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damn I didn't know you were this smart. also I can't believe you didn't go off on that anon for mocking you, you're a lot nicer than I thought you were too. ❤

I’m not actually anywhere near as nice as I seem, at least not intrinsically, but I put on a good show of it, and from an external perspective that is often indistinguishable from the real thing.

Being publicly and flagrantly dickish may feel good, but even when I feel it’s warranted it rarely gets me what I want, and it usually brings me more trouble than it’s worth.  Being nice, or more specifically, being perceived as nice, is incredibly useful for a wide spectrum of reasons (I highly recommend it, if it’s within your repertoire).  When responding to anons, being nice greases the wheels of interpersonal interaction, makes people like me more, makes people more willing to listen to what I have to say - ideally, polite eloquence shouldn’t add any weight to a rhetorical position, but it certainly seems to, so I’ll absolutely take advantage of that - and gives significantly more power to the comparatively rare times that I am harsh or rude.  I’m strategically nice, not genuinely so, but most people seem happy with the results of that strategy, myself included.

I’m glad you think I’m smart.  Predictably, so do I.


Watch the animals
And all the tragedies
And sell your arteries
And buy my casket gown
Well, it better be black
And it better be tight
And it better be just my size

Boy Division // My Chemical Romance

Smog mask designs for my upcoming reboot of Knite! :D My team has been working hard the past year on Knite and Fisheye Placebo. We’re super close to finishing up all the 3D models for the big release of new comic chapters. 

For those who missed the news, years ago I hurt my hand from drawing too much, which is why my comics went on hiatus. I decided to hire a team of 3D artists to help me make models of the characters and backgrounds so that I can quickly paint over them to use in my comic. 

These characters are all 3D models made by the super talented @SozoMaika which I then painted over to make them look more natural. There are lots of other talented members of my team working on various other aspects of the story, such as clothing, backgrounds, rigging, rendering, etc. I’m super excited to introduce the full team to everyone soon with new teasers as well!