ep: quickie

Roman Godfrey Drabbles

Imagine Roman Tasting you after a car quickie

“Why is your thumb always in your mouth?” Peter asked staring at Roman from the passenger seat

“No reason.” He smirked as his mind went back to only a few hours before as he used his thumb to circle your clit until you came on his cock. “Just wanted to see if I could taste the candy I had earlier.”

“Whatever man.” Peter frowned leaning back in the seat….

While I’m working on comics (and requests that’ve piled up, sorry I’ve been so busy!) Meet my Rick OC, Mutt Rick!! :D

He’s a husky-gsd-??? -mix that the Smiths got from the dog pound after Snuffles passed away. The family calls him “grandpa Rick“ because of the white whiskers on his snout. He only accepts food from Beth, and always pees on Jerrys shoes. He’s too smart for his own good and listens to commands only when he feels like it. Rick is Morty’s best friend and they just adore each other.  They go on adventures together! :))