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Mommy Dearest 10

Mommy Dearest

Peter Pan x Reader

Once Upon a Time

Pan takes you on a date.


10. Date Night
A/N: Not formatted because it was written on my phone.
I modified the details of the magic hourglass so don’t argue with me.

Pan’s emerald eyes followed your form as you weaved in between the boys. Your hips twisted this way and that as you danced in tune with his pipe. He was playing a special song just for you to encourage more dancing. You usually preferred to watch the festivities rather than partake, especially after a long day of cooking and mending wounds.
As the song came to an end, Pan lowered his flute and bit his lip. The boys collapsed around you, finding their own entertainment while you sat on a log by the fire.
“So you two are a thing now?” Felix inquired, sitting by his leader.
Pan simply hummed in response.
“It’s about time,” Felix chuckled. When Pan whirled a brow, he rolled his eyes. “Come on, Pan. You’ve been interested in her since she first got here. You were just too stubborn to do anything about it.”
The leader let out a sigh as he watched you take one of the younger boys on your lap, holding your hands out to the fire.
“Have you taken her on a date yet?”
Felix’s question caught Pan off guard and he furrowed his brows in confusion.
“What are you talking about?”
The second-in-command chuckled. “It’s a common custom for the boy to take the girl he likes on a date to make their courtship official.”
The leader nodded slowly. “Where do I take her? She’s already seen all of Neverland.”
“She hasn’t seen Skull Rock,” Felix countered. “Or the Hourglass.”
“And that would make an appropriate… date?”
“Just try it.”
Pan hummed to himself, his gaze returning to your smiling face. You looked up and caught his eye across the fire, your smile widening at the connection. He smirked in response before looking down at his lap.
A date. He could manage that.

“(Y/n),” Pan called from outside your tent. “I have something planned for us. Be ready after dinner.”
“What is it?” you inquired, pushing aside the piece of fabric that served as your door so you could speak to Pan properly.
You could swear a light blush dusted his cheeks as he looked at you.
“It’s… It’s a surprise. Just be ready.” He hesitantly kissed your forehead before turning away to rejoin the boys.
You chewed your lip as you wondered what he was up to.

After dinner, Felix was put in charge of the boys and the island. Pan took your hand, a gesture he never performed in front of the boys. You saw their shocked expressions as he led you away from camp, catching the smirk on Felix’s face.
“Where are we going?” you inquired as you followed Pan through the woods. He led you to the lake where a small canoe was waiting. In all your time on the island, you had never used the canoe. You never needed to.
He helped you into the boat before sitting opposite you. He rowed you out onto the water, and you wondered if this was the surprise. night on the lake, looking at the stars?
Instead, he continued rowing until you came to a skull shaped island.
A small gasp fell from your lips. “Skull Rock?”
He nodded softly. He tied the boat to a post and helped you into the island, leading you into the mouth of the rock.
Inside was wide and roomy. A cool breeze blew through the room, but the air was otherwise warm. A large hourglass sat in the center, golden brown sand slowly pooling in the bottom half.
“Pan? What’s going on? I thought you didn’t want anyone out here.”
He took your hands in his. “You’re not just anyone. You’re… special. I want to share everything with you.”
He leaned down, gently kissing your lips. He then showed you around the island, different storage units and, of course, the Hourglass.
“Is this the heart of Neverland?” you wondered, reaching a hand out to rest on the warm glass.
He nodded. “This hourglass holds all the magic of Neverland.”
“What if the sand runs out?” You feared what would happen.
“Every time a new lost boy makes Neverland his home, the sand is replenished,” Pan explained.
“That’s why it’s so full,” you mused. “I’ve lost count of how many boys are on the island.”
He took your hand and led you to a clearing on the island. While you had been looking away, Pan had conjured some sort of dessert and flowers. He sat down and pulled you down beside him, draping an arm over your shoulders.
“What’s this?” you asked with a giggle, picking up a flower.
“A date?” he replied uncertainly.
“Since when does Pan plan dates?”
“Since it was pointed out that we’re… a thing now and that people who like each other usually go on dates.”
You smiled, picking up a dessert to take a bite. “This is amazing.”
He smiled. “I’m glad you like it.”
You leaned into his side, sighing softly. His fingers carded through your locks as you munched on dessert, offering him a bite. He ate it from your hand, smiling softly.
“I know I’m not… romantic,” he stated. “I just wanted to show you that you’re important to me.”
“This is perfect,” you smiled, kissing his cheek. “I don’t need romance or fancy dates. I just want to be with you.”
He tilted your head up to capture your lips. You melted against him, sighing softly. He took your face in his hands, caressing your cheeks. You hadn’t known him to be gentle with anyone before. You wouldn’t have thought him capable. Yet here he was, holding you like a precious, porcelain doll.
You felt safe in his arms as you lied back on the cool ground. Your head rested on his chest, staring up at the ceiling of Skull Rock. You soon fell asleep, secured in his warm hold.

Mommy Dearest 9

9. Something More?

      Shortly after Pan’s confession, if you could call it that, you opted to go looking for him. Everyone advised against it; he had gone to his treehouse, and he was not kind when anyone else approached it without invitation.

