Gravity Falls - Pilot

Here’s the full Gravity Falls pilot!

#CIPHERHUNT Day 15 Summary (P.S.)

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This is just to tie up loose ends since the actual hunt is over now. Refer to the previous day to see any updated information and images.

First off, a little sad news: It turns out the Bill Cipher statue was actually sitting on a property border dispute. And one of those property owners had the statue removed. (Alex had in fact made a deal with the other one to have Bill placed there in the first place.) So, bemused police came and dug him out, surrounded by mournful Hunters. You can watch Bill being dug up and carted off here, here, and here. His hat (which was already unsteady) came off during the dig.

The good news! Thankfully the Reedsport Police Department agreed to keep the statue for Alex to pick up instead of possibly disposing it. And even offered to help install it somewhere else.

Alex did actually end up getting permission from that property owner, HOWEVER, ANOTHER property owner ALSO disputes the location. Rather than get in the middle of that situation, Alex has decided to move the statue to an all new place. (New location TBA.)

The pilot was quietly posted online during all the hubbub on http://themysteryofgravityfalls.com/pilot last night. It needs a username and password to unlock, which turned out to be in the ‘MyExWifeStillMissesMe.BuHerAimIsGettinBetter’ file from the USB discovered among the treasures.


The physical puzzle has all been set up and framed. And will be on display at Gallery Nucleus!

And finally, no word yet on the cut scenes. I’ll let y'all know once they are available.


Pilot is a two player visual novel, created in Ren’py over the span of a year for my Master of Design at Massey University. It’s about a parasitic alien and two human women, and examines the role of the other in science fiction. It’s queer, it’s short, it’s sweet, there are 24 possible endings, music by Pengosolvent and over 200 illustrations. It’s two-player (or you can play it alone), and you pay what you want for it. There are two games, one where you play as the alien and the other as the human, and you communicate choices to the other player in order to sync your games as you play. You can download it for free, but anything you want to donate is very much appreciated, as are shares and reblogs! 

Check out the concept design work in my portfolio, or buy it here!

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