ep: the miller's daughter


All I want is our happy ENDING

  • Emma: Hey, Regina, you want to bench now or later?
  • Regina: Is both an option?
  • Emma: Only for you.
  • Regina: *Turns into a puff of purple smoke*
  • Emma: ... Cora?!
  • Cora: That's right. You've just been Cora'd.
  • Emma: But this is - this is impossible.
  • Cora: And why is that?
  • Emma: *Turns into a puff of purple smoke*
  • Cora: ...
  • Cora: ...
  • Cora: ...
  • Cora: ...
  • Cora: I really am everybody.

Once Upon a Time 2x12, In the Name of the Brother, and 2x16, The Miller’s Daughter

Fear not, my shipmates… this was made to reassure you that in the present, he wants her dead - and crocodile’s not a term of endearment. Ask Hook


Rumpelstiltskin & Belle - A beautiful woman, who loved an ugly man (by IceFloeSoul2)