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Favorite Moment of Every Episode | Season Three Episode One | Valar Dohaeris

We made it to season three! :D

My favorite moment of the season premiere is when Sansa and Shae are sitting at the docks of King’s Landing and imagining what all the ships are carrying and where they are going. Sansa’s predictions are fanciful, while Shae’s are practical and more realistic. Sansa scolds Shae and tells her she needs to think of a story for each ship.

Sansa: The truth is either terrible, or boring.

And I relate to this so much. Except I would substitute ‘the truth’ for ‘reality,’ but the context still applies. Sansa is saying that imagination is better than reality. And, that’s how I live. Every single day. I would say that a good 70% of my life is spent inside of my own head. And I’m not ashamed to admit that, because my imagination, what I am able to give myself, is 110% better than anything adult life has to offer. I know that sounds cynical, but that’s how I feel, especially since Lucy died. When she died, a large part of me left with her

So yeah. Imagination. That’s what drives my passion for fandoms, my passion for life.