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Don’t worry. No one’s going under the ship today. Though, the thought had crossed my mind. No, I’m quite certain I can do better than that.

anonymous asked:

do you know and y lgbt musicians ? i like any kind of music i just want less straight people in my playlists

dont we all anon?

okay so theres of course a difference between gay/bi musicians and gay/bi musicians who are overtly gay in their song writing and im assuming you mean the latter so tracy chapman and other throwbacks will be notably absent 

some of these youre gonna know but ill list as many as i can think of just in case (italicized means either never specified bi or gay identity or qu**r, bold means bi, bold italics means gay and i dont know any trans artists):

syd tha kyd (aka The Internet): super smooth r&b lesbian queen, her tracks and rhythm mix so perfectly and you’ll fall in love with her voice. highly recommend the album Ego Death (esp “special affair” “get away” “curse” “under control” and, of course, “girl”)

angel haze: rap and hip hop with super emotional and passionate riffs that REALLY get me feelin some type of way. notable tracks are “moonrise kingdom” “detox” “gods” and “bruises”.

kevin abstract: hip hop and shoegazing veeeeery dreamy and almost angelic sounding music. his debut album “american boyfriend” is all about coming to terms with his sexuality and relationships as a teenager. highly recommend listening through the whole album, it plays through a whole narrative you dont want to leave any part of the story out. (i also ranked my favs here)

frank ocean: i kno you kno frank ocean and especially if you follow me you know i never shut up about him. genre bending r&b, hip hop, and rap. notable tracks are “slide on me” “bad religion” “pink and white” “thinkin bout you” “forrest gump” “nights” “seigfried” and “self control”

be steadwell: if you like a more stripped acoustic sound and also song writing that ranges from hilarious to super engaging story premises about lesbian witches than heres ya girl. my favs are “witch” and “ambidextrous” please listen to my girlfriend who might be cheating on me.

cœure de pirate: a++ instrumentals (seriously give her instrumental album a listen) and french indie. notable tracks are “aint no sunchine” “summer wine” “oceans brawl” and “drapeau blanc”.

zolita: alt/indie and i love her voice so much. gonna be honest i mostly just listen to “explosion”.

years & years: indiepop with some synthpop here and there. can go from a flow-ey melancholy sound to hardwon upbeat without losing any of the high quality shit olly alexander is bringin to the table. “shine” and “memo” are my personal favs.

troye sivan: dude. you know who this is. (“bite” kills me btw).

willow: yeah, willow smith. yeah, that willow smith. just listen to “marceline”.

kaytranada: hip hop and rap dj who dropped his album 99.9% recently and its   g r e a t  he collabed a shit ton (of course with my girl syd thats called gay and lesbian solidarity). heres what it comes down to: if you’re gay and you love to dance this is your guy. 

alicia keys: before you jump down my throat listen to “where do we begin now” and tell me she aint fuckin gay. yeah, thats what i thought.

hayley kiyoko: this girl comes up with probably 90% of fun lesbian content so no doubt you know her. dreampop icon, my queen, and goddess of Gay Aesthetics ™ dropped her ep citrine (now streaming on spotify). notable tracks are “ease my mind” “palace” “one bad night” “this side of paradise” and “cliffs edge”.

thats all i can think of rn anyone can feel free to add on

about working

first thing first, the annoying part. let’s not be confused :

- the wifi isn’t working : le wifi ne fonctionne pas (formal), ne marche pas (fam)

- I work for the government : je travaille pour le gouvernement

- ça marche! : works for me! (v used)

happily for you all those three verbs all belong to groupe 1 (-er) and are conjugated the same way (e, es, e, ons, ez, ent for indicative present)

- to work hard : travailler dur, se donner du mal, v

- to get to work : se mettre au travail, v

- to hire : embaucher, v

- to fire : renvoyer / virer (fam), v

- to quit : démissionner / donner sa démission, v

- being payed : être payé-e

- work experience/internship : stage (m)

