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Quite a while without posting a new Cabin Pressure inspired drawing. Although this is a little bit of a crossover! I couldn’t help it… ;-D

Aaaaahhh “Those Black & White TIMES”!!! 

…and Happy Birthday Mr. Allam! all-allam :-) 

Behold – my offering as one of the prizes for Finnemore February, as promised! If you make fanworks and tag them #FinnemoreFebruary you will be entered for one of the weekly draws, in which the one and only print of this, as well as the other very nice and thematically cohesive prizes pictured in the prize master post, will be given away.

It’s a big print and turned out very nicely, so a big thanks is due to shappeybunny for so capably orchestrating all this. Thanks!


Cabin Pressure mini notepads (set of 2 pads)

$8 for both (one of each design) (shipping included in price for usa and Canada, all countries outside usa and Canada shipping is $1 more)


I accept paypal

If you are interested just message me here on Tumblr and I will send you an invoice to your paypal account

Delivery in one to five business days for usa & canada. Everywhere else in the world possibly up to two weeks depending on location.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


‘Flight 202-02-02 is now ready for boarding at Gate … Eight. It isn’t late. It will not wait. If you want to be on that aeroplane … it’s time to get on the aeroplane now. If you have young children … put them on the aeroplane. If you have any hand baggage … put it on the aeroplane. If you have any bombs … they’re not allowed on the aeroplane. Please put them … in the bin! Okay, bye! Love, the Airport.’