Richard Castle & Katherine Beckett | 12th May 2014 

Because these are the Caskett wedding moments I’m still pretty sure we won’t get to see for real.  I’d put money on the fact that the wedding guest list scene was another case of the Castle writers foreshadowing… These were some huge moments these season, strung together to give us the Caskett wedding we didn’t get to see (and may never get to see).

With regard to the ending, many times when a “main character is on the chopping block” occurs, fans feel like it’s cheap because we know that character isn’t going to die. They’re contracted for next season! His name is in the show title! But that’s never the point. The worry of death is never the point of that kind of cliffhanger. It’s about how the character will get out of the near-death moment and, more so, what it means for the characters and relationships going forward. I once read a quote that stated that television wasn’t about the big events, but rather reactions to the big events. We aren’t meant to wonder whether Castle will survive, we’re meant to wonder when they will get married, who pushed him off the road, where he is, and how this will affect their future in the season to come.