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I am so happy to announce that in December we will be having a little girl!!!!🎀 I am so happy and would have been either way, but I can’t wait to do so many fun things with her! And of course she’s already starting out strong cause her mama is strong and she’s already lifting her little pink 1 pound weights!💪🏼💝😂


TDB Rewatch: Preggers (1x04) TBT

More adorable early interviews from the Glee cast, including Chris Colfer’s insight into Kurt’s coming out scene and the Single Ladies Dance. Chris is also asked about his own coming out to his parents. Keep in mind that this interview happens only a week or so after the infamous Chelsea Lately interview where Chris comes out to the public for the first time. He handles himself so well.

And of course, here’s the infamous Chelsea Handler interview.

The Surrogate Part 1

I stalk around my bathroom nervously waiting for the results of the pregnancy test I just took. If it’s positive that means I’ll finally be a surrogate. I’ve always fantasized about being pregnant but I never actually wanted a baby so surrogacy seemed like the perfect answer. It’s taking awhile but I finally found a couple, a very rich one, who needed my services. Over a month ago I was artificially insemination and now it’s time to find out if it took.

I close my eyes and pick up the test, drawing my courage I open my eyes. Positive, it’s positive. I sit on the edge of the tub letting it sink in before pulling out my phone and dial the number of the father first. As it rings I put my hand on my flat belly, imagining it round with this couples child. “Hello,” he answers. “Jake? It’s Sara. I have some good news. You’re going to have a baby!” I tell him excitedly unable to contain myself. “Are you serious? That’s amazing! I have to call Eve and tell her!” he says in a rush. “Oh! Of course, I’ll let you go,” I tell him. “Thank you so much. You have no idea how happy you’ve made us,” he marvels before hanging up. I wait a moment before dialing the doctor next to set up an appointment. I can’t wait until I’m showing.


I’m in the waiting room waiting for Jake and Eve so he can go in for an ultrasound, I’m 20 weeks now, halfway and with twins to my surprise. Just as the nurse is calling out my name Jake rushes in looking very handsome, “I’m so sorry I’m late! Eve isn’t gonna make it this time, she’s out of town for the week.” He helps me up and put a hand on my lower back as we walk down the hall. The nurse excuses herself saying the tech will be here soon. “How are you feeling,” Jake asks as I lay down on the bed and pull up my maternity shirt revealing my twin bump. “I’m great, we’re all great.” I tell him as I put a hand on my belly. “May I?” he asks, staring at my swollen belly. I nod my head and he reaches down to gently caress my belly. “I can’t believe there’s two of them in there,” he says wonder as his hand moves in a circle on my belly. I giggle, “I can. They move and kick enough for four.” He glances over at me, surprised, “You can feel them kick?” I laugh, my belly bouncing slightly, “All the time. Here.” I grab his hand and put it on my lower belly, pressing it firmly against me. We wait for a moment and then there’s a small kick. I smile wide, “That’s your baby.” His eyes widen as I stare at him and the kicks continue. The tech walks in and breaks the spell.

After the appointment Jake asks if I want to see the work they’ve done on the nursery so far, I accept and follow him to his big house in the nicest neighbor in town. He helps me out and we walk inside and upstairs to a cute neutral nursery. I walk over to a crib and feel the blanket on the rail, “This is cute. I’m sure the babies will love it.” I look around the room and then settle down into the rocking chair picturing the family in here. I put a hand on my belly as I rock back and forth. “Would you mind if I..” Jake says staring at my belly again. “Oh of course not. They are your babies,” I laugh. He kneels down in front of me and puts both hands on my belly, “I always wanted to get Eve pregnant. I was so disappointed every time the tests were negative. But you came along and got pregnant on the first try. So fertile and now so round with my babies. I didn’t realize I’d be so attracted to you with my babies inside you.” My eyes get wide at the end, did he really just say that. I don’t know what to say so I just sit there as he pushes up my shirt so feel my bare belly again. He takes a few moments rubbing all over my belly before pushing my skirt up slowly.

