ep: snow day

The Signs On A Snow Day
  • In honor of the foot of snow we just got here!
  • Aries: the one who throws the really hard snowballs
  • Taurus: yes! a day with netflix and food and sleep and not fucking going out into that shit
  • Gemini: gets a bunch of people together for a huge snowball fight
  • Cancer: makes a snow angel and then takes a hot bath
  • Leo: says they're going to win the snowball fight- is the first one out by Sagittarius
  • Virgo: the one everyone left to watch the little kids- secretly likes it
  • Libra: worries about getting snow on their clothes
  • Scorpio: can you murder someone with snow...?
  • Sagittarius: wins Gemini's snowball fight by completely destroying everyone else
  • Capricorn: goes outside for like 5 minutes then goes inside and makes hot cocoa
  • Aquarius: makes the weirdest fucking snowman you've ever seen
  • Pisces: stays inside curled up in blankets
Snow Day

I wrote another fic! Since people were so lovely about my last one, I thought I’d give it another go- fingers crossed. The start is somewhat similar to the last one? I don’t know why I love writing about Betty and Jughead in bed together but I can’t stop.

Much love, I hope you enjoy! 

Waking up in Jughead’s arms was Betty’s favourite way to start the day.

She’d stirred slowly, in the early hours of the morning when sunlight was only beginning to creep through the gaps in the curtain. Yet to flutter her eyes open, she smiled as she became aware of a strong arm draped lazily over her waist, lightly holding her body in place. Betty tenderly touched her fingers to his, then began trailing them along his skin. Her fingers danced gently along his forearm, across his broad bicep, towards his shoulder blades. Betty finally opened her eyes, still glazed with sleep, and she could not hold back the smile that graced her features as they fell upon the vision before her.

God, he’s so beautiful.

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Chat Neige

Paris is covered in an unprecedented amount of snowfall. Undeterred, Paris’ reliable heroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, still take on the responsibility of their patrol - but what’s the harm of taking a break to enjoy the snow?

I wrote this in December, but looking at the Adrienette Month Prompt for today - Snow Day - totally reminded me of this small little oneshot! Thought I’d post it - since I’m still working on catching up on a few of the prompts (got something in the works for childhood friends au, the reveal, and maybe a disney au!)! Enjoy

(ao3 link)


It was another cold night of patrolling Ladybug and Chat Noir. With Christmas fast approaching Paris had been hit with record breaking snowfall, leaving the City of Lights covered in a new layer of snow. Yet while many businesses and shops had taken to closing early for the night, the City’s superheroes still took to their duties, undeterred by the unexpected weather.

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