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You wanna guess the one thing that's gonna make a kid avoid exercise?



God Damn, did I hate having to run around the track

You know what else will make them resent fitness?


Do you think that kids who prefer reading to working out are going to be the kid everyone goes to because they want them on their team—ESPECIALLY if the kid in question is neurodivergent?


Christ almighty, the only time I was ever happy with gym was when I signed up to do an Independent Sports Class.

In that class, we went bowling, we ice skated, played badminton, racket ball, tennis, and other similar sports.

No getting picked last, no being worried about whether or not you looked like some poor awkward skinned alive chicken—it was the best gym class of my entire life.

What’s my suggestion for getting kids to exercise?

Gee, I don’t know, maybe SHOWING THEM THAT *NOT* EVERYONE WHO GOES TO THE GYM TO WORK OUT IS A COMPLETE HUR DE HUR DOUCHEBAG—that some of them are geniuses and want to do exercise because they want to loose weight, because it feels good, etc.

Also teach them what they can do with no equipment—newsflash, assholes, not everyone has the resources to have constant access to dumbells!

anonymous asked:

How can I hide my binder from other girls in the locker room(I'm not out yet)? Also, I feel very dysphoric about others seeing my body, any tips for dealing with it?

Lee says:
You could change in the bathroom, or say it’s a compression garment you wear for medical reasons you’d rather not get into.

As for the dysphoria around ppl seeing your body, the best thing to do is distract yourself while you’re changing so you aren’t ruminating on it. You could practice deep breathing, try to remember all the lyrics to your favorite song and then do another song and another until you finish, or chat with another person there so you’re not focusing on it.

Followers, any other recommendations?

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I'm back in school and tomorrow is the first day back in gym. I have to change in the girls locker room still. Do you have any tips for dealing with the dysphoria that comes along with this?

Lee says:
I changed in the bathrooms instead, which could work for you. If you can’t do that, then focusing on something else can help. Try to remember all the lyrics in your favorite song, then try a different song, and then another until you’re done.

Followers, what do you do to cope with dysphoria when changing in the wrong locker room?

More stuff relating to Magnus cuz why not

Ok, at my school, we have a swimming pool that is used for PE. The schedule (for girls) is that we swim on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but have normal PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, on Tuesday, we did the Pacer Test. And, if you are unaware, I absolutely DESPISE the Pacer Test. I’m not in the absolute best shape, so I end up failing those types of things. On Tuesday, I failed miserably. So, our teachers decided that, if we failed, we’d have to redo it on Thursday. So, I obviously redid it.

How does this relate to Magnus?

Well, when I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, “God, the Pacer Test again? Gee, I always feel unmotivated. I gotta motivate myself. But how?”

So, when I got to my 3rd hour, I only had one thing on my mind.

“Do it for Magnus. Do it for Magnus.”

It got to the point where I was almost shouting it as I ran.

I ended up failing again, BUT I did do better than I did on Tuesday.

No joke, Magnus has kinda inspired me to exercise more. I’ve always struggled with my weight and disliked the way I looked. So, I decided to exercise at home at least twice a day. I usually do 50+ sit ups, push ups, and so on. I’ve gotten a lot better, particularly with pushups. At the beginning of this school year, my arms were so wobbly and pushups were extremely hard. But now, I struggle a lot less.

So, if you happen to somehow be reading this, Magnus, then thank you. Thank you so much for not only entertaining me, but for also encouraging me to be more active.

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Urgent!! So I live in Indiana and I'm ftm. Ive been using the men's locker room to change during gym class (as advised by my therapist) but today my teacher told me there isn't a law saying I can change in there and that I could be expelled. Is that true? I looked it up and from what I found they can't force me to change elsewhere.

Lee says:
I’d tell your parents (and maybe your therapist for moral support) what the teacher told you, and ask your parents to talk to the school about it! If your parents would be on your side, then use them!

I think the teacher is likely mistaken, but it’s a good idea to address what they said with the back up of adults if possible in case they’re on the transphobic side, so the teacher knows you’re allowed to be in the locker room.

“Throw like a girl”
What? What are you talking about? Girls don’t throw. Girls can’t throw. Because the boys never pass to them.

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Iiaat to dislike physical education (gym) in school?

It can be. Many autistic people also have dyspraxia which affects fine and gross motor control which can make gym class really, really hard. For instance, I managed to injure myself in every single sport we played in gym class (yes, even ping pong. That was actually one of the worst). As such, I really didn’t like gym class because, for me, gym class equaled pain. 

Another aspect can be sensory issues. If you are sensitive to sweat on your skin or proprioception (where your body is in space), you may find gym class very overwhelming. 

So, yes, this can be related to being autistic. 


Dear Physical Education

Dear Physical Education,

                 I really must admit to you that you are one of the most dreaded classes; in fact, you may be number one on the list.  You are definitely number one on my list.  I have been wondering for so long; “why must students take you?”  Does it occur to anyone that forcing students to exercise in school will not make it a lifestyle choice?  Maybe I am being cantankerous towards you, but I do believe that there should be ways to avoid you.  

1.     You, Mr. PE, can be avoided.   To your helpless victims I shall reveal just one simple way to do so.  Online PE. Yes, it sounds nonexistent. I assure you, sweet victims; it is as tangible as the internet itself.  All you must do is pay an outrageous cost and spend the next semester working out on your own and taking ridiculous quizzes that you already know the answers to.  And if you don’t know the answers, no worries! That is what Google is for!

2.     Now, physical Education, let me tell you one reason you are disliked so vividly.  Sweat. Sweat. Sweat.  Sweat is a great thing to have when you are working out… at home or in a fitness club… alone… when there is a fresh, long, hot shower waiting for you.  Not to be confused with the I-have-to-shower-dry-and-dress-in-less-than-three-minutes-oh-my-goodness-there’s-the-bell shower that every PE goer has nightmares about. There must be a study somewhere that says that the uncomfortable post-gym sweatiness causes students to lack attention in classes after gym.

3.     Did you also know that you, PE, increase deception in students?  Little do you know, but those students that always get hurt, only get hurt to escape you.  They are pulling the “oops! I sprained my ankle…again.”  Sadly, you can do nothing about this, because you are an inanimate idea. Just a noun, but none the less you should know.

4.     Lastly, I shall denounce to you the test that should be the final blow to end (some) PE.  Students are able to test out of English, Biology, US History, Math, Spanish, German, and so many more classes.  If we are able to test out of all of these classes then why can we not test out of horrible old PE?  Let’s take a vigorous physical exam to test out; different for boys and girls.  Why not? The test-out can examine flexibility, cardio, and strength (the three basic categories of exercise). The results of the test will be put on a ratio to determine overall wellness.  Those exceeding the minimum ratio don’t have to endure PE’s wrath, those you fail the test do.

So you see Mr. Physical Education, I do believe you are becoming a thing of the past.