       You didn’t care. You demanded an explanation.

      You found his treehouse buried in the forest and climbed the wooden steps that led to the front door. Said door was a long piece of cloth, much like the doors of the huts at camp.

       You pushed it aside, finding Pan pacing back and forth across the wooden floor. He looked up when he heard an intrusion, eyes widening.

        “You’re not supposed to be here,” he murmured, but there wasn’t much anger in his voice. There was a mix of emotions that you couldn’t quite identify, but anger wasn’t in it.

       “I want to talk to you,” you replied.


       “You know what about.”

       He was quiet, continuing his pacing.

       “I think I deserve an explanation.”

       “I already explained.”

       “No, you had an outburst. One statement and then storming off to your hiding place hardly constitutes an explanation.”

      He sighed softly and sat down on the cot that made up his bed. His elbows rested on his knees and his head dipped as he stared at the floor.

       You stepped further into the room and crossed your arms. “Did you mean it?”

       “Mean what?”

       “Don’t play dumb. Did you mean what you said?”

       He slowly looked up at you. “So what if I did?”

      “Well,” you countered, sitting beside him, “if you didn’t, then you’d better have a damn good reason for everything that’s happened. And if you did… I may have a confession for you.”

       He sighed again. “Fine. It’s true. I’m in love with you. Is that what you want to hear?” He hissed, turning away from you. You knew that such a level of vulnerability was hard for him to express.

       “So why have you been avoiding me? You let me spend the night; I thought we had a moment… And you’ve spent every moment since then treating me like I’m the most repulsive being you’ve ever met.”

       “That couldn’t be further from the truth,” he murmured, looking over at you. His harsh green eyes held sincerity and concern. He had never felt like he did around you. “You’re beautiful, and special. You take care of the boys like a true mother and you’ve never questioned it. I’ve treated you like an enemy and I… apologize. I was trying to fight it. I thought pushing you away would make it stop but it didn’t. It made it worse.”

       “Worse how?”

      “It became stronger. The further away from you I was, the more I wanted to be near you. The harsher things I said, the more I wanted to apologize. Everything I did made me fall harder and I don’t know what to do.”

       You took his hands in yours and his eyes widened in surprise. “I have an idea of what you could do.”

       He stared at you, silently waiting for you to continue.

      Biting your lip, you leaned in, brushing your mouth against his. He was hesitant, clearly having limited experience in this field. He adapted quickly, melding his lips against yours and moving one hand to rest on the small of your back.

       Just as you placed your hand on his cheek to deepen the kiss, a scream came from the ground below, and you jumped apart in surprise. He growled at the interruption, and you sent him an apologetic look as you made your way to the door. You were the mother of this island – when someone screamed, you had to check it out.

       You returned to camp to find one of the younger boys, Max, clutching his left forearm which was gushing blood. Pan wouldn’t approve of your coddling them, but there were times that your motherly skills were needed.

       You knelt down beside him and pulled him into your lap, convincing him to let you see his arm. He whimpered as you held the injured limb, taking in the long gash that made its way across his skin.

       “What happened?”

       “We were playing,” Jack, a middle aged boy, told you. “He tripped and landed on that rock.”

      You turned your head to follow where Jack was pointing and came to view a large, rather sharp rock, dusted with Max’s blood.

       “Get my medical kit,” you told Jack. It had been left in Pan’s hut on account of yours still being under construction, and Jack was weary about going in. You assured him that it would be okay because he had your permission, and within moments, Jack went and returned with your medical supplies.

       You took a cloth and wiped away the excess blood, whispering sweet nothings to the whimpering boy in your arms. After applying salve to the length of the wound, you wrapped it in gauze and sealed it with tape. You kissed his forehead and told him to be careful before sending him back to his friends.

       As you stood and dusted off your clothes, you found Pan standing a few feet behind you, having watched the whole display.

       “That’s part of it,” he murmured, catching your attention.

       “What?” you inquired. “Part of what?”

      “Part of why I fell for you,” he explained, turning to meet your eyes. “Watching how you take care of my boys. You know I don’t baby them. I don’t even sympathize when they get hurt. I tell them to suck it up. I don’t care when they break a bone or lose a finger. But you take care of them. You bandage their wounds and nurse them when they’re sick. I never thought about it before but they need you.” His gaze dropped to the dirt at his feed as he quietly added, “I need you.”

       With a smile on your lips you approached him, resting your hands on his chest. “You have me.”

      “I do?” he asked softly, brows furrowing as though he wasn’t sure he deserved it. You slid your arms around his neck, pulling him close to you.

       “You do,” you murmured, pressing your lips to his. He wrapped his arms around your waist, kissing you back immediately.

Part 8

Mommy Dearest 8

8. Confession

      Time passed awkwardly between the two of you after your morning together. Pan seemed more determined than before to get your hut finished, as though you spending the night together had been the worst thing he could possibly experience. It broke your heart to think you revolted him so. It wasn’t as though anything had passed between you. You had simply shared blankets and body heat. There were no secret kisses, and there certainly hadn’t been a one-night stand. Why was Pan so ashamed?

