ep: lunar ellipse

Lunar Ellipse

  • the white room scene was another really awesome teen wolf moment
  • scott’s tattoo is the rings on the nemeton…..wow
  • i love how they tied the nemeton back to the pilot episode it really showed how much things had change and foreshadowed everything changing even more 
  • why am i on the verge of crying
  • allison was in the car that nearly ran over scott in the pilot let me cry
  • cora genuinely smiling at derek is so pure
  • stiles and his bat to the rescue! 
  • scott’s reaction to seeing jennifer in her true form is so pure i don’t understand how anyone could hate him
  • scott breaking through the mountain ash and becoming an alpha was one of the most badass things on the entire series
  • we protect those who cannot protect themselves
  • it’s funny cause the way derek left and what scott said about him leaving should’ve been how they wrote him off because the way they did it in s4 i didn’t get the impression he wasn’t coming back
  • “again? again? I AM THE ALPHA. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHAAAAAA” so dramatic peter