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In a true war story, if there’s a moral at all, it’s like the thread that makes the cloth. You can’t tease it out. You can’t extract the meaning without unraveling the deeper meaning. And in the end, really, there’s nothing much to say about a true war story, except maybe ‘Oh.’
—  Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried

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*curtsies* Duke, is there a kind/genre of books that you wish you saw more of?

*Curtsies* I mean there’s literally so much literature in the world that anything I’m missing probably exists and I just haven’t found it. One thing I’d really like to see is someone write a war story about women. Because I do find some of those war narratives very compelling but it’s almost always a total sausage party and in the 21st century it really doesn’t need to be.

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Sir, I understand if you don't want to talk about it, but if you feel up to it I'd be happy to listen. How exactly did you escape the Predacons? If you'd rather not talk about it, maybe I could just keep you company while you work? ~Understanding Anon

I don’t mind talking about it, since it was a pretty impressive escape. I’ll just skip to the part where I got away though. 

Well… I suppose you have to know generally what happened first, to know what I was up against. They cornered me, then threw me around and tortured me enough to rip off a lot of my armor, and knock me out a couple of times. That was just the smaller two. When they’d had their fun, Predaking chased them off and began his own torments. He picked me up by my wings and slammed me into the floor, and he burned me… I- I only mention those details because they came up when I escaped.

Anyway, once he was apparently satisfied, he held me under his foot and built up a huge blast of fire in his throat to finish me off. I was able to focus once I was still and not being ripped into, and that’s what I saw - his jaws opening right on top of me and that orange glow building up. I thought I was done for, but I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to die.

At the last moment he lifted his foot to expose me to his fire, and I took a chance. I fired both my missiles right into his face. Now I knew it wouldn’t do much to him, but that wasn’t the point. The force of the explosions threw me clear, and I landed near the edge of the floor, on fire but there was finally distance between us. I do better at a distance. All three of them charged me so I gambled on transforming, despite the damage to my frame.

That hurt more than what they’d done to me, and it actually could have killed me. There was no doubt they would have though, so it was worth it. I flew as far and as fast as my wings would carry me, hoping I could outrun them. I didn’t even see when they tuned back - I just kept flying, until my left wing broke apart and I crashed into a deep canyon with a cave under it. I was able to transform again once I had bounced off the ground and fallen through the cavern roof, but that was it. I somehow survived and fell into stasis lock. That, and, ironically, the fact that Predaking’s fire had welded some of my deeper wounds closed, kept me from bleeding out, and I regained consciousness some days later. I could barely move, and my wings were broken, but I was able to crawl a short distance to an Energon stream in the cave that kept me alive. 

I slowly recovered until I could piece myself back together enough to move, but I was crippled and I couldn’t find enough Energon to heal anymore, not once my nanites ran out of power. I was starving… Eventually Knockout found me and the rest is history.

Unkle feat. Josh Homme

Those who pay will just pay it again
It’s ever beginning, that’s a duel to the end
Let’s rip me from the breakage and solvents
Taking over, I’ll just take what you got

Well, I’ve gone restless, well, I don’t care
I got fifteen bucks of savoir faire
You wanna step in my way to step it again
I never break it, I just bend it and I resend

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War stories

“Du Couteau was always so serious. As I rose through the ranks and came to undergo officer training, before he would sponsor me, I was ordered to the Eternal Bastion of High Command to meet with him for a personal inspection. On the way to his office, I passed a woman who immediately struck me with her poise and grace. Her smile was like poison, and wormed it’s way into me as I walked past. I would later learn the woman I’d seen was his youngest daughter, Cassiopeia.”

“As I stood in his office, dressed in my armor as it was the only clothing I could call my own, he spoke about Noxus, and about how I, like him, as a soldier of Noxus, carried the weight of the Empire on my back. He knew of what I’d accomplished in the north against the barbarian hordes, knew my whole record. And after looking over it, he threw it aside and told me that it counted for nothing. In his eyes, records and deeds could be manipulated, and the only thing that mattered to him was my creed, what I fought for. As any soldier, I began to recite the pledges of service to Noxus and her glory, but he stopped me cold with nothing but a glance. He didn’t want to hear what the Legion had drilled into me. He didn’t want to hear the rank and file bullshit. Instead, he wanted to hear what it was that I fought for, what drove me personally to fight. I shifted uneasily in my armor for a moment before I spoke.”

“I told him that I fought for a Noxus that cared for its own, where all could find their way through strength, and where even those of lesser strength or fortune could be protected by those of superior power. He scoffed at me and told me I was an idealistic fool. That it was nothing but a fantasy, because Noxus ran on strength, not charity. Strength above all, he told me. I frowned, telling him that Noxus was more than just strength, that it was full of people in the slums and elsewhere that fought just as hard as any noble family, perhaps even harder, just to survive. That selfishness and personal strength meant nothing if so many had to be sacrificed. He bore into my gaze with his own, and neither of us spoke for several seconds.”