“Jake w-we can’t. Your wife,” I stutter nervously. He shakes his head, “She knows.” He’s pushing the skirt up my thighs now, I stare at him in shock but I don’t stop him. He parts my legs with a slight touch and starts to caress my inner thighs. I squirm, feeling myself getting soaking wet for this man on his knees in front of me. He slowly gets closer and then finally he starts to rub my pussy through my panties. I sigh and flex my hips giving away my desire. “You look so beautiful carrying my children, how can I not want you?” He says as he pushes my panties aside. I lay my head back as he pushes his finger inside of me, feeling how tight I am from months of loneliness. He pushes another finger in and starts to work them in and out. His other hand roams to my belly and breasts as he picks up his pace now, making me moan. It’s been so long that I feel myself getting close to cumming but he notices and removes his fingers, “Not yet baby.”

He takes my hands and pull me up, leading me to the middle of the room and undressing me before gesturing for me to kneel on the rug. He gets behind me, gently pushes me so I’m on my hands and knees naked in front of him. He starts to kneed and spank my ass lightly and I hear him fumble with his belt and jeans. I barely have time to think before he starts to rub the head of his cock at my opening. He grabbed my hips roughly and pushed himself into me. I involuntarily gasped at the fullness and surprise of how big he is. He gives me a moment to get use to his size, reaching down and caressing my hanging belly. After I get adjusted I slide forward on his cock and then push myself down so my ass is pressed against him. The third time he grabs my hips again and start to fuck me faster, my pace was not quick enough for him. I moan as he starts to get a fast rhythm going, I know I’m not going to last long. He grabs my shoulders and pulls me up, my back arched and my ass against him. He starts to rub my belly again, then my breasts. He plays with my nipples and tugs at them, keeping his punishing pace. I start to cry out as I squeeze his cum hard, cumming around it. He doesn’t quit though, he keeps going until finally he grunts and pours himself into my already pregnant pussy.

We’re laying on the plush rug in the nursery cuddling. My head on his chest and my belly pressed against me, I’m tired after our fun. “So your wife knows what?” I question him. “I’ve told her how I’m attracted to you and she understood. You have my children in there, how could I not want you? She agreed I could have you all I want before you give birth. Even said you could move into the guest room and give birth here. We can have all the fun we want.” I’m stunned into silence, not knowing what to say. He gives me a moment and then hops up. “Let me at least show you the reason,” he says offering his hand. After a second I grab it and he hauls me up. I move to grab my clothes, “Oh no, stay naked. You look so beautiful.” He tugs my hand and I follow him down the hall to a gorgeous bedroom suite. He pulls me into the bed and I fall asleep in his arms.


I’ve decided stay on a trial basis, until his wife comes home tomorrow and I can really see if this is real. So I’m taking a bath in the guest bathroom. The water barely covers my belly as I relax in the big tub. I have a few candles lit and some music playing, I hear footsteps in the bedroom. I assume it’s Jake but it’s a bit early for him to be home. “Wow your belly is looking bigger since 2 weeks ago.” I hear. I startle and glance at the door, Eve is standing there staring at me. “Oh no, I didn’t know you’d be home today. I’m sorry.” I apologize grabbing a towel. “No it’s okay. I said you’re welcome to stay here and I meant it.” She tells me and we end up having a heart to heart and deciding I would stay.


I wake with Jake’s arm wrapped around my belly. I carefully move it and sneak out of bed. I head downstairs for breakfast, Eve cooks every morning. “Good morning,” I say grabbing some juice and sitting at the bar. Morning! How are you feeling?“ She asks. “Ohh I felt crampy all night. I’m not sure if it was anything but I really hope it’s the start of something.” I explain. We are all so ready for the twins to come and we’re prepared for our home birth. She laughs and goes around to stand next to me, rubbing my huge belly. She returns to cooking and Jake makes his way downstairs half asleep. He makes him a coffee and sits next to me, rubbing my belly like his wife. We all eat breakfast together and Jake goes off to work. Eve and I decide to take a walk, halfway through I start having real painful contractions and we decide to head back. We have to stop several times so I can pant through the pain leaning against Eve for support. We finally make it home and Eve decides to call Jake and have him come back home while head upstairs and strip my clothes off before putting on a black bikini top. I go to the tub and start running a bath while I put my hair up. The big tub fills up as I decide to light the many candles in the bathroom and turn of the lights so everything is bathed in the candlelight. I get out my phone to start timing the contraction, only six minutes apart. The tub is full and I ease into the warm water. Eve comes in with a arm full of towels and supplies, “Jake is on his way home and the bedroom is ready if you wanna give birth in there.” I can tell how excited she is to see her babies born. She sits on the side of the tub and rubs my belly looming above the water. My belly hardens under her hand, a contraction gripping me and making me breath heavily. I hear footsteps running up the stairs, Jake is back. He rushes in and takes in the sight of me laboring in the tub and his wife with her hand on my belly before joining her at my side.

