• Phichit: Victor kissed you and you said 'thank you'?
  • Yuuri: Yes.
  • Phichit: Well, that was very polite.
  • Yuuri: No, it was stupid. I don't know what I'm doing here.
A great start


Nico let his gaze roam through the room.


The hall of the dining pavilion was filled with demigods, roman and greek.


Today was the big Sylvester party, the first one for both camps to celebrate together.


Every demigod who wanted to had been invited to celebrate and many had followed the call. Everyone Nico cares about joined the party and even so it was really cramped inside the pavilion and he got touched and shoved every now and then Nico was happy.


 He saw Annabeth and Percy holding hands, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. It was obvious that the new year was going to be something special for them as no prophecy was threatening their lives.


Jason stood on his left, an arm loosely around Piper’s hip who was adjusting his glasses with an affectionate smile.


Hazel and Frank were standing in front of him, shyly holding hands and shooting glances at each other.


Reyna and Rachel were on the other side of the room and counting the seconds down with bright eyes and hopes for the next year.


Yes, Nico was really happy.


And so unbelievably nervous.


A hand took his own and Nico looked up as their fingers interlaced.

“Happy New Year,” said Will and beamed.

“You, too,” mumbled Nico back. His face was flushed and he averted his eyes. His hand must have been terribly sweaty and he wondered why Will hasn’t dropped it yet. His heart was pounding in his chest as he saw couples kissing everywhere in the room and Nico cussed himself for getting so nervous for just holding hands.

“What about a New-Years-kiss?” asked Will and Nico’s heart did a double take. He had feared that Will would ask for that and he tried to jerk his hand free but Will hold on tight. “I guess that’s a no,” he sighed instead and Nico couldn’t bear to look at the disappointment on Will’s face.

Others may have thought that this would have been the perfect opportunity for the perfect first kiss.

But Nico didn’t want to have a perfect first kiss. He was socially awkward and the whole dealing-with-your-crush-matter was even more complicated for him than making friends (that had turned out to be surprisingly easy with the right peoples and he nearly had adopted Reyna as a new sister).

So, no perfect first kiss. He wanted to have a special first kiss with a racing heart caused by excitement not by nervousness. A special kiss because it felt right and not because a given thing like New Year made people kiss each other.

And there was no way he could say something embarrassing like that to Will. The guy already must have been convinced that Nico wasn’t worth his effort and revealing such a thing would only cause more damage. Nico was actually surprised that Will hadn’t ditched him yet for his cranky behavior.

“Do you want to go out to watch the fireworks?” asked Will while he was still holding Nico’s mortifying sweaty hand.

“Yes, please. I could murder for some fresh air.” As soon as he said it the crowd parted for him and Nico snorted. Will just laughed.

“This is really handy.”

“I’m glad I could be of some use,” said Nico dryly and they left the pavilion after picking up their coats. On their way out they hugged their friends and whished them a happy new year.

“I heard that Jake had worked for weeks on this firework. I’m sure it will be amazing,” said Will as they walked down to the lake. It was terribly cold and their breath turned into tiny clouds. Nico snuggled deeper into his jacket and he saw Will smiling.

 “Should I let go of your hand?”

“No,” answered Nico a bit too hasty and his face turned red again. “I… kind of like that. Even so it’s freaking cold.” He shivered as the icy bites began to seep through his coat. “I thought Camp Halfblood isn’t touched by the weather.”

 “Well, it isn’t snowing at least.” Will shrugged his shoulders and looked up to the sky. “Maybe the lake will freeze. Would you like to go ice-skating with me in case this will happen?”

Nico blinked. He didn’t know why but Will seemed to be determined on not giving up on him.

“I really would like to do that.” He felt his heart beating faster and suddenly he wasn’t so cold anymore.

“So… we have an official date?” Will winked at him and Nico wanted to punch him for being so unbelievable great. But at this very moment Will slipped on a frozen puddle and Nico managed to catch him at the last second.

They looked into each other’s eyes, Will gasped for air in surprise and opened his mouth to say something probably cheesy for Nico saving him. And so Nico kissed him before he could ruin the moment.

It was a bit strange for the ankle and Will was still clinging to him in an awkward position but it did feel right.
His heart was racing, his mind was blank and all he could think of was Will’s lips on his, the other one’s warm breath on his face and the fact that Will was kissing him back as soon as his surprise died down.

Lights exploded above them and sparks rained down on them. Both of them looked up and Will smiled really brightly.

 “Once again: Happy New Year, Nico.”

Nico couldn’t help it and grinned like an idiot. “I kinda like that one already.”

This screencap yesterday(or rather now the day before yesterday) had forced me to watch the new episode. Do you know that struggle?! XDD

The thing is,
I can still feel our first kiss.
Like it were happening right now,
and that’s all that is occupying my mind.
That’s what’s killing me.
The thought that you’re still here.
But you left before I had the chance to say goodbye.

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I was wondering if you could do an Eleven and female reader one. Where the reader has never been dated or even told that she's pretty. And eleven cutely gives her her first kiss.