- training : formation (f)

- company : entreprise (f), boîte (f, fam)

- bankruptcy : faillite (f), être en faillite, v

- boss : patron-ne, chef-fe, supérieur-e (also an adj)

- HR : RH, ressources humaines (f, pl)

- administrator : gestionnaire (ep)

- worker : travailleur/se

- employee : employé-e

- coworker : collègue (ep)

- receptionist : hôte-sse d’accueil (we usually use the feminine form, ew on us)

- trainee : stagiaire (ep)

- salary : salaire (m)

- skills : compétences (f)

- profit : bénéfices (m, pl)

- pay slip : fiche de paie (f)

- employment contract : contrat de travail (m)

- project : projet (m)

- office : bureau (m) (also the word for a desk)

- break : pause (f)

- part-time : mi-temps

- full-time : plein-temps

- flexitime : horaires aménagés (m)

- freelance : free-lance, indépendant-e

- extra hours : heures supp(lémentaires) (f)

- I’m working on something : je travaille sur quelque chose

- busy : occupé-e, adj

- day off : congé(s) (m)

- vacation : vacances (f, pl)

- paid leave : congé payé

NB : marcher = to walk (so obviously old people love to make jokes “well of course it’s not ‘walking’ it doesn’t have legs huhuhu”)

NB : (ep) = épicène aka adjective spelled the same way for f and m nouns

during an interview :

- parlez-moi de vous : tell me about you

- quels sont vos points forts : what are your strengths 

- quelles sont vos faiblesses : what are your weaknesses 

- pourquoi devrions-nous vous embaucher : why should we hire you

- qu’est-ce qui vous motive pour ce poste : what motivates you about that job

- avez-vous des questions : do you have any questions

- quand pouvez-vous commencer : when can you start working

- pourquoi devrais-je vous choisir : why should I chose you

- quelles sont vos prétentions salariales : what are your salary expectations

- savez-vous travailler en équipe : can you work in a team

- où vous voyez-vous dans cinq ans : where do you see yourself in five years

- savez-vous parler anglais : can you speak english

- que savez-vous de notre entreprise : what do you know about our company

anonymous asked:

Oh my, I realize you have many asks so feel free to answer simply or not at all, I don't mind! What are your thoughts on Victor's treatment of Yuuri in the beginning (ep 2) to now? I'm thinking of "savage" Victor with his 4 piggy/weight/mediocre comments. He softens toward Yuuri after of course but do you think he'd still have a natural tendency to bluntly tease Yuuri? I know some people call Victor's "don't feel like kissing if it isn't gold" a lil mean but it just isn't at the same level? :)

Victor’s initial roasting of Yuuri (and Yurio) has always struck me as simply what Victor is used to receiving himself. He considers Yakov the “only coach for him.” And what does Yakov do every chance he gets? He roasts Victor.

It’s “tough love,” if you will.

Yuuri doesn’t need to lose weight for cosmetic reasons. He needs to get in shape because he’s an athlete. However, I don’t think Victor understands how harsh he comes across at times.

To him, being hard on someone is a way of guiding them in the direction he feels will benefit them. It’s what Yakov does to him.

As for the “I’m not kissing anything but gold” scene, I think Victor was just being humorous. That entire scene was dripping with sarcasm.

“Aww, you didn’t win gold? Wow, I’m such a terrible coach. I’m so disappointed. Whatever could I kiss instead of a gold medal? Yuuri, do you have any ideas?” *puckers up*

I also think Victor was prodding Yuuri not to retire in that scene. It was a “keep trying” message. 


I have a new build to share with you guys! I know it’s been a long time, but @redhotchilisimblr ‘s Replica Challenge has inspired me - particularly Challenge #4! I know I’m a few days late behind the deadline, but I still wanted to share! So I present to you….

