What was easy for Aang -being spiritual and being an Airbending master- is hard for Korra. 

She’s been sheltered her whole life; having her own compound in the South Pole, only having a polar bear as her best friend, and the Order of the White Lotus watching over her every move, she never really had friends, or friends her own age for that matter. Joining the Fire Ferrets, she must’ve thought "So this is what its like to have friends…" she felt like she belonged, she was always up there knowing she was the Avatar and she has to handle things by herself. When she thought the brothers would be living in the streets, she made the arrangements with Tenzin right away so that they could have a home. At that time the only reason why Bolin and Mako would meet is because of Pro-Bending, when the arena was shut down, it was like the last link or the only reason why they would meet up again. It’s like having not-so-close friends in school, you only see them in school but you don’t really see hang out with them outside school or when summer comes. (Okay this makes sense to me) Anyway, she was disappointed to find out that Asami already offered her mansion, so when she said "So… I guess I’ll see you guys around…sometime…" She thought she wouldn’t see them as much like before, only occasionally when time persists. Offering Air Temple Island as a place to stay was not only providing them a home, but also she gets to be with them everyday.

Korra feels alone, we’ve seen her most of the time in her tough exterior, but she has a vulnerable side too. The need to prove herself and do her job to protect Republic City ”I understand why Republic City needs you, but it needs me too.“ She feels like the worst Avatar ever since she hasn’t eradicated the Amon problem. In "The Voice in The Night” we first see that Korra is scared to lose her bending, its her whole identity and dedicated her life to it. Something that irked me was the brothers didn’t really see how sad Korra was, only Tenzin saw that she was NOT okay and encourages her to talk about it. But she doesn’t at first, she only started talking after her emotional breakdown. Why she didn’t talk to Tenzin who is a great father figure? because teenagers don’t really talk about their problems to their parents, its much more comforting to talk to people your own age really. 

Here comes Mako, Bolin, and Asami trying to support Korra. This scene was great, comparing her situation from Aang’s; who not only had a team, but had a family. When Aang found out he lost all his people, Sokka and Katara immediately became his family. In this scene, i was pleased that Mako, Bolin, and Asami immediately offered to be a part of her team to save the city, (Especially since Mako has been a jerk in the previous episodes) you could see Korra’s look of joy. She must’ve thought “Wow, I actually have a team” For me, The “Krew” didn’t really feel like a team before, this episode actually shows their dynamic as a Team outside the arena, an addition is Asami.

Now they actually kicked Equalist butt and they all work well together, Korra takes pleasure at Tarrlok’s annoyance and boasts that “Team Avatar” took care of the problem, in this way she felt progress. But this was short-lived because Tarrlok takes them as their prisoner to blackmail Korra into joining his task his task force. When her attempts to bail them out of jail were unsuccessful, it was just so sad. She finally has someone to rely on (besides Tenzin) and work with her that is not an authority figure. 

So in conclusion, Fuck you Tarrlok.