ep: sozin's comet

no, azula did not break down because of pressure

i just saw someone in the azula tag saying azula’s character was cliché for having break down when she finally got what she wanted and broke down when in pressure

it wasnt the pressure that caused azula to break down, it was everybody’s betrayal. first there was zuko who left her side. although she didn’t seem to mind, zuko’s betrayal to her nation led to mai betraying her. and mai’s betrayal led to ty lee’s betrayal.

you can see in The Beach that they seemed to be actually friends, that they were in fact a “squad.”

especially when mai says to her “i love zuko more than i fear you,” it probably got her to think about her mother who ALSO loves zuko

she has always had issues with her mother, and i think her mother probably took the most toll on her, although you dont see it much

then you see ty lee also PREFER mai over her, seeing that her friends prefer other people more than her. who wouldnt get hurt by that? and for someone who has always worked so hard for people to be above zuko always, her friends still preferred zuko

and for the finale, you see ozai betraying her. she thought she would be conquering the world with her dad, especially since he’s the only one he had. shes probably thinking “yes! were here dad were finally gonna conquer the world together”
i believe she realy idolizes her father, seeing as how shes always worked hard for her dad and is afraid to disappoint him like zuko always does
her dad casts away people who disappoint him, like what he did with zuko
she was always working hard not to be zuko, all her life so that her dad would not cast her away
now, zuko’s out of the picture, she probably thinks her dad will only have place for her, them conquering earth kingdom together, instead her dad seems to cast her away also, the same thing he did with zuko

now with all these people betraying her, she becomes wary of everyone so she banishes them before they even have the chance to do so

now with all these people gone and shes alone, she sees her mom. the first person who she thinks betrayed her, the cause of her inner turmoil

so no dude, azula didnt break down because of pressure, she broke down because everybody has betrayed her and was given the puppet title as firelord.

Last Agni Kai
The Track Team
Last Agni Kai

So a lot of people are in love with this track, but found that the released OST version was missing the beginning part (the beautiful strings before the drums come in - if you watch the Last Agni Kai clip, you’ll notice that there’s a heartbreaking-few seconds of music, when Zuko unleashed the first flames.)

Basically, I took the first strings part, and I attached it to the released OST version of Last Agni Kai.

You’re welcome.

So I found these scans in “Sozin’s Comet: The Final Battle” canon book that told by the characters perspectives. On the Fire Nation final conquer. One hundred years ago, Fire Lord Sozin used the Comet’s power to clear the way for the Fire Nation path to war. That’s what one hundred years of effort have brought them- the Firebenders. Now Fire Lord Ozai shall use the Comet to bring the war to an end. And from those ashes a new world will rise. One that belongs to the Fire Nation, and the Fire Nation alone. This is Azula’s PoV:

Azula obviously happy- she was happy that she’s finally going to spend time TOGETHER with her father, make history TOGETHER and have all victory and glory TOGETHER. One page later Ozai’s PoV:
Lol what an egomaniac bastard. Continue. Azula’s PoV:

And people wonder why Azula was too pissed off.

He left her feel betrayed, alone and hollow as the meaningless position she gave everything for.