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Do you know any good THoB fix it fics, but specifically comfort still taking place at Baskerville *coughcough post scene in front of the fire place cough* Tysm!!!!!!

Hi Nonny! Not a whole lot of fix-its… A lot more angsty than anything, but I do have a few taking place during and inspired by THoB!


Mentality by Cumberbatch Critter (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Hurt / Comfort) – It was weird. But Sherlock was having a panic attack. Re-write of the Hounds of the Baskerville scene. Doctor!John.

What Sherlock Missed by chappysmom (K, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Fluff, Silly Ending) – Maybe Sherlock didn’t see everything he should have seen at Baskerville. 

Baskerville After Dark by Ttime42 (T, 1k+ w. || Friendship, Humour, Bed Sharing, Fluff, Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock have to share a bed at Baskerville. Snippets of their time at Dartmoor.

Equilibrium by augustbird (M, 12,351 w. || Jealous then Worried Sherlock, Sick John) – At Baskerville, John is infected by a virus that turns him into a genius. But when the infection progresses into neurodegeneration, it’s a race against time to save himself. Flowers for Algernon fusion.

Duvet (green) by Mazarin221b (G, 2021 w. || Post-HoB, Revelations, First Kiss, Sherlock’s Mind Palace) – Sherlock recalibrates and restructures his mind palace so it looks like 221b. What he chooses to put in John’s room is a bit of a surprise, and a revelation.


Living In Fear by Lady Sam Mallory  (T, 4k+ w. || H/C, Angst, Post-THoB, Nightmares/PTSD) – Missing Scene for Hounds of the Baskerville. John suffers from massive PTSD episodes upon their return from Dartmoor.

In The Wake by Ambikai (K+, 2k+ w. || Post-THOB, H/C, Friendship) – After returning from Baskerville, Sherlock and John deal with the aftermath: unsure of where they sit with one another.

After the Bombs by VampirePam (T, 3k+ w. || Angst, H/C, PTSD) – In which the drugs Sherlock used to dose John trigger a severe episode of PTSD. When terrors old and new cause John to fall apart, Sherlock must rectify his mistake and pick up the pieces.

Afghanistan in Baskerville by Amaya Ramiel (K+, 4k+ w. || Hurt/Comfort, PTSD) – What if John hadn’t seen the hound when Sherlock trapped him in the lab? What if instead, his very real nightmares of the war had materialized all around him? Trapped and drugged, John can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. How will Sherlock react?

Peaky by mattmetzger  (K+, 1k + w. || Post-THoB, Friendship, Angst, PTSD / Nightmares) – A nightmare is nothing but a brain processing recent events, and having a bad light to do it in. It will run its course. So why can’t Sherlock just leave?


Too Visible by chappysmom (K+, 23K+ w. || Friendship, AU, John’s Got an Ability) – With his gift of being invisible, John has always worried about being locked away in an experimental government lab. Baskerville is quite literally John’s worst nightmare—and the hound has nothing to do with it. It’s all Sherlock’s fault, but will he realize that? Sequel to Invisible and Still Invisible, Prequel to Invisible Once More

You Remind Me of a Man by columbine-and-asphodel (M, 17k+ w. || Sci-Fi, H/C, AU) – Sherlock is a living human experiment. John, an android medicinal ethics monitor, reviews the place that’s been experimenting on Sherlock and is thrown by what he finds. Inspired by but no spoilers for The Hounds of Baskerville.

The Curious Adventure of the Drs. Watson by ShinySherlock (M, 40,883 w. || Body Swap, Time Travel, Magical Artifacts, Victorianlock, ACD-BBC Fusion) – What if ACD Watson and BBC Watson switched places… John finds a journal and goes on an adventure that he never asked for.


(I haven’t read these yet, so read at your own risk.)

