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I love when movies try to guess what the near-future will look like, and then when the year arrives we see the world is nothing like Escape From New York.

For G.I. Joe, the future arrived in 1987 in the form of Battleforce 2000, a Joe team that used advanced weapons and experimental technology to fight Cobra.

In reality that meant lasers and machines designed so “futuristic” that real-life scientists would probably laugh at their functionality. 

So, meet Knockdown, one of the Battleforce members who drove the “Sky-Sweeper” vehicle.

Check out that suit and helmet. That’s totally 2000 style.

Yeah, the Battleforce never really made an impact. The line was discontinued in 1989 and the team was so unpopular in the comic books that all but one of them were killed in G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero No. 113.

I have that issue too, on the cover it says “The death of Battleforce 2000” or something like that. 

I’ll say one thing for the Battleforce guys that’s good. At least they weren’t repainted versions of older Joes. As I get further into the box, you’ll see what I’m talking about.