I've spent too long in the forest...


I’m not saying I’d do anything, but you can’t kill me that easily. Tough luck for you.

Drinks on me is your apology. That’s me being nice.

Tough luck indeed… 

… As many as I wan’ then?

In a forrest pitch-dark
glowed the tiniest spark
it burst into flame
like me
like me.

In a heart full of dust
lives a creature called lust
it surprises and scares
like me
like me.

In a tower of steel
nature forges a deal
to raise wonderful hell
like me
like me-

My name Isobel 
married to myself
my love Isobel
living by herself.

When she does it she means to
moth delivers her message
unexplaind on your collar
crawling in silence
a simple excuse.


Whereas ’Debut’ was like the greatest hits of ten years, ’Post’ was like the last two years. For me, all the songs on the album are like saying, ’Listen, this is how I’m doing,’ and that’s why I called the record ’Post’, because I always address my songs back in my head to Iceland in a letter. Because it was such a big jump for me to move away from all my relatives, all my friends, everything I know- Björk for Raw Magazine 1996