I’ve Just Got One by sarah_jehan (G, 1797 w. || Johnlock Freeform, Fluff) – Slightly-altered episode insert in which John simply walks away from Sherlock after the “friend” in The Hounds Of Baskerville spiel and Sherlock watches him leave instead of going after him and it’s a bit fluffy.

The Innkeeper’s Question by orphan_account (M, 1735 w. || Fluff) – This is set in Season 2, episode 2 of Sherlock. A bit fluffy, a bit serious, but overall lots of fun.

Fifteen Years by Bitenomnom (NR, 1209 w. || Marriage, Retirement, Kissing, Character Death, Introspection) – A lot changes in fifteen years, and a lot doesn’t. Fifteen years before Baskerville, John wanted a dog. Fifteen years before Sherlock was in court, Sherlock was in court. Fifteen years before John met Sherlock, John wasn’t interested in the violin. Fifteen years before he met Irene Adler, someone asked Sherlock out for dinner. Fifteen years before Sherlock kissed John, Sherlock kissed John. Part 46 of Mathematical Proof {{I’ve read a few stories in this series, and it’s been very enjoyable, so this will probably be a good one too.}}

Memento by audentes_fortuna_iuvat (E, 25,050 w.+ WiP || Angst, Character Study, Sherlock’s Past, Friend to Lovers) – Sherlock remembers flashes of time the way lightning strikes and thunder sounds during storms: suddenly and overwhelmingly. Some memories flood back like the opening of a dam, others yet like a broken tap, slow and steady and weak. And at the center of them all lies John Watson, the axis mundi of Sherlock Holmes’ life. Time floats on with John, and Sherlock starts to realize he’s dividing his life into two categories: Pre-John and With-John. As the axis turns harder and faster for Sherlock, he feels his life both coming together and unraveling at the same time. And soon, Sherlock finds himself in his greatest deduction yet, that of his mind and his heart, and finally sees how a self-professed ‘high functioning sociopath’ falls in love.

Silhouettes by allonsys_girl (E, 28,585 w. || Fluff, Bed Sharing, Angst, Drinking, Grief, Infidelity, Drug Use, POV John, Parentlock) – Sherlock and John find comfort in each other’s arms, but as ever with these two, it’s not your typical relationship. It’s fluffy at the beginning, gets deeply angsty in the middle, gets porny at the end. {{I think Baskerville is just briefly mentioned in the first chapter, it was tagged with THoB.}}

The Return to Baskerville by PeaJay (E, 31,343 w. || Angst, Torture, Est. Rel., John Whump, Case Fic, Smut, Graphic Violence) – Sherlock and John return to Baskerville to have another look around. They find a lot more than they bargain for. Especially John, who is kidnapped and brutally tortured. Graphic violence.
Part of the Mind the Gap series but can be read as a stand alone fic. Part 2 of Mind the Gap {{Been putting this one off because of the violence I think}}

Still of the Night by SoonerOrLater (G, 3717 w. || H/C, Angst, PTSD, Friendship) –  Short post-ep for Hounds of Baskerville, John and Sherlock talk a bit and deal with the fallout of the past few days, while Sherlock worries about the future.

The Naked Time by greyamber (T, 1217 w. || Pre-Slash, John’s Sci-Fi Obsession, Unhappy Ending) –  “John Hamish Watson was a hopeless Science Fiction fan, not that he could help. He had grown up with the Doctor, after all. Thank you very much.”

In Which There is a Row at Baskerville by thequeergiraffe (T, 944 w. || Pre-Slash) – John and Sherlock discuss the nature of their relationship. Can be read as a standalone. Part 20 of The Spaces In-between 

Hope these are satisfactory! Please, if any of y’all have suggestions, particularly the one that Nonny is looking for, feel free to add them!


I’ve been waiting for this scene for so long…

I know at this time is all about Yumikuri, Bert is gay, Ymir is gay too… but i still ship them. Maybe with 2 eps left, anime can’t reach the part when Ymir left Historia to help Bert and Reiner, but i can wait lmao

There was something between them, i known it. And the anime fans will see it soon

Oh and they’re both dead now, happy ending……..

