ep: hush

Why is it that Bruce and Selina’s relationship doesn’t get enough love? It’s so complex, the ideologies of ethics and morality clouding their lust for one another.They’re so different, but not in the yin and yang sense, no that’d be too easy. They have this tension that’s not only sexual, it’s heavier than that. It’s something that defines them as people, and that something that’s should make them incompatible. But they’re not. They fit. Sure, not like Lois Lane and Clark Kent, but that’s what makes their relationship so much more beautiful. It has flaws, man does it have a lot of them. I love the rigidity that Bruce tries to maintain, I love that most of the time he fails miserably. I love that Selina is a bad ass bitch who owns the shit she does, and I love the rare moments where she becomes vulnerable to Bruce.

I feel as though words can not appropriate how strongly I feel about this dynamic, but fuck it, at least I tried.

Also, this is art by Jim Lee in Hush……and it’s everything I’ve ever wanted Batman and Catwoman to look like. So, thank you Jim Lee.

  • Me: *anxiously releasing a bucket of snakes into a comely vegetable patch*
  • Me: ThErE's SnAKeS iN tHe GArDeN
  • Owner of vegetable Patch: Oh my god there's about to be blood on the vines if you don't stop
  • Me: *anxiously scooping snakes back into bucket*
  • Me: kNoW tHErE wiLL cOmE a dAY