ep: knockout

We’re all Breakdown.

Gif made by tfg photoshop and gif Master, vierbryn!!! I know I said I had favorites before, but I think I have a new one now; those perfect minute head and angle changes as KO turns his head, the absolute best expression choice for Breakdown, that little grin at the end. Yes, I have a new favorite.


[FANDUB] ~Transformers Prime~ Who says I’m looking to escape

Well recently I got my friend, Kuron into Transformers Prime. He pretty quickly requested that I do a dub from the show which I had absolutely had no problem doing. Hope you guys like it! ENJOY!!!

Also, if you guys want to see me and my friends take are shot at dubbing something leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear some suggestions!

Luke Word ~ Smokescreen

Anath Jackson III ~ Knockout

Luke Word

{INTRO} U Can’t Touch This ~ MC Hammer
The Decepticons ~ Transformers Prime OST
Arcee on the Move ~ Transformers Prime OST
Tension Fades ~ Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes OST

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