My final top 11 Produce 101

Soo after a lot of consideration i personally really hope that these 11 or should i say 12 will be the final contestants to debut as the new i.o.i

1. Ong Seongwoo
From the first moment i saw him i think I’ve already fall for him. He’s just so handsome and really good at dancing! And after watched episode by episode it turns out that he’s a lot more than that. He also a really good singer that can reach high note (I was amazed when they say Seongwoo sang the chorus of get ugly), a huge dork that loves to entertain people and a person with infinite confidence that always brings out the positive aura into his surrounding. I’m so glad that he got more screentime lately!! Especially on ep 8 where they played the punch king game!! It was soo funny! Oh oh and not long ago revealed that he once had a part time job as a model in a wedding photoshoot. The outcome turns really good! The chemistry between he and his pair was 👌🏻👌🏻. In the end I really hope that a lot more people can recognize his all round talent and vote for him and keep him in a safe place in top11 because this kid truly deserve it!

2. Kang Daniel
So like some other people i also kinda ship daniel and seongwoo. They seems to get along really well and like to encourage each other. Maybe it was because their only one year gap age and have been in the same group twice in a row. So i can really imagine how cute it will be if they debut together!! Just like Seongwoo, Daniel is also a hard working person that seems want to excell in everything. He even try to be a leader after inspired by Jonghyun. Although at first he seems clueless and didn’t know how to lead his member, in the end he unite his member and brings out a really good performance with a really good chemistry between them. About his mistake for giving hints what concept does he like so the korean will vote for that concept for him, i think he already got the best punishment. It was a really good lesson for him to be more cautious and fair in the future. So please forgive and give him a second chance! P.s. he has a broad shoulder (60cm) and cute eye whiskers when he laugh that is something you can’t get enough of.

3. Kim Jonghyun
The new i.o.i really need a national leader like him, seriously!! He seems so nice and patience and fair but also firm. The way he always encourage hyunbin and told him that he can do it if he work hard really melt my heart. Besides he is a good rapper. His rap in the last evaluation was lit! His deep voice really suited the deep meaning of rap that he was tryin to share. He is also very humble! He said that being first was too high for him and it was a burdensome, but he was really thankful and said that he will work even harder so the people that vote for him will not be disappointed. And last but not least he’s sooooo charming and has a really good smile that will soothe your day.

4. Noh Taehyun
Oh boi i just adore him so much, especially after his performance in Shape Of You. Being a leader, center, and choreographer at the same time truly wasn’t an easy thing to do. But he can pull it off!! He and his member gave us a really great performance with great coordination that made the audience go crazy and begged for an encore. He also seems to be a fun guy to hang around with. Even though he already debuted as kid monster in hotshot i think he deserves to be in top 11 with those huge talent that he has.

5. Ha Sungwoon
At first i thought he was specialized in dancing, just like his fellow hotshot member, Noh Taehyun, because of their audition. But then he chose vocal in the position evaluation (downpour by i.o.i). He seriously made a really great choice because his voice was sooo good!! It was soft and shooting and really suited the song and really matched jaehwan’s voice when they harmonized. From that on he kinda caught my attention. He also seems to be a very hard working person that brave enough to show his ‘never’ dance alone when no one else did.

6. Kim Samuel
I’m still bitter about his huge drop rank in the latest elimination. He’s not even in the top 11. Why people why?! He is a really whole package to be an idol. He has a stable voice, great dancing skill, good facial expression, handsome, a cute dongsaeng, and he even rap well despite his young age. So for all of the korean out there please stop sleeping on him because he truly deserve to be in top 11.

7. Kim Jaehwan
Woah from sorry sorry to downpour he never fail to amaze me. His voice was just too good to be true! He can hit all of the high note effortlessly! He is seriously an ideal main vocal. He also seems humble and far from controversy. Although his dancing skill wasn’t too good, i believe that he can work hard on that and be better in the future.