       You tried not to focus on it. Your hut would be done soon and then you could isolate yourself from the tribe of boys and their heartless leader. But you didn’t understand. Why had he been so kind as to offer you his bed when the idea repulsed him? Was he open to the idea until you were actually in his arms? Was it personal? Was it just the fact that he had shared his bed with a girl?

       Too many questions floating in your mind. Too many questions you would never, ever ask, under any circumstances.

      Pan became awkward too. Anytime he got close to you, he would excuse himself, either turning on his heel or pushing past you. Whatever it took to not be physically near you.

       You were carrying logs to the fire one day. Normally it was the boys’ job, but as Pan stated that the local supply had run out and that someone would have to venture further into the woods to fetch more, you happily agreed. You liked the idea of a whole jungle of distance between you and the boys’ leader.

      Upon your return, you tripped over loose lacing in your boot. You tumbled forward – right into the chest of Peter Pan. Your face had flushed upon impact, and gasps rang out around you as you took Pan down with you, landing atop him.

       For a moment, all you could do was stare. The logs flew from your arms and scattered about the ground around you. Your hands landed on either side of his head, your legs tangled in his while his arms wound around your waist as though he tried to break your fall. But he wouldn’t do that.

       Everyone waited with bated breath for Pan’s reaction. Had it been anyone else, he would be furious, screaming punishments at the offender. But it was you; he had no idea what to say.

       You hurriedly scrambled to your feet, brushing off your clothes. “I’m sorry,” you murmured, unsure of how he would react. “My lacing was loose. I lost my footing.”

       He held up a hand as thought to shut you up, and you complied.

       “It’s alright,” he said simply before turning and walking away from you.

      Everyone watched him shuffle back to his hut. A couple of boys helped you collect the firewood you had lost in the tumble, surprised by Pan’s lack of an outburst. He was known for being loud and crude, not soft and sulking.

       “What the hell was that?” Felix asked as you unloaded your logs into the dying fire.

       You let out a sigh and collapsed onto the seat beside him. “I have no idea.”

       “What’s your deal, Pan?” Felix decided to inquire of his leader a few days later. “You’ve been acting really strange.”

       “Strange how?” the leader returned, leaning against a tree and watching the boys use each other as target practice.

      “You know what I mean,” the second-in-command replied. “What happened between you and (y/n)? Ever since you spent the night with her you’ve avoided her like the plague. Did something happen?”

       “No,” Pan growled, looking at the ground.

       Felix raised a brow. “Did something not happen?”

       Pan was quiet.

      Felix smirked. “What’s going on? You were uncharacteristically nice to her, let her stay with you, and now you’re ignoring her like a teenager with a crush.”

       The brunet turned to glare at him. “Shut up.”

       Felix’s smirk turned into a grin. “Not until you answer me.”

       “I… felt things.”

       “What kind of things?”

       “’Teenager with a crush’ things.”

       “Have you told her?”


       “Why not?”

       “I want it to go away.”

       “What exactly happened when she spent the night?”

      Pan let out a sigh, tearing his gaze away from the boys. “I… held her. She was in my arms all night. I’ve never felt so… peaceful.”

       “You love her,” Felix stated simply.

       “Shut up.”

      The next day, you’d had it. Pan had been avoiding you even more since his talk with Felix, hardly even looking in your direction. And every time you tried to ask the second-in-command about it, he would smirk and tell you to ask Pan.

       It was a vicious cycle, and you intended to break it.

      Pan called for the boys to play a game with two teams. He was one captain, of course, and normally you were the other. But today, he chose Felix.

       You frowned. You were always his second captain, and Felix never minded. Why were you being passed over?

       After all of the boys had been chosen, Pan realized that you were an odd number.

       “I guess (y/n) will sit this one out,” he stated as though you meant nothing.

       All of the boys whined, until Pan sent his famous glare over all of them, and they shut up immediately.

       “You never let (y/n) sit out,” Felix reminded. “You usually kick someone else out just so she can play.”

       “Well today she’s sitting out,” Pan growled, not wanting to be argued with.

      “Why?” you demanded, crossing your arms. “Do you want me dismissed so badly? Do I truly mean so little? You traded me to the pirates, replaced me with someone else, let her set my hut on fire, showed me a false scene of kindness by letting me stay with you-“

       The boys gasped in surprise. Pan never let people stay with him.

      “-and now you’re doing everything you can to keep me at arm’s length like I mean nothing to you or your boys or the island.”

        Everyone was quiet, eyes darting between you and Pan while they waited for his response. Felix eyed him pointedly, a silent conversation passing between the two of them. After a nudge in the ribs from Felix, Pan took a break and finally looked at you.

       “I think I’m in love with you.”

      Your jaw dropped as you stared at him. Felix smirked knowingly while the boys broke into mixed responses. Some cheered at the idea of you two as a couple, some whined at the idea of you being taken, and some were simply in shock that Pan could feel anything besides anger or arrogance.

       “What?” you whispered.

      Pan turned on his heel and stormed off in the direction of his treehouse. Everyone knew better than to bother him there, so you all simply stared after him, no one having a valid response to what had occurred.

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