ep: weekend at bobby's


Supernatural 30 Day Challenge–Day 13: Favorite Bobby scene

My favorite Bobby episode is ‘Weekend at Bobby’s’ because the whole episode is awesome and my favorite all time scene with Bobby is the Crobby/Browley kiss…from the time Sam & Dean find out about it, to Bobby trying to get his soul back I just love the back and forth with him and Crowley…and it is especially funny that Mark still has the picture and shows it to people all the time

Bobby throws monster in a wood chipper.

Bobby tries to make a dinner date with his lady friend.

Lady friend turns him down.

Bobby says “Story of my life.”

Bottom line? Bobby is awesome yet under appreciated and gives me feels EVERY FRIGGIN TIME HE IS ON SCREEN NOW EVER SINCE HE HAD TO KILL HIS WIFE….AGAIN T__________________T