After a few hours the contractions are close together and lasting longer, so intense that I can’t help but moan loudly. We’ve refilled the tub multiple times so the water is warm but it doesn’t seem to help the pain anymore. I shift uncomfortably as a pressure builds inside of me during a contraction. Once it ends the pressure is still there, I move so I’m on my knees by the far side of the tub. Once the next contraction hits I feel the water between my thighs change temperature, getting a little bit warmer than the rest of the water. “I think my water broke,” I whimper as the contraction continues. Without the sac I can feel the head pressing against my cervix, trying to move through. The pain is worse now and I forget all of my breathing techniques I learned. The contractions are right on top of each other now, not giving me a break. Jake climbs in the tub with me as Eve starts to set up her camera, sensing that the birth is near. Jake rubs my inner thigh while I put one hand on the tub and one hand on his shoulder. The baby feels so low and heavy now while the second baby is kicking away. Jake whispers in my ear how well I’m doing when I feel the head start to push through my cervix and a intense pressure urging me to push. I resist though letting my body push the baby down through my birth canal, trying to save my energy. Jake notices my pussy starting to bulge and slips two fingers inside of me, “It’s right there, you’re ready to push. Come on baby.” He doesn’t move his fingers, keeping them there touching the baby’s head. I give into the urge and finally push. It’s almost orgasmic to be actively trying to move the baby down now. My bulge is growing, the head right at my opening now. I grunt as I bear down, pushing Jake’s fingers out. They both watch as a small opening begins to form, I pant trying to take a break before pushing again. The opening grows with every push and my pussy starts to stretch around the head. I lean back against the tub making more room for the emerging head. I scream as I push the widest part of the head out. I have to stop and rest, the pain is unbearable, I try to gather strength while Eve starts taking pictures of the head prying my pussy open. “You are doing so well baby,” Jake tells me as he rubs the top of the head, “the head is almost out.” I take a deep breathe and give a big push. The head pops out suddenly making us all gasp. Eve reaches in the water and rubs the head while it hangs out of me before checking the neck. She nods and I wait for the next contraction while the shoulders turn inside of me. I groan as a contraction starts to build and at the peak of it I bear down, pushing the shoulders out one at a time. Jake grabs the baby and pulls it out of me. “It’s a boy!” he exclaims as he takes the baby out of the water. He and Eve marvel over him as he begins to cry. I watch the little family before realizing I still have another baby to push out.

The Surrogate Part 2

I watch Jake and Eve fawn over their newborn. “Uh guys, there’s still another one,” I say as I lay there still connected to their boy. They laugh and look at me, “Of course, do you want to move?” I think about it, “Yeah I think I’d like to go to the bed.” Jake nods and puts the baby on my chest so we’ll have more time connected. He starts to help me up and I hold the baby tight to my chest. I feel him nuzzling me, searching for my nipple. “He’s hungry.” I tell Eve. She looks me hopefully, “Do you think you could feed him? I’m sure it will be much better for him.” I look at her wide-eyed, this was not part of the plan but I agree. As we head to the bed water starts to pour down my leg, the second amniotic sac has broke. Once I get settled on the bed I put the baby down and strip off my bathing suit top. I grab the baby and guide the baby to my nipple and he begins to feed. Jake slips behind me with his legs on either side of me and puts his hands on my belly. “Just one more to go.” Eve climbs on the bed in front of me, since Jake delivered the first baby she going to deliver the next one. I groan as a contraction comes working the baby down. I just pant through a couple, waiting until the next baby gets lower to push. The baby at my breast drinks away, oblivious of the pain and excitement in the room.