”Finally, however, the general allowed himself a small smile,and told me that was exactly what he’d wanted to hear. He’d heard about my convictions but wanted to see for himself just how stubborn I was. Then, he said something I’d never forget. He told me Noxus was broken. That it needed to be fixed, and the only way to do that was to reach the people. They needed a stubborn, idealistic fool to show them the way, to show them what Noxus was truly meant to be. He said that political games and undermining only served to corrupt the vision of Noxus, even as much as they were sometimes necessary. He understood how important loyalty was, and that after seeing my conviction, that he’d be willing to sponsor me through training. I left that office feeling more determined than I’d ever been before. And though I never truly understood what he meant until after I’d been forced to lose everything, his words still help guide my blade, even now.”

New Teaser: Displays


Stuck in a daze

And I’ve lost my mind

Inside of a museum-like prison

Glass walls cover either side

The views go back and forth

Each other shows off different people

Alfred F. Jones embraces a dying tree with one arm

But holds out a little green seedling with his other hand

A woman in an oni mask sits on the ground, staring out of the glass

A young man with short black hair and glasses comes up from behind and embraces her

I don’t wanna stay

Where the blame’s all mine

A dark-haired woman dressed as a nurse stands against a brick wall

A black hand with claws comes out from the wall and grabs her shoulder

Allen sits on the floor huddled up in a ball with Aizen crawling around in his back

Road runs her finger along the shell of his ear

Since you left me babe

It’s been a long way down

Kururi is dressed in tight black dress that shows off her cleavage

She sits on a throne smirking with her feet propped up on a naked Aoba

Whose writs are handcuffed, wearing a black-spiked collar, and a ball-gag in his mouth

Mikado is dressed as mental patient sits huddled on the ground, trembling with his nose bleeding

His right eye is covered with an eye patch as Masaomi pulls him into his lap

Meanwhile, Masaomi has his demon standing on his shoulder

Yea you left me babe

It’s been a long way down

Ju walks around her cell, rubbing her pregnant belly

Yao pulls her into an embrace from behind

Ami leans over her bed, holding her belly as her baby claws at her womb

Lavi sits in the corner, panicked

What you don’t know won’t hurt you yea

Ignorance is bliss

Izaya is seen dancing with Mari at first

But then he’s dancing with a skeleton wearing a veil

A young man with short spiky brown hair is kissing on a woman with long red hair against a wall

The woman turns into a red-crowned crane for a split second before changing back

I’m a happy idiot 

Waving at cars

A woman with a blond braid sits beside a dark-haired woman, staring at a computer

Dark hair turns the blonde’s face to hers as if to kiss her.

A man sits on the floor, looking sad

He is surrounded by chalk outlines of woman and a child on the ground

I’m gonna bang my head to the wall

‘Till I feel like nothing at all

Akabayashi embraces a dead-looking Sayaka on a bed

Her face looks rotted away

At the end of the hall, stood Tandeki’s inner circle

The six members all sit down in chairs

Daichi’s face

Osamu’s face

Junko’s face

Aya’s face

Etsuko’s face

Kitano’s face

I’m a happy idiot 

To keep my mind off you

Wasteland 2011

Coming June 26th, 2017

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War stories, civilian casualties

“I’d seen death hundreds of times before. I’d seen children wasting away from hunger or disease. I’d seen bodies torn limb from limb from the ravages of combat. But up until then, they had always been combatants. They had been soldiers fighting against the war machine of Noxus, strength against strength. Either we killed them, or they killed us.”

”The new weapons from Zaun were not like that. They had no skill, no abilities honed for years. They did not differentiate between soldier or family, or friend from foe. The village we walked through had been utterly destroyed, the ground salted, and the victims burned by noxious fumes and mixtures. This was different from the work of war mages, rare and terrible as they were. At least the spells that tore from their fingers had some level of finesse and mastery behind them, unnatural though it was. This was Zaun’s science, their idea of progress, and those that didn’t bow to it were bowled over beneath it.”

”Men in dark masks walked through the village, searching through the bodies and wreckage for something. I never wanted to know what it was, but eventually I learned it was survivors to be put out of their misery. During the war, my blade would eventually be ordered to be used on non-combatants. And while I have never forgiven myself for the things I was ordered to do, part of me felt that at least my blade was quick, and spared them the agony that awaited them if they returned to their homes, only for the melters to come knocking…”

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War Stories

“We had marched all day from the landing point to get into position for the first assault the next day. I remember the sunset being beautiful, not like any I had seen in Noxus. Everything was green and lush, nothing like the badlands back home. Everyone was in high spirits and full of energy. Thinking back now it’s amazing how rare that would be in the next few months.”

”For now, we gathered around the fires and shared stories. Some shared tales of battle from the northern front, and I shared some of my own. Others talked about fighting against the Demacians and their pet beast,and about fighting under Commander Darius. Thoughts of family, meals that weren’t awful combat rations, and significant others were common too. Whenever they complained about the food or the smell I reminded them that they’d never experienced life in the slums, and they’d quiet down. Also were stories from far off lands, places I’d never heard of back then, like Shurima or even Krexor closer to home. Some even mused about where the Major General Lieutenant First Class would show up next, and someone would joke about how they were going to make a sign and stick it into the first Ionian temple they found.”

”It’s times like this that I remember more than any other. These were the people I knew as my family. They’re the reason why I fight today. And the side of Noxus that no one thinks exists. It’s easy to label Noxians as monsters when they never see the things I’ve seen. Even still as I laughed with them, I’d never felt a place suited me more than at their side.”