ep: original song


willing | a critical role fan song

Music by Jake Smith ( @jakesmithsings )
Lyrics by Gina Smith ( @floatslikebricks )
Performance by Jake Smith

We have wanted to write a musical theater style tribute to Critical Role for quite some time.  ‘willing’ is based on the 44th episode, ‘The Sunken Tomb’, which was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and plot-rocking moments in the whole show.

Listen to the song on SoundCloud!

my sharpshooter

I wrote a klance fansong, would be sang by keith for lance ! i have too much time and no life man. i’m playing w my ukulele, i only spent 15 min on this

credit me if for some reason you want to use this somwhere else (although i highly doubt it lmao)


blue eyes

they stare at me

you’re in my mind

how annoying

we’re lies and truth

we’re fire and ice

we’re red and blue

so someone please tell me why

that i feel like

we go so well together

we make a great team

that could last forever

i’d be you’re protector

you’d be

my sharpshooter

The Question (I Know What I Like) by PhemieC

A new original song. For when happiness is hard, but love is easy. <3 download at bandcamp source. :)


I stood outside for hours
hands to god for the answers
frozen fingers demanding
can’t pry open for asking

I might never find the answers
but I know who’ll keep me warm

And you’re begging for questions
on your knees for a lesson
work so hard just to do right
by all pretense and portends

come here into my cold hands
nothing to question anymore

And I don’t know the words that will get you through
nothing’s ever made sense to me but you
or how to convince you that you’re doing alright
I may not know love, but I know what I like

there were parts of me missing
one eye on what’s approaching
one hand grasping for something
one hand fighting off nothing

now you have two feet in the past
running circles in your mind

they all say that they like you
but does anyone like you?
you can’t stand when they see you
tear-stained and fearing the untrue

but I like you more than breathing
fuck the demons whispering otherwise

And I don’t know the words that will help you heal
the heart is a strange and stubborn thing
or how to convince you that we’re doing alright
No I may not know that, but I know what I like

I know what I like

(I know what I like)
I stood outside for hours
(I know what I like)
hands to god for the answers
(I know what I like)
I stood outside for hours
(I know what I like)
hands to god, you’re my answer!



Shaaba and I wrote a song about being trans, hope you like it! <3


I made an original song with Kaito! It’s my first one, I hope you like it!

Remember I made a post telling you guys about a song I’d written with some little inspiration from @therealjacksepticeye​?

Well… IT’S HERE!!! :D

I’m not posting on YouTube until tomorrow (it’s motivational and I’ll be posting it as part of my Mindful Monday series), but because you guys are awesome, I’m gonna give it to you a day early! ^-^ the video quality will be better tomorrow as I had to make it smaller to post here :P

I hope the song lives up to expectation xD

Now let me show you the lyrics which have the subtle Jack references, in case you missed any of them :P

You can make it all the way - I think this one is obvious (ALL THE WAY!!!)

No matter what the voices might say - Anti?? :P

It is gonna be okay, maybe not now but another day - a play on Jack’s quote of everything is gonna be alright, maybe not now but eventually

I believe in you - Jack says this to us! Although, this is more than just a reference, I do mean it too ^-^

The victory is yours to claim - victory? As in victory town? *nudging you* ya get it? XD

The grass is really greener on the other side - Green? And which YouTuber has green hair? That’s right, Jackaboy! :D


Flashback 6 Years!


Original Song - airdate March 15, 2011