ep: flesh and stone


“I’ve just climbed out of the Byzantium. You were there – so young. Didn’t have a clue who I was. You’re funny like that.”

River didn’t even take the time to change after getting back from the Byzantium, and went straight to see Amy and Rory, the parents who know her and love her and look at her and see more than River Song, the Doctor’s madcap, danger-loving possible wife of the future, to also see Mels, their best friend growing up, and Melody, their baby girl and strong daughter. She puts up a good front, of course (she’s had altogether too much experience hiding her damage), but being introduced to her own mother and best friend by her husband-not-husband who doesn’t even trust her? How that must’ve hurt. We all know River’s worst day, and how terrified she is of looking into the eyes of the people she loves most and them not knowing her.

Wedding rant Part III