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Are Dean and Cas in love? a.k.a. The Great Season 7 Rewatch (Part 7)

I’ve often said that Season 7 convinced me of the canonicity of Dean/Cas, and to this day it boggles my mind that so many fans blame Sera Gamble for “ruining” the characters’ relationship. So I thought I’d step through my favorite season, episode by episode, and point out exactly why I’m so convinced their love is not only of the romantic sort, but also very, very canon.

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16: Out With The Old

That “Out With The Old” should get its own episode in this analysis is merely a trick of the line-up, as it’s sandwiched here between the two best episodes of the season (forewarning: The Born Again Identity is going to be another multi-parter, I can tell already).

Truth is, I… struggle with “Out With The Old”.

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caspian called the kings and queens of old to help put him on the telmarine throne. but the kingdomless children had other ideas. the pevensies called on the forces of the white witch to defeat the telmarine army and the lion who had forgotten them. they were known as the rulers of the golden age, but their light turned dark. righteousness no longer followed them, only destruction. the kings and queens were no longer known as the valiant, magnificent, just, or gentle. though lucy was still brave, the deceitful suited her better. you would think lucy was the same lighthearted girl she was from thousands of years ago when you saw her dancing around. but there were no dryads there, just the dead bodies of her enemies. peter became a ruthless killer. he felt no pain for his army, nor any pity for the innocent creatures he had slain. he was dubbed the bloodthirsty, but not one dared to call the high king anything other than magnificent to his face. edmund was drawn under jadis’ charm, but this time he wasn’t afraid of her power. susan began to admire the woman who reigned over narnia for so long, and desperately wanted to learn her secrets. under the counsel of the white witch, edmund and susan were taught the art of dark magic. edmund learned, and was later known for, ripping the hearts out of his enemies and crushing them. that is when people started calling him the heartless. susan used spells, charms, her beauty, and her mind to lure men and creatures to were they would be killed. it was a deathtrap, but she seemed so honest that the men couldn’t resist. susan would be called the enchanting for ages. years had passed and there was no longer any resemblance to the four children who stumbled into a wardrobe on a rainy day. no, these were experienced warriors who reclaimed their kingdom, tamed a wild lion, and did whatever it took to stay in their beloved land. (insp)