swan queen || I will follow you into the dark

“don’t go where I can’t follow”

  • Gold:Belle what are you doing?
  • Belle:I found that gauntlet today. It led me to your dagger. The thing you love the most.
  • Gold:Well actually the gauntlet leads you to your greatest weakness, not the thing you love most. Easy mistake to make though so I won't hold it against you. All better?
  • Belle:
  • Belle:
  • Belle:
  • Ursula:And that's when she pushed you over the town line?
  • Gold:It's like no one appreciates semantics nowadays.
  • Ursula:She *had* just caught you mid-murder.
  • Gold:Semantics.

Getting tired of these villains whose magical powers manipulate people through anger, fear, or sadness. Getting tired of those emotions being stigmatized as “bad.”

Give me a villain who magically manipulates people through apathy. The heroes would come in swinging and suddenly find themselves…not caring about the fight. The city would be swept by a crime wave, but people would just shrug it off and say, “Meh, it happens.” Governments would fall, but the politicians would be busy texting and just respond with, “Yeah, whatever.”

Anger, fear, and sadness are transmutable. They can be turned from stone and ice into raging fire.

Apathy swallows fire. Apathy is a black hole.

That would be one damned tough villain to beat.