• Gold:Belle what are you doing?
  • Belle:I found that gauntlet today. It led me to your dagger. The thing you love the most.
  • Gold:Well actually the gauntlet leads you to your greatest weakness, not the thing you love most. Easy mistake to make though so I won't hold it against you. All better?
  • Belle:
  • Belle:
  • Belle:
  • Ursula:And that's when she pushed you over the town line?
  • Gold:It's like no one appreciates semantics nowadays.
  • Ursula:She *had* just caught you mid-murder.
  • Gold:Semantics.

I think one of the reasons we love to see our heroes become villains is because sometimes we want to see that even people we admire can fall from grace, to make it okay when we screw up.

Which is why we love villains becoming heroes and being redeemed because we too hope for a chance to be forgiven and to move on from our own transgressions or perceived flaws.

Because sometimes fiction seems like the only chance you have to see that cycle happen.

A moment to celebrate Marian’s selflessness and her not being killed off to make way for another couple to be together!

A moment to celebrate Marian, Regina, and Robin deciding to handle the situation reasonably by actually talking to each other about it in a healthy way!