ep: infected


Can we just take minute to look at the possibilities of what the infected in The Last of Us could have looked like? These are fascinating and super terrifying at the same time. I don’t think I could imagine any of these trying to kill me. And some of them are even holding weapons. Coming face to face with these creatures would have been a bad day. 

Void Infected Viktor

  “As Kassadin lost his ongoing battle to protect Valoran from the Void, and Malzahar brought forth the horrors of Icathia, many nations began to fall to these ethereal horrors, be it in battle, forced indoctrination or worse… Parasitic Infection.
 As the Machine Herald lay in a pool of his own blood, his mind raced as he desperately fought to keep his mind, despite the throbbing mass of voidling flesh slowly consuming his thoughts and unleashing repressed emotion and primeval instincts.
 Zaun had fallen. He’d failed to rid his home of the void parasites.”


 During infection, the first thing to change was Viktor’s head.
The parasite consumed his mask and flesh and adapted to “copy” it.
 The writhing mass of tentacles hides a tremendous mouth designed specifically to rip off huge chunks of flesh.
 His once mechanical arm is now a weaponized flesh abomination, capable of spitting acidic blood from the eye.
 The rest of his mutation serves to strengthen his body considerably, however the right side of him remains fairly human as Viktor tries in vain to regain control.

 –Special Quotes–

 Attacking: “Inferior lifeforms…”, “Devour the flesh…”, “Evolve…”
 Movement: “Can’t… Stop…”, “Head… Hurts…”, “Thoughts… Cloudy…”
 Taunt: “Icathia will fix all your flaws”, “My opponents shall be devoured…” 
Joke: “Get out… Of my… Head…” -’Mask’ opens- 
 Laugh: -Mixture of laughing and coughing- 
 Upon Using Chaos Storm: “Consume the flesh!”, “Infect!”, “Spread!”