Graham Abode

  • 30x20
  • 2 bed / 1 bath
  • $78,254
  • Built on Springscape lot in Oasis Springs
  • NO CC! But I have all packs + eps

*Be sure to have MOO enabled before placing lot*

Download: SimFileShare | Gallery ID : poorsasha

ok so,

hi my name is bella and i’m from seattle wa. 

i’m unsure if this will even get posted or not but i thought i’d give it a shot. 

many months ago i submitted to introvertunites. i previously explained my situation of being an introvert while dealing with severe anxiety and depression. i mustered up the courage to share one of my songs with you and many of you kind souls encouraged me to continue.

through these past few months, i recorded my own ep. the reason i’m sharing this with you is because you guys genuinely gave me the confidence to do so. please know i’m not trying to self promote, nor anything of that nature. i just wanted to say thank you for encouraging me to actually create and finish a project. 

tbh i have no one to share it with, but before i release my ep in a couple of weeks, i wanted to personally share it with you guys beforehand. if you’re into alternative pop music feel free to listen only if u want, thank u <3 

listen: http://xnstlga.tumblr.com/tagged/bellasmusic



Naruto Valentine’s Day cards! Part 1.

Part 2: here

These are all made by me, and some of the puns are mine as well. Really hoping my friends don’t see this because I sent them some in the mail & wanted to surprise them, haha. I just started watching Naruto this year & put it on pause at ep. 200 because I was going back to school after winter break—so no spoilers please!

Also, feel free to use my cards, but it would be nice if you could give me credit ^^; I was spending time making these instead of studying for midterms, haha.

Follow me on Instagram! @jennuinely_ 

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x18

The last fifteen minutes really ruined what was, until then, a perfectly serviceable episode. It really flew by, up until that point, and I kinda liked it. It was dumb but fun :D

I even liked the hypnotism angle, but I must say, I think the problem persists; yet again, the episode had an interesting premise, but it failed to take advantage of it. Why not go into the practicalities of hypnosis? Where was Huang to get on that stand and explain it in detail? Speaking of, wouldn’t Barba talk to an “expert” during the trial? Why not make a show if it and demonstrate hypnosis? Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


OK, guys, I’m going to be honest. I’m of two minds, when it comes to this episode. Sonny-wise, the episode was fantastic (and let’s be honest, that’s always my main concern lol), the premise was fun, we got Barba working with the entire team, not just Liv, and the case itself (the investigation of it, at least) was twisty enough to remain enjoyable.


From a legal standpoint, this episode was laughably bad. It honestly left me baffled. Who wrote this? The last fifteen minutes were ridiculous. No way would Barba ever get a conviction based on what we saw. I’ll expand on that in a minute (in EXTENSIVE detail), but first let’s start with the good.

Sonny and Continuity

A lot of great stuff in this episode! Sonny pulled a classic Sonny, and looked into the case thoroughly, going above and beyond and finding information about out a crime which was committed out of state. He even dug up a civil suit. That’s absolutely consistent with the Sonny we know. It’s what he’s always done. He never gives up, he finds smart ways to work around the obstacles and solve the case.

I also appreciated that Sonny showed real empathy when he heard the first victim had died. Peter played that little moment so well. Both the surprise and the sadness. What I loved most about it, was that it didn’t feel like he was thinking “oh shoot, there goes our witness.” It felt like the old Sonny, the one who used to cross himself when he found a dead body. The Sonny who’d take the time to grieve, just for a moment, when confronted with the death of a stranger as opposed to last week’s Sonny, who dismissed actual death threats like he didn’t give a shit lol.

And I do always love it when Sonny cracks a case with his research. Even though he didn’t actually crack it, because what the fuck? But, again, more on that later.

Sonny’s Love Life

Wait, Sonny has a legit girlfriend that’s been mentioned more than once? Can we meet her, please? I’ve always wanted to see him happy and in love :D and making out with someone lol. I just wish we knew more about her. A name, even. Wouldn’t Amanda know her name? She and Carisi are obviously buddies. So far, the info we got on her is a) her bra size (classy, SVU writers) and b) that she’s into that raw food trend. I like that, actually. It fits Sonny. He seems like he’d totally be up for trying new experiences food-wise and otherwise, and this could be their thing, going around random restaurants and trying to convince each other to eat weird dishes, lol.