8. Jung Sewoon
He has a good voice, good at playing guitar and has an ability to compose his own song! The moment i really fall for him was when he played guitar while performing ‘playing with fire’ song. It was so lit! The arrangement of that song was also really good!!

9. Lee Daehwi
He has a really good face expression, good voice, a good dancer, loves to compose song, and willing to go all the way back to korea left his parents who are stay permanently in us to chase his dream to be a singer when he was only 16. He is also a really cute kid who brings positive energy and seems to be close with everyone in produce 101. And of course a really great center in nayana.

10. Park Woojin
I also really like this guy! He is truly a dark horse. At first he seems to not stand out between the other trainee, but his amazing dancing skill finally showed in the dance battle and the evaluation. He even choreographed get ugly dance along with Daniel and Samuel. Besides, he can rap well too. So i think he deserves to be in top 11.

11. Lai Guanlin or Park Jihoon?
I still debate myself between these two because i like them both equally.
-Lai Guanlin
When i first saw his audition along with his fellow trainee from cube he seems to be lacking a lot. But when the show goes by he really improved a lot! He even became a great center in the position evaluation and turned to be number 2 in the latest elimination. There are a lot of potential in this kid that haven’t shown yet. So have a faith in him because i’m sure that he will be a big hit in the future.
-Park Jihoon
Until know i still think that he’s slightly overrated. But he suits enough to fill the remain spot in the new i.o.i. He is afterall a good dancer, has a really good facial expressions, and is a great visual. I kinda glad that his ranking drop to 3 because it shows that he’s not always safe in the first rank, so he really need to work hard if he want to maintain that position.

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do you know any fanfiction where morgana is good and interacts with merlin?

Yup. Most are Mergana.

Check out the Good!Morgana tag (all canon AUs)

The Nightmare’s End by eurydice72

Word Count: 1,951 / Rating: General

Summary: Merlin decides to follow his heart and do what he can for Morgana.

But I’ve also found a great one where Merlin reveals his magic to Morgana and Arthur gets jealous because he thinks they’re together.

Flowers (part 1) and Flames (part 2)

Word Count: ~9,000 / Rating: General

Summary:  Merlin’s POV, this time - when he reveals his magic to Morgana and helps her learn, their sneaking about gets noticed. And Arthur starts acting stranger, again, because of it. Slash, jealousy, humorous scheming - AU post Ep. 103

Who Follow the Gleam by lily-handmaiden

Word Count: 6,098 / Rating: General

Summary: AU season 2, post-“Lancelot and Guinevere.” “Before he knew it, he was saying, ‘You’re not alone. I’m like you.’” Merlin and Morgana take destiny into their own hands.

Were You Looking For A Lost Magical Kingdom In That Wardrobe by Anon

Word Count: 4,000 / Rating: General

Summary:  Merlin gives Morgana secret magic lessons, Arthur isn’t exactly Casanova and nobody gets ravished in a wardrobe.

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Episode 2 of MCSM was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You have officially topped my list of favorite people :3 Also, if I may ask, do you guys at Telltale have a vague idea of when Episode 3 is going to be out, because, goodness me you guys are good at ending on cliffhangers!

Aw gosh well thank you! I’m so lucky to be part of such an amazingly talented team. Can’t officially comment on a release date for ep 3 yet buuuut I *can* say that we’re aiming for a similar period of time to the wait between eps 1 and 2.

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(1/2) Evak Unsolved anon here again with headcanons running rampant in my brain 😅 but like Even is 100% someone who would work for buzzfeed and like he could’ve started the series without Isak and brought him in for only one ep bc he knows it’ll be hilarious but everyone fell IN LOVE with him so (to Isak’s dismay) Isak ends up joining him for the rest of the series and they become like THE couple of buzzfeed.