After awhile I start to push again, eager to get this baby out. I can feel my birth canal stretching again and I can tell this baby is bigger as I struggle to move it down. I lay back against Jake’s chest, still holding their son, “It’s bigger, I can’t do this.” He rubs my belly gently, “You’re doing great. Just let your body do its thing.” I scream as another contraction grips me and I bear down with the pain. Eve slips her finger inside of me to check how close the baby is. “Its right there, just a couple more pushes and I can see it,” she coaches me as I pant heavily. With my next big push my pussy starts to bulge again, the big head right at my opening now. Eve watches as I start to open again, this time the baby is coming faster. I quickly have the head out to its forehead but it seems to be stuck now. I push several times but there’s no more progress, I just lay there with a baby stuck in my tight pussy. Eve decides it time to cut the first cord and takes her son and lays him in the bassinet she set up earlier. Jake is whispering in my ear but I’m barely listening because the pain is too much. “I have to move, I want to squat,” I whimper after a particularly hard contraction that still didn’t get the baby further. Jake and Eve both hurry to help me to the edge of the bed. I try to be careful with the big head between my legs but I can feel it slipping back into me. I have to stop once I get to the edge of the bed as a contraction tears through me but I resist the urge to push knowing it won’t help. I stand up once it passes, my legs spread to make room for the head but it doesn’t help. I moan as I feel the baby moving back inside of me, its head barely out now. Jake helps me to squat far away from the bed with him holding me as I squat. I can feel myself opening up wider as Eve kneels before me. As soon as I start pushing again I get the head back out easily getting to the same point. My pussy starts to get more in this position, making room for the larger head. I cry out as I start to stretch more, this time getting past the eyes before I have to stop. I try to pant but the burning is to much so I just end up moaning. My next push almost gets the head out but ends too soon. “The baby’s head is so close, your doing so good,” Eve encourages me. The next contraction takes it’s time coming, leaving me squatting with a head almost out of me. Eve caresses the head hanging out of me as I try to prepare for the next contraction. My legs are weak now and I don’t know if I can get this baby out fast enough before they give out. I cry out as the next contraction builds, I bear down with it and the head slowly inches all the way out. I gasp as my sore stretched pussy gets a break. Eve makes quick work of checking for the cord but my legs can’t hold me up anymore even with Jake’s help. “I have to lay on the bed,” I whimper.

Eve exchanges a look with Jake but he starts to slowly help me stand. He supports me as I start to waddle over to the bed, Eve reaches between my legs and keeps a hand on the baby’s head. We slowly make our way to the bed like this, walking with the heavy weight of the baby half out of me is torture but I know I need to get on the bed. We get there and I sit barely on the edge, making sure there’s room for the head. Eve piles the pillows behind me and I rest back against them. Jake and Eve kneel on the floor in front of me, eager to meet their other baby. Jake supports the head as I wait for the next contraction and when it does I give every ounce of strength I have into the push but it doesn’t budge. The shoulder are firmly stuck inside of me now. I try and try to push over and over but it refuses to move. We’re all close to panicking now, thinking this baby is really stuck inside of me but right before I give up hope I feel the shoulders give inside of me. I get one to pop out before the contraction ends. Jake rubs my leg while Eve tells me how happy I’m making them. Their support gives me the strength I need to get the rest of the baby out in one big push. Eve starts to cry I deliver the baby into her waiting hands. I lay back, feeling the weird sensation of an empty womb when its been full for so long. Jake is preparing himself to deliver the placentas as Eve shows me their chubby daughter, clearing the bigger twin. It’s moving to see them so happy with their babies and I’m already thinking I want to do this again. Eve hands me her daughter and I realize she wants me to feed her too.

After we deliver the placentas Jake grabs the first baby and we all cuddle up on the bed together. We point out certain features of each baby and comment if they look like Eve or Jake. After awhile the twins are asleep and I can tell Eve and Jake are thinking hard about something. Finally Jake starts to talk, “We’ve been thinking, you were the perfect surrogate and we would really love more children..” Eve takes my hand, “We were wondering if you’d be willing to move in and be a part of our family…” Jake puts his arm around me, “Maybe you could keep breastfeeding the twins and then hopefully soon we can add more to the family.” I look at them both and then the twins, “I’d love that.”

To be continued….


@thedenofravenpuff and I were talking about the bloodlust ship. And even though we both agree gender switching one of them so they could have kids was nonsensical, it still spawned an interesting realization.

If we did that, chance are it would have to be unit who switches gender since sangs health​ is not great and giving birth would be too risky for the albino.

This lead to a lot of interesting thoughts about what a hormonal Unit would be like.