I love it when our characters are shown to have lives outside the “show”, but can we actually see it? Can we see Sonny all flirty and cute? If they don’t want to cast anyone new (because they seem averse to creating new characters), can’t we at least see, like, Sonny smiling as he talks on the phone, or as he reads a text, with Fin teasing him about it? Or something? Please? :D

Barba Thoughts

I was surprised Barba was the one to suggest hypnotism. Way to think outside the box! I’m not sure he was the best person to do that (he seems like a total skeptic who’d shoot that theory down immediately), but I bought the excuse of him having come across it before. Plus, I loved that he was the one who got to solve the case, for a change. And I also liked how the entire team, Barba included, spent several scenes brainstorming together. I had missed that. Barba in the precinct, with the entire squad.

Aaaaand that’s where the fun ends, and the pedantic/annoyed part of my post begins, lol.

Why on Earth would Barba take legal advice from Liv? Why would he ever play that tape for the jury? If that’s not reasonable doubt, I don’t know what is. Why would he follow Liv’s actual instructions? She’s not a lawyer! She directly affected the case, in a way that could have been detrimental, even though Barba seemed like he knew better (since he tried to talk her out of it, before folding as always), and the way the episode chose to resolve that was by having Liv and Barba drinkin’ it up at a bar.

Liv’s mistake was never identified as such, and it took Sonny “deus ex machina” Carisi and his random discovery to save the day.

Even though it shouldn’t have. Which brings me to:

The Law

Me for the first like 45 minutes: OK BUT WHERE IS RITA???

Me when Rita appeared: YASSSSSS QUEEN

Me at the end of the episode: NOOOOO QUEEN 

Where do I begin?

Why was Barba acting like hypnosis was sure to be accepted as 100% real and effective by a court of law, let alone a jury in its entirety? Why did he seem to “suddenly” realize he had no case (which, d’oh) at the halfway mark, only for Liv to wrongly convince him otherwise? And, even if Barba did manage to stumble upon a group of jurors who all believe in hypnosis, why didn’t he bother actually proving anything?

To get a conviction, Barba would have to prove that:

  1. hypnosis is real,
  2. hypnosis can be powerful enough to make a woman consent to sex against her will,
  3. Trask has the skill to hypnotize people,
  4. Trask actually hypnotized this specific victim, and
  5. Trask raped this specific victim.

None of that was ever proven. None. Like I said, no expert was shown explaining just what hypnotism entails. No proof was given that Trask even knew how to do that (so what if his mentor taught him, does that mean he now knows how to do it perfectly?). There was an actual tape with the victim’s ‘consent’ that was played but not actually debunked.

And oh Lord. That old case Sonny dug up. WHERE. DO. I. BEGIN.

What defense attorney, hell, what judge would allow a totally random arrest from over 20 years ago to be brought up into a totally unrelated criminal trial? Not to mention, no one even bothered to point out that the defendant was a drug addict at the time (22. YEARS. AGO), and he had since “changed.”

To be fair, the writers tried to make it work, with Barba asking Trask if he had ever been arrested, to “open the door” to bringing up the previous arrest (and also to get Trask to lie on the stand). Problem is, Trask only lied about the arrest itself, not about the specifics of it. With that in mind, Barba would only be able to mention the arrest itself, to contradict Trask’s testimony and present him as a liar. But he’d never be able to introduce the actual details of the arrest, the actual facts of that old case.

Barba would need to ask something specific to open that door. Something like, “Have you ever been accused of anything like this before? A man in your position, wealthy and surrounding himself with drugs and beautiful women,” blah blah. If Trask had lied about that, then Barba would have been able to bring up a similar case from the past (even the case of the dead woman mentioned previously). 