(2/2) I also imagine Even being like Ned from the Try Guys in that he mentions Isak in EVERY VIDEO whether it’s one of his or just one he’s a part of. He’ll be like ‘my husband this’ ‘my husband that’ and everyone’s like WE GET IT YOURE IN LOVE but then at the same time everyone is also freaking in love with Isak and he ends up being a part of so many of Evens videos (as well as other people’s videos that have Even in them) that people forget he doesn’t actually work for Buzzfeed.

so,,,,,,,,,,,,who’s gonna write this

good(-ish) things about XC, episode 2

yo if you can’t tell by now my new year’s resolution was to be more positive about stuff lmao

  • Willow jumps like a cat??
    • aight but I’m convinced she’s learned most of her agility stuff from Chase’s cats
  • “Stay tuned, and find out – and be as surprised as me! Even though I already know.”

I know it’s just stylized but the more I see stuff like this the more I want Willow to have green sclera & white irises/pupils

  • “Nuh-uh, you first.”
  • “It’s time to show you my specialty.” HER SPECIALTY IS MANIPULATION
  • proof Willow is evil: drinks sparkling water
  • Willow’s nails are sharp enough to be used in place of a knife
  • “I must check in on Ping Pong. Perhaps he is in danger of being eaten by a wooly mammoth!” ???? ??? was that even slang???
  • Kimi just fuckin sets the basketball on fire
  • further proof Willow is evil: doesn’t offer to share food with the other monks while the circle children train
  • Willow bein’ nice to Omi when he feels bad (like I know it’s manipulation & Omi doesn’t really deserve it but like…it’s still kinda sweet)
  • “Who’re you calling a little guy?!”
  • Kimi 100% remembers the last 2 times blondes have attempted to join the Temple lmao
  • Dojo s a s s

ok so part of Willow’s shirt didn’t get colored correctly here and she honestly looks? better like this??

  • Kimi’s keepin’ a lookout for her annoying circle friend
  • further proof Willow is evil: is mean to Ping Pong
  • new unnamed shen gong wu: Multiple Misshapen Gold Blobs
  • Willow is Suffering
  • if it weren’t for the end of the first ep I feel like this would be part of Willow’s supervillain origin story
    • honestly tho Willow’s manipulation act falls So Flat here. who’re they gonna choose to be the next apprentice??? not the petty one that’s for sure
  • Kimiko & Ping Pong brotp
  • “Greatness often comes from doing manual labor.” more like “Greatness often comes from working together” my dude, ur wise saying game is slipping
  • is this why y’all ship them


  • i just need a moment here ok i can’t believe the blue eyes thing made it into xc
  • yeah this is why y’all ship them
  • Clay’s allergic to Willow’s bullshit lmao
  • am I about to watch some Politeness Judo go down here
    • I AM
  • at least it’s not a giant teapot like last time huh Kimi
  • “I learned from the best.” okay is it me or do they both know the other is attempting to be manipulative. She knows Kimiko knows she’s being manipulative and Kimiko knows this. This is a level I was not expecting stop the ride i cant handle this
  • Unnecessary Flips


  • Does Shadow secrete toxins through her tongue? That rat is hella dead
  • “Kimiko has proven an unnecessary distraction also.” I’m taking that in the gayest possible context and absolutely no one can stop me
  • Omi pretty much admits that he’s got a crush on Willow

it’s a good thing you have water b/c y’all are Thirsty

  • “Uh oh, Master Fung’s gone fortune cookie on us.”
  • W I N K
  • The Fungster Is Out
  • Rai is a true bro
  • Jack’s attempted kill count: 2 (tries to run over Omi & Ping Pong)
  • “What kind of sick people are you?!”
  • “Using Things That Aren’t Surfboards As Surfboards But With Air Instead Of Water” a guide by Raimundo Pedrosa
  • RAI IS FUCKING D E A D oh wait nvm he’s ok
  • SHADOW >:0
  • his element is water guys he’ll be fine
  • Shadow confirmed for just as Extra™ as Chase
  • “I did it! I did it!!”
  • Raimundo’s silence in response to Dojo’s question
  • Chase is proud of his rib child
  • “Jack the Varmint”
  • “We’ve all had an off day. Except me, of course.” RAIMUNDO PEDROSA YOU SHUT YOUR LYING M O U T H

