I want to see every single gun rights and anti gun control advocate who supports the second amendment to be talking about Black people’s right to own and carry firearms, both in general and specifically for the purpose of protecting themselves against a tyrannical government that is killing them indiscriminately. I want to see you advocating for Black self-defense against cops.

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Eto stated in this chspter that she isnt the king, do you think she's telling the truth? Personally I think the king isnt alive anymore - possibly the one eyed ghoul she spoke about that lives 100 years ago?

I think she is telling the truth, and that for her the King is a symbol of the person who is going to change the world and lead a revolution. I don’t think the King was ever referring to a real person, but the King is a title that a person can become.

So, when the CCG believes she’s the King, that’s true in a way – their definition is that the King is the leader of Aogiri, and that’s definitely Eto.

But based on what we just learned, that’s a misunderstanding of Eto’s intent when she created Aogiri and the title of One-Eyed King.

She couldn’t accomplish her goal by herself. So she created Aogiri, and the title of the King, and she’s been working to find other people to accomplish her goal with or for her.

I’m thinking that explains her interest in Kaneki, and why she’s started influencing him, and why she’s interested in whether he is stronger than Arima or not. If a one eyed ghoul can defeat the strongest person in the CCG, it wouldn’t matter to Eto if that person was her or someone else, as long as her goal of getting rid of the CCG and changing the world is still accomplished.

I think she has a lot of beliefs about inherent traits of one eyed ghouls – she says she will become a god, she believes one eyed ghouls bring revolution – and she’s focused on creating more one eyed ghouls for this reason.

So making Kaneki stronger is still working towards her ultimate goal. Especially since he has a unique position in the CCG.