Unfortunately, there was nothing similar about the case Sonny found. No relevance, no probative value. A drug addict, ill and scared, letting someone die? Over 20 years ago? An expunged arrest, no conviction? That was prejudicial as fuck. Rita would have it thrown out in 3 seconds. Many times, prosecutors can’t even mention actual (and relevant) convictions, because it would be prejudicial, unless the specific convictions have a significant probative value relating to the case on hand.

Same goes for that half-assed “confession” to Trask’s mentor-slash-friend. Trask never mentioned this specific victim. That was circumstantial as fuck. I’m embarrassed on Rita’s behalf for losing this mess of a case. The old Rita would never.

Legally speaking, this was a total circus. Barba proved nothing. No way would the jury find Trask guilty. No way would Rita Fucking Calhoun let any of that fly. This is Dana Lewis levels of character assassination, in my book. 

Stray Thoughts

Is Liv working reception now? Didn’t she used to have an office? Where her subordinates could reach her, if a victim wanted to speak to “someone in charge”? You’re a Lieutenant, sis! Let someone else man the doors!

Declan? 👀

Amanda didn’t judge a victim, for once, and the case involved drugs! Progress!

Fin listening to that lady for like 5 minutes? YES. His face was the highlight of the episode. Fin himself was the highlight of the episode, actually. So many great lines, and Ice-T was clearly having fun.

Speaking of, we got Fin joking! And Carisi joking! And Amanda laughing! Who are these people? I don’t recognize them :D

Seriously though, I really appreciated the attempt for a more ‘lighthearted’ episode, but the writers should have stopped themselves riiiiiight before giving Rollins the line, ‘look deep into my eyes, you’re under arrest.’ Because no.


Naruto Valentine’s Day cards! Part 2.

Part 1: here

These are all made by me, and some of the puns are mine as well. Really hoping my friends don’t see this because I sent them some in the mail & wanted to surprise them, haha. I just started watching Naruto this year & put it on pause at ep. 200 because I was going back to school after winter break—so no spoilers please!

Also, feel free to use my cards, but it would be nice if you could give me credit ^^; I was spending time making these instead of studying for midterms, haha.

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25 Shadowhunters Icons

- 100x100
- from 2x11 and 2x12
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- if you would like any of these in a different color, feel free to message me!
- all icons under the cut

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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2
Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

I’ve finished the whole season now! Small pieces of art for each episode of S2. Hope you all had fun as the updates went on! Feel free to ask me why I chose to draw certain things for each ep!

reasons to go watch the bletchley circle right now

the bletchley circle is a 2012 british miniseries and it is fucking rad if you love stories about code cracking and lady friendships and murder mysteries

first of all, the premise: four women who worked as bletchley park codebreakers during wwii are trying to live civilian lives 9 years later—until one catches the trail of a london serial killer.

it has:

  • badass ladies
  • ladies protecting ladies
  • younger ladies older ladies all badass ladies
  • fucking intelligent ladies who used to crack foreign military codes and no one has a clue because they were sworn to secrecy
  • ladies battling not only a serial killer but also 1950s sexism
  • seriously when one goes to the police with a wicked smart lead the police are like “that’s nice but i have to get back to my men”
  • so they go off on their own
  • and one’s husband thinks they’re gathered for book club and he’s like “i bet you’re really gossiping” and they’re like “ha ha you got us” and he leaves and they’re like “okay pull up the railway maps let’s catch a fucking serial killer”
  • turns the serial killer killing women trope on its side by having women be the ones fighting to stop him while men are pretty much useless
  • so much suspense you’ll probably shit yourself
  • gorgeous title sequence, cinematography, production design

look at these ladies

ladies getting shit done

seriously, give it a shot. the first season’s only 3 eps so it’s like indulging in an epic 3-hour movie. i know it’s on netflix, feel free to add/let me know where else you can find it.

[warnings for attempted rape/referenced rape and domestic violence]