Dojo’s callin’ u out son

  • Omi u ain’t one to be making short jokes lil pardner

Why is everyone like “How’re they gonna fit 6 FS performances, 2 gala performances, a resolution to the cliffhanger, and a wedding all in 23 minutes??” And I’m over here like um… no. They don’t even have Otabek’s FS song on the soundtrack. They’ll probably show Yuuri and Yurio’s FS, and then snippets of everyone else’s. Two gala performances (which are 2-minute songs), information being thrown around during the snippets of everyone else’s FS, and then a wedding at the end which is the only part I care about. The OP and ED songs are confirmed to not be included in ep 12. There’s gonna be time for everything.

a Selfie with BBno$

1. Where did you get the name BBno$ from?

Originally it started as bbfreestyle, then i ended up becoming bbno$ when i went solo in this little rap group i had called broke boi gang. Hahah. The name baby no money is practically myself, the baby of the family, who is very frugal with his cash. Thus the no money part.

2. How did you first link up with Yung Gravy?

About this time last year, i was sitting in my astrophysics class listening to continental breakfast and i was like lmao this shit is stupid as hell and blasted him a message. Now we got an ep coming out and like 3 music videos together, gravy is a sauced up dude.

3. How did you end up getting so big and going on tour in China?

Okay so, these dudes called TF boys danced to one of my songs and they are absolutely the most famous boy band-dance crew in china at the moment, where my music went viral is on this platform called wang-yi or easier to look up on north american servers - 163music.com. Other than that, the hiphop culture in china just started to boom, so i give that a reason to it also, they are going through a americanized culture revolution at the moment and it is quite crazy to see. Pardon my run on sentences, i have to finish studying for exercise physiology lol.

4. Who are your three favorite producers to work with right now and why?

Lentra is the absolute smash, good kid, and always delivers, we are making a fresh new genre which is exactly what i want to do.
Lzr is the dude, the amount of songs we’ve made together is phenomenal and not only is he a great producer, he is a friend.
Akay is a great producer also, bit of a weenie but gang!!!!
Hollow always delivers also!
Anybody really works, if they can understand exactly what I want from a beat its gas, I will work with anybody for sure, but it’s hard to work with me as I am so picky.

5. Where did you grow up and how would you describe your upbringing?

Grew up vancouver british Columbia, i was homeschooled untill grade 8 where i then attended highschool and hated it. Now i am studying something i dont really want to, graduating this year from UBC in Canada.

6. Anything else you’d like to add?

Do what you want honestly, just do it a-lot and never give up skrr. Dicks OUT!!! Lolol

Follow BBno$ on Soundcloud @ https://soundcloud.com/bbnomula

Solangelo Life is Strange AU- Episode 1 Chrysalis: Part 3 of 3 [END]

AU where Will is a time traveler and Nico is a punk misfit and the town is going to be hit by a giant tornado :o

Other Parts

Solangelo Portrait // EP 1: [ 1 ] - [ 2 ] - [2.3] - [3] // EP 2: ….

I haven’t drawn anything in a while due to college and ngl it’s been pretty rough but I decided to do this to kinda bring my spirits up :o

Episode 2 will be done… when I have my life together ^^

also ngl I haven’t really drawn backgrounds before I slapped colors on and you know what it looks good.

