ep: free to be you and me


the olicity q: [16/?]


Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

Castiel’s first instinct is to cover Dean and protect him from the glass, which isn’t a big shock to us. What’s really surprising is how Dean’s first instinct is to just go with it and let Castiel protect him, which is a big deal. Dean isn’t the kind of guy to admit that he needs protection or help. He’s stubborn and likes to do things on his own. So when Dean admits that he needs your help it’s a big deal. Sure Dean doesn’t turn to Castiel when the glass is about to blow and say, “Hey can you protect me from Raphael because the guy is a son of a bitch and I have a feeling he’ll try to pull something.” But the fact that Dean leans into Castiel and lets him cover him means an awful lot.

Favorite Dean/Castiel Moments: 3/10

»Cas? We’ve talked about this. Personal space?«

Most of my favorite moments have more of an emotional background, but this is a pretty visual moment. A breathtaking one, though. The way Dean turns around, how nervous he looks, how he swallows and looks at Castiel’s lips. if this doesn’t talk volumes of ust…

  • Me: *takes DVD out of the player after watching Free to Be You and Me, The End, Changing Channels and Abandon All Hope in a row and leaves the living room*
  • Dad: you can stay here, you know? I'm not watching the TV.
  • Me: I had 4 hours of this. I've had my fair share of sadness for the evening
  • Dad: sadness?
  • Me: well, yeah! It's supernatural
  • Dad: I thought you liked supernatural. Why is it depressing now?
  • Me: It was always depressing dad, from day one. Supernatural's unofficial motto is: everything you love dies
  • Dad:
  • Dad:
  • Dad:
  • Dad: well, shit.

Princess Atalanta doesn’t want her father to pick her husband, in fact she’s not even sure she will get married; what is certain is that she’d like to see all of the great cities on her own before she would make that kind of a decision…