Yooooo, the second one of the night. I might stay up until we leave for Black Friday shopping. Enjoy, I really had fun writing this one! :3


“Good mornin’ Y/N!” The Doctor greeted cheerfully when you walked into the console room.

“Morning, Doctor.”

“How was your beauty sleep?” He leaned on the TARDIS console casually, but ended up flipping a switch accidentally.

“Great!” You smiled. I wouldn’t call it beauty sleep… You thought to yourself bitterly.

“Good! Good… How does a rock concert sound for today?” He fumbled around the console to fix what he’d done before.

“What band?”

“It’s a surprise.” He looked away mysteriously, but broke the facade when he glanced back at you in the corner of his eyes. Suddenly he bounded towards you and whispered, “What’s your favorite band?" With a chuckle you whispered back and he scrambled back to the console. "Geronimo!”

You hustled over to the console and grabbed hold before you were flung to the ground. “I guess it’s no use asking where we’re going?” You joked and waited for the TARDIS to level off before letting go.

“So, Y/N, I never realized how much I didn’t know about you.” The Doctor leaned on the console; making sure he didn’t flip any switches or push any buttons.

“Well, I don’t know much about you…” You blushed and looked away.

“Okay, what’s my favorite food?”

“Fish fingers and custard.”

“Where am I from?”


“Most prized possession.”

“I’d say sonic screwdriver or bow tie.” You smiled and then looked away again, realizing you just proved yourself wrong.

“So, what’s there to know about you? How about your favorite color? Places you want to visit? Your family?" You answered his questions openly and got a few laughs out of it while telling him stories of your wacky family and friends. "What about a bloke?”

“A b-bloke?”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ve got someone special back home.” He smiled and you looked at the ground with a slight heat in your cheeks. “C'mon, I’m guessing he’s taken you around London to some bakery or cafe.” He smiled sweetly and you shook your head. “Or maybe to the Eye.” You felt a tear forming in your eye. “Or–”

Doctor!” You stomp your foot and he shuts up quickly. The sudden change in mood surprised both of you. You didn’t expect to explode like that. “I-I don’t have a ‘bloke.’” You sniffed, trying to hold in your tears, and wished that you could hide in a void where no one would bother you. “I never have. I never will.” The waterworks switched on and you couldn’t control the wave of water stinging your eyes.

“Y/N…” The Doctor stepped forward and you tried to wipe your eyes dry as fast as you could with your sleeves. “I didn’t know–”

“Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been the odd one out in my group of friends. All of us were googly-eyed for boys, it was normal for girls our age, but no matter what happened my friends would always end up with a boyfriend, or something close to it. I would end up empty-handed.” You sobbed and covered your eyes, feeling your legs grow weak. “At first I was envious of them. Then I started thinking that maybe the guy I was looking for wasn’t there, so I kept my options open. Over the years,” you sniffed, “I realized that no boy would ever like me. No boy would ever hold my hand. No boy would ever call me pretty.”

You hid your face with your hands and kept your head down and heard the Doctor’s footsteps melt with the echo of your sobs. You felt something rest on the top of your shoulders and looked up to see the Doctor with a regretful face.

“I’m sorry for making your cry, Y/N.” You wiped your face and listened. “I didn’t know.” He hugged you and you lifted your arms to return it. After a moment of silence–besides the TARDIS’ hums–the Doctor muttered something. “Y/N?”


He pulled you from the hug. “I think you’re beautiful.” He leaned in and your lips met. Your stomach felt like it was doing flips, your limbs started to shake, and you had never realized how cold your lips were before, compared to now, that is. Even though you’d given up on the pursuit of romance long ago, you’d never expected your first kiss to come from someone like the Doctor. You were… you, and he was… him.

After he pulled away, you felt your face go red. The thought of looking him in the eyes scared you, so you averted your gaze. You fumbled for something to say. “Um… erm…” Since you couldn’t think of anything, you covered your face with your hands.

“Well, we’ve landed.” The Doctor pointed out. “Ready to go?” He paused and you peeked between your fingers to see that he held his elbow out for you. You hesitate, but link arms with him and let him lead the way.

He locked the door behind him and tossed the keys in the air as the two of you walked off. You glanced at the Doctor and quickly gave him a peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Doctor.” Without another word, you headed towards the concert hall where your band would be performing.

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“You won’t believe what I just saw.”

Castiel pulls his headphones from his ears, reluctantly tearing away his eyes from his coding.


Gabriel’s eyes are full of wicked glee.

“Your boyfriend, drunk as a skunk and currently making a fool of himself on our lawn.”

Castiel’s cheeks burn.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” he mumbles, quickly closing his computer. “We’re just—“

“If you say 'just friends’, I’m going to kick your ass. Nobody looks at his platonic best bro that way. Trust me, I know.”

Castiel opens his mouth, about to make a retort, when the sound of a loud voice out in the yard distracts him. He frowns, going over to the window and yanking it open.

“Ooohooo, ayyy! Cas-tee-ell—“

Dean damn Winchester is swaying stupidly on the pavement in front of Castiel’s dorm, smiling up at him.

“Thought I was gonna have to throw pebbles at your window. Ha. Ha.”

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Will & Grace 2x14 Acting Out (February 22 2000)