Solving the mystery of the episode list order…

Hi Lolirock fans, the list above was found on Internet a while ago. It resulted in lot of confusion as the order of episode here is not the same as the airing order on different channels. (There was even an edit war on the french wikipedia page because of this…). We think it’s time to solve this puzzle…

First of all, yes, these are the official production numbers and titles of season 1 episodes, both in english and french. (by “production number”, we mean “the story order”)

Regarding the airing order, which is different, it’s a little bit more complicated. Long story short, a production never goes fully as intended. We had to change the production order a few times, since some episodes needed more work than other. This had an effect on the airing order at some point.

For us, It was not that big an issue : when we wrote the show, we tried to put a sense of progression, but overall, LoliRock episodes can be watched in disorder (it was one of the french broadcaster’s demands), save for : 

  • Ep.01 “To Find a Princess”, that is the first one, introducing plot and characters.
  • And Ep.25-26 “Home” (Part 1 and 2), that are the season ending makes a transition with season 2.

Now, you’d rather not watch episodes such as Ep.06 (Xeris) or Ep.19 (Shanila), both heavy mythological episodes, right from the start… but even if you did, you’d still have all the keys to understand what’s going on inside the episode. You would miss a few references, but nothing worse.

So, if you ask us what the correct, and most enjoyable, airing order is, we’d say “Follow the order you want ! It doesn’t matter ! If you want to keep it easy, ok, then follow this list (meaning the story order). It’s not perfect, but it works. If you think swapping two episodes makes it more enjoyable, then do it ! :) As long as you like it.”

Currently, as far as we know, 13 episodes were broadcasted on french channels, and a few more on other channels… we don’t know exactly when new episodes will be broadcasted in France, but we’re the same as you : waiting for them ! :)

Lecteurs francophones ? Voici la version française du texte ci-dessous.

Keep reading

okay but to those who are upset over the ending of Yuri on Ice, STOP.

We didn’t get a second kiss, I know. We didn’t get to see a wedding, I know. But did you know that same-sex pairskating isn’t really a thing in competitive figureskating?? This anime made history, it was made to make history, and I think we should all be glad over the fact that we did it. Same-sex marriage is getting more and more widely accepted throughout the world, and they wouldn’t really be making history if they showed us the wedding only, right? Same-sex competitive pairskating is groundbreaking. And to be honest, I personally don’t think a kiss and wedding on-screen would be neccessary to show us that their love is unconditional, but I think the pairskating showed what lengths both Yuuri and Viktor would go just to be with each other.

And I know that the last part of ep 12 was a bit rushed, but I think that they rewrote the script for the end of the series pretty recently, because this anime was originally going to be a short series, but judging by the rising popularity this series is gaining and the amount of fans getting into it all the time, it was enough for the staff to know that we WILL be demanding a season 2 or at least an OVA, and you need an open ending to have more material to cover for the next season. If it all ended with narration that quickly covered the last things we wanted to know, they wouldn’t have any material to use if they were to decide to make any kind of sequel. And that’s what we want, right? As fans we can’t be too greedy either, we can’t demand an ending that narrows down to the very last happy details we want to know, and then demand a sequel. It doesn’t add up. Even if that was the case, we never would’ve been happy in the end after all, because then they would need to come up with new material that doesn’t add up to the previous material, which would probably upset many of us. 

Yuri!! on ICE was a groundbreaking anime and it made history. Shouldn’t we all just be thankful for the extreme blessing this show was, both for the figureskating community, the LGBTQ+ community and everyone else?

This show saved my 2016, at least.

The Flash EP Previews Barry’s Messy New Reality, Joe and Iris’ Family Rift

TVLINE | What can you say about the source of conflict between Joe and Iris? All I can say is that it’s something that was born in Season 2.
TVLINE | Has Barry’s relationship with Iris also changed? Do the events from the end of the Season 2 finale still hold true for both of them? Most of them. I think in the promo, we even show that he says, “I erased both times I’ve kissed her.” [Laughs] Everything, for the most part, is the same. Relationship-wise, they’re not starting from scratch.  
TVLINE | Is there a shift in their relationship? It’s not so much a shift with them. It’s a shift in that trifecta of Joe, Iris and Barry. Now it’s like, “I have the woman I’m in love with. She and I are starting this relationship, but there’s a huge problem because she and her father don’t speak.”

