ep: probable cause

★ Below the cut are #55 gifs of the actor Kiowa Gordon as Junior in s02e05 (22) and s02e06 (33) of The Red Road (as requested by @pettywrites). Kiowa is of Hualapai and Scottish descent, please cast him accordingly. All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog.

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anonymous asked:

About the Simulacrum AU, does Gabriel/Hawkmoth know that Adrien is Chat Noir? Because I have the feeling that this little question is keeping me from understanding how Adrien got akumatized in the first place. I mean... Would he really break his own sons like that to get a "mere ring?" Perhaps a strategy to lure in Ladybug thus taking both miraculouses at the same time? There's just so much I can't understand, please tell me 😀 (Love your art and AU btw, keep up the good work)

Hi! Yes, he knows that Adrien is Chat Noir - when I originally made the AU I wasn’t sure whether or not he would, but after Jackady aired I wanted to incorporate that seeming moment of revelation into the story. I’m running on the assumption that Gabriel is mainly seeking the Miraculous so that he can get his wife back, and his reasoning for targeting Adrien is 1) that Akuma victims don’t retain their memories of the event, and thus don’t have any lasting trauma (probably an overly simplistic assumption!) and 2) that since Adrien also misses his mother and wants her back he will ultimately understand and forgive his father’s methods (also an overly simplistic assumption on Gabriel’s part!). In one comic I mentioned that the way he goes about akumatizing Adrien would need to be a little sneaky/underhanded, both because the Miraculous probably provides some inherent protection and because Adrien doesn’t seem like the type who could be easily corrupted based on his personality. 

Hope that helps clarify some points!


What I like the most about Probable Cause is the fact that, since the begining of the show, Beckett has usually been the one driven by “the evidences” . Castle was always the one to elaborate weird and fanciful theories. Then when all the evidences point to him, she doesn’t want to trust them anymore. When she sit on “his” chair on a early scene in that episode it’s like she’s already trying to see the world like him, with his eyes. That’s why, when he tells her that insane story in his cell about 3xK being back, despite the fact it may sounds crazy, and even if there’s no one on the camera footage, she totally believes him. Because for him she’s willing to choose the story over the evidence.