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which episodes are the best for kabby?

OH MAN i’m gonna do my top 5 per season because AS USUAL i have too many feelings


  • 1x01: pilot. i just have to stick the pilot here bc LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME. remember when they could barely stand to look at each other?? lmao idiots. and i love the iconic lines: “breaking the law to keep you from becoming chancellor was the easiest decision i’ve ever made” little do you know, abby. little do you know. and “that’s the difference between us, kane. i choose to make sure that we deserve to stay alive.” GET REKT. 
  • 1x05: twilight’s last gleaming. aka the ep where i feel like they really start to ~get each other. and we have that great little scene where kane tells abby he has men monitoring the radio in case there is word from raven. and abby thanks him (looking all confused and surprised that he’s on her side for once) AND HE STARES AT HER FOR AN INAPPROPRIATELY LONG AMOUNT OF TIME. BLESS.
  • 1x09: unity day. marcus loses mama kane. abby is compassionate. i am cry.
  • 1x13: we are grounders (part 2). self-explanatory tbh but okay. marcus being a self-sacrificing moron. abby looking legitimately terrified at the thought that he would be gone (i mean???). the hand holding. the protectiveness. the looks. the everything. “there has to be another way.” and then ofc the end of the ep with them looking at earth for the first time together !! so nice. so good. so pure.


  • 2x03: repercussions. duhh gotta include the shock-lashing ep. VERY important in their development not only as individuals but also in their relationship. this ep really flips a switch in marcus and he realizes he maaaaaybe has not been making the best decisions as a leader. AND LETS TALK ABOUT THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER DURING THE SHOCK-LASHING. NO LET’S NOT BECAUSE I CAN’T HANDLE THAT LOOK. anyway then he gives abby the chancellor pin and marches off to save the world. i cry.
  • 2x08: spacewalker. ♪ reunited and it feeeels so gooooood
  • 2x09: remember me. oh my god there are so many great little kabby moments in this ep SLAY ME it’s one of my favorites. the campfire scene. the flirting they are totally flirting in that scene fight me. abby’s heart eyes. and then marcus being all protective of abby on the way to/in tondc when they’re around the grounders. just??? all?? of???? the little???? background moments?????? they’re so married.
  • 2x13: resurrection. abby ‘must save the bae’ griffin. rubble truth talks. perfection.
  • 2x16: blood must have blood (part 2). uM?? marcus being a complete wreck as abby is being tortured. the repetition of “there has to be another way.” his little jog to the table to free her. holding her hand on the way back to arkadia. etc. etc. kabby gold. 


  • 3x01: wanheda (part 1). STARTING SEASON 3 OFF GRAND. abby being comfortable enough to sleep around him??? DOMESTIC AF. heart eyes all over the place. ridiculous sexual tension. i’m so alive.
  • 3x04: watch the thrones. **battle couple mode activated**
  • 3x09: stealing fire. NEED. I. SAY. ANYTHING???????? THE ULTIMATE KABBY EPISODE?????????????????? i still have not recovered. i can’t even put it into words rn but you guys know. you know. this is THE Kabby Episode™
  • 3x13: join or die. it almost pains me to put this on this list. ALMOST. just because it was completely not what i expected and my heart still hurts bc that was not our abby. but really, it’s a very important episode for kabby. it’s more build-up for what’s to come in the finale. and that makeout scene doesn’t really count tbh BUT it was hella hot and gives me hope for future scenes lollllll. but uh. how about MARCUS KNOWING WITHIN SECONDS THAT THAT WASN’T REALLY ABBY. AND I MEAN. LET’S TALK ABOUT THE FACT THAT MARCUS IS WILLING TO DIE FOR HER??? kabby is endgame af